Poison & Death

Chapter 1: Help


Agony spread through me coursing its way through my body like fire. Even though I was used to it, it still pained me like the first day. The day my sweet innocent Bella committed suicide. The day she left this world, the day she left me. I knew it was my entire fault. Also because of me and my pain, Jasper left the family. He left when everyone else was hunting so we weren't able to stop him. The emotions were too painful for him to handle. I walked forward following my family through the solid gold doors of the Volturi's castle. We walked along a long passage which finally came to an end to meet another set of doors. We walked in following Demetri and Felix. The led us across the vast hall to three large thrones. On the thrones sat three vampires all with papery skin. As we walked over to them the vampire in the middle rose.

"Ah Carlisle! It's nice to see you again. Of course you too Edward. I've heard so much about you and your mind-reading ability. Fascinating. We'd love to have you join us." Aro greeted. His voice caught a pleading tone at the end. I just shook my head sadly with my jaw clenched.

"Hmm. Have you found a mate since the unfortunate accident?"

"No!" I shouted as anger joined the pain. How could they think I would love anyone other than my Bella? The vampires surrounding us started to stare. But I couldn't care less.

"Um Aro? We've come to ask you of a favor. You see a vampire by the name of Victoria is going to attack us. She's created a newborn army. We were hoping you could lend us some help," Carlisle explained calmly.

We watched as Aro's expression turned from thoughtful to happiness.

"Of course I'd be delighted to help. I lend you my strongest fighters. They work as a team and their best you can get. Their not blood related but they practically consider each other family," Aro said while bouncing in his seat.

"That would be wonderful," Carlisle said beaming.

"However, there is one thing. They both lost their mates so sometimes their a bit sad," Aro said, no longer smiling. In fact he was frowning.

"It's quite alright. Edward and Alice both lost their mates so maybe they can you know talk to each other," Carlisle suggested.

"Great! They can leave with you now or do you want a few days?" Aro was practically bouncing in place by now.

"Actually now would be best if it's not a problem. The sooner we train and prepare the better."

"Perfect! Jane be a dear and go get Poison and Death. Please explain to them their mission," Aro said to Jane who was beaming.

"Poison? Death?" Esme asked.

"Oh those are their nicknames. They wanted to forget their past so they want to be referred as Poison and Death," Aro explained.

"Let's not give away too much information shall we?" said a drawling voice. We whipped around and came face to face with two cloaked figures. They both wore blood red cloaks. We froze as the walked towards us. The one on the left was tall whereas the other one was average.

"I'm Death," said the tall figure. I recognized him as the vampire who spoke before. Somehow he sounded familiar.

"I'm Poison," said the other one. She was a girl unlike the other vampire.

"I'm Carlisle and this is Esme my wife. This is my daughter Rosalie and her mate Emmett. This is Edward and this is Alice," Carlisle explained, pointing us out individually. Death and Poison nodded.

"Don't you have a suitcase dear?" Esme asked Poison. Death had a large leather black bag whereas Poison had nothing.

"Actually I'm going to teleport from here when we get to your house," Poison explained. Esme nodded.

"Well then are you ready to leave?" Carlisle asked. Poison and Death nodded. They followed us out of the castle and to the Volturi's garage. They let visitor's park their cars here. Carlisle and Esme got into the Mercedes. I got into Alice's Porsche. Alice got into the passenger seat and Rosalie piled into the back with Emmett, Death, and Poison. Since there wasn't enough room, Rosalie sat on Emmett's lap. Poison gazed out the window as the engine purred. Death grabbed her hand and she leaned into his chest.