Summary: AU, AH, Slightly OOC – Jasper/Bella pairing. When Bella learns some unfortunate details about her husband she turns to the one friend she has. Rated M for future lemony goodness.

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Bella POV

I grew up with my dad in a tiny little town called Forks. It was located in the ever dreary state of Washington. I didn't have many friends there. The ones I did have I held close so I wouldn't lose them. And I didn't date. No guy in Forks ever appealed to me. So I threw myself into my studies. I wanted to become a writer and I knew that eventually my life would lead me down that path. I also wanted to have a loving husband and a family, but I knew that none of my dreams would ever come true living here. I was going to graduate and move away for college and find my happiness.

It was my senior year when that all changed. I remember it very vividly. I was sitting with Alice and Emmett Cullen and his girlfriend Rosalie Hale at the local burger place when in walked the man of my dreams. He was tall with unruly bronze hair and the most striking green eyes I had ever seen. He was new to the area obviously. I found out who he was on the last first day of my high school education. We had several advance placement classes together and we were each other's adversary when it came to becoming the high school valedictorian. His name was Edward Masen. He had moved out here with his lawyer father after his mom had passed away.

Our romance was a whirlwind. It came on fast and stuck with us the entire senior year. We did everything together – including applying to the same colleges. We both got into the University of Arizona and decided we would move out there and live with each other while attending school - me for my English degree and him for his medical degree. It also helped that my mom already lived in Phoenix and helped us find an apartment beforehand.

Edward's dad on the other hand – didn't like me. I was a distraction to Edward. I was going to be the one that 'cost him his future'. Edward didn't like his dad and we rebelled against him. On our road trip to phoenix with all of our possessions – we made a detour – to Las Vegas. We got married in a little white chapel on the strip. Not my dream wedding but I figured I would gratefully give up my dream wedding for my dream guy.

Edward's dad was not happy with him for marring me. He took away his money for college and left him with nothing but the trust fund his mother had left for him when she passed away. Edward ignored him from that day forward. We ended up living with my mom when we finally got to Phoenix because we could no longer afford an apartment of our own. The trust fund was going to cover Edward's education.

School started in the fall and Edward started without me. I found out three weeks before school started that I was a month pregnant. It was an incredibly happy moment but an all together scary moment too. I would work during the days of my pregnancy waiting tables, Edward went to school during the day and worked nights at the ER with his EMT training. It was a very hard time and I don't think we were ever the same after that.

On March 16th the following year we welcomed Elizabeth Alice Masen into our family. She was beautiful. She had my brown hair, Edward's eyes and that crooked grin of his. As Elizabeth got older – Edward and I grew distant with each other. We hardly saw each other anymore. I started working nights at a bar while Edward went to school during the day and took care of Elizabeth at night. One more year and he would finally be in his residency. I was the sole bread winner in the family – I still am to this day, six years later.

However, I don't work at that same bar anymore. Two years ago I was approached by a short, tiny little woman named Jane. She worked for this gentleman's business that provides entertainment for men – a place called Royale – that provides all sorts of different entertainment. I accepted the job because of the pay - $400-$1000 a night depending on the size of the group and the job we were doing and that wasn't including tips. Each girl did different jobs in this business. Mine was solely bartending – with a twist. I had to wear some form of lingerie, my choice, while serving the patrons. Each job was in a different place – usually private like bachelor parties. Two girls would go. One would be the bartender and constantly serving drinks, that would be me, and the other would be any kind of entertainment the guys would want, that would be my partner Jessica.

When I first approached Edward about this position he didn't like the idea about me showing off my body to get paid. Now, he doesn't even acknowledge that my job consists of men leering at me. I use to love when he got all protective and jealous when another man looked at me. Now he doesn't even notice. I knew my marriage was nothing but a sham anymore. He's always asleep on the couch when I come home and we only talk to each other when it's about something important – like Elizabeth. We used each other to get what we wanted and we only stayed together because of Elizabeth. She was the glue that held these two broken hearts together.

"Momma" I was broke out of my deep thinking by my daughter bounding into my room. I glanced over at the clock and saw that it was already 7 o'clock in the morning. "Momma, what are you going to make for breakfast?"

"I don't know sweetie, what do you want? You have to catch the bus in 45 minutes are you all ready?"

"Yep. Daddy helped me before he left and said I needed to wake you." She was sitting beside me on the bed smiling in her school uniform. She was in the second grade now at six years old, skipping first grade altogether. She is definitely our daughter with how smart she is. We ended up having to put her in a private advance placement school because she was too far ahead of children her own age. That was the main reason I worked the job I did. Private schools are far too expensive and I wanted nothing but the best for my little girl.

"Well let's get you something to eat." I stumbled out of bed and grabbed my robe making my way to the kitchen with her. I had a bit of a hangover from my job last night. Bachelor parties are a blessed nightmare in disguise. They are the worst ones to work but pay the best. And Jane always told us we should try our hardest to not turn down a drink from a customer. I had gotten pretty good over the years with my alcohol tolerance level – but last night – tequila is just bad business.

I rifled through the fridge and pulled out the ingredients to make pancakes. I made her one in the shape of Mickey's head and even decorated it with strawberries and whip cream. While she ate I combed my hair back into a messy pony tail and dress in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. We had decided to buy this condo almost a year ago and it was in a good neighborhood here in Phoenix. I grabbed Elizabeth's back pack and walked with her to the bus stop. The bus was punctual as normal and I waved good bye to my little girl.

I had gotten in from work last night around 1 am. It was not uncommon for me to get home that late. I always found Edward asleep on the couch or in the chair. I would turn the TV off and let him sleep there. I use to try to get him to come to bed but I gave up long ago. We haven't slept in the same bed in almost eight weeks and the last time we had sex was nearly six months ago when I came home from work slightly buzzed and still dressed in my 'work uniform' with a long coat on over it. Edward was still awake and apparently a little more than slightly buzzed too. It was rough and it was quick and nothing like it use to be.

I climbed back in bed for a couple more hours of sleep. Around 11 o'clock I heard my cell phone buzzing on the table next to the bed. I rolled over and looked at the screen. I instantly perked up.

"Alice!" I still talked to my best friend every day. Though she doesn't know the life I live now, she can tell by my voice that I am unhappy. She knew what my job was she just didn't know that Edward and I were basically two married strangers.

"Bella! How are you? I didn't wake you did I?" She sounded happy. She always sounded happy.

"No, its fine. I'm doing fine as usual, how are you and Jake?" Alice had married a friend of mine from the reservation named Jacob Black. I swear my dad had always hoped it would have been me. Alice was a wedding planner and when Sam and Emily decided to tie the knot they hired her. She met Jake at the reception and their future has been set since.

"Oh we are doing well. I'm working with a new company in Seattle planning weddings and Jake will be graduating from the University of Washington in a few weeks with his degree in public relations and communications." I was always somber to hear my friends graduating from college. Everyone had but me. Alice did with a double major – business and fashion. Emmett graduated with a degree in fitness and Rosalie, now his wife, graduated with a degree in engineering – she now designs cars. Lucky bitch. Here I am, a working mom that's practically a stripper stuck in a dead marriage.

"Well I am glad to hear that. What is he going to do with those two degrees anyhow?"

"Oh, I didn't tell you. He has an interview with some big named company here in Seattle to possibly start training to become their Public Relations Coordinator. He is all excited and scared about it."

"That's awesome Alice. Tell him I said that?"

"Sure, sure. So how is my little god daughter doing?"

"Growing like a weed and she is so smart!"

"And how is my sister doing?"

"I'm as good as can be expected. Still working for Royale and putting my daughter through school."

"That's good. And Edward?" I was silent for a few minutes trying to come up with something to say. What do I say? I don't know how he is. I never talk to him anymore. He is always at school, I am always at work. We haven't fucked in ages and I think he is sleeping with someone else. Yeah, that's real great. Like I am going to tell her that.

"He's doing fine too Alice. He'll start his residency soon I hope."

"That's good. Anyway Bella, I just wanted to catch up. I need to get to work anyhow, my break is almost over. You give the little princess a huge kiss for me. Oh, and be expecting a package in the mail for her. I couldn't help myself when I saw it."

"I will Alice and thank you. Elizabeth loves getting things from you."

"Okay, Love you."

"Love you too Alice, Bye." I hung up the phone and let my body stretch. I needed to get around and clean up before I pick up Elizabeth from the bus stop. The stretch just let me know how tired I really was – and how wound up. God I need to get laid but I am not going to be the one to break the streak - especially when I had my doubts about Edward being faithful. Girls can go months without having sex. Guys can hardly go a week. If he isn't sleeping with me then he is definitely sleeping somewhere else.

I leaned over the side of my bed and dug around in the night stand. I pulled out my trusty little friend. I let my mind wander over every little spank bank fantasy I could muster up – and Edward wasn't in any of them. My mind is amazing. Channing Tatum in an army uniform throwing me up against a wall of a bedroom taking me right there….and that was my undoing. I felt my body instantly relax.

I got up and filtered around the house cleaning up the various messes. The normal clean up – the kitchen, laundry, the bathroom and of course all of Elizabeth's toys. I even had time to sit and pay some bills. It was almost three and Elizabeth's bus would be here at a quarter after. I grabbed my phone and decided to take a little walk around the block and over to the bus stop. I was half way there when my phone buzzed in my pocket.

Oh goodie, Jane. "Hello Jane."

"Hello Bella. I thought I would call and let you know there was a slight change of plans."

"Oh and?" I usually loved when she changed the plans because it kept me out of doing something I wouldn't want to do. She was very decent about making sure I wasn't uncomfortable with my job because I was the best bartender and was requested more often than the other girls.

"Well, the job you were going to work tonight – I gave it to Tanya and Lauren." The two biggest sluts there ever was and I didn't even know their last names. It was a rule of Jane's to not know other co-workers last names or too much personal information in the case of "crazy ex's" or other weird things that have come up.


"Let's just say that it is more their kind of party then yours."

"Thank you Jane. I'm fine with that."

"So I moved you and Jessica to a bachelor party tonight. Not your normal one though. It'll be about five guys at the Hilton. Jessica has all the information so you can call her. I was told that they didn't want strippers, just company and a good bartender – so of course I thought of you. I think they are all cowboys because the one that called – his voice had the sexiest twang."

I couldn't help but laugh. Jane so desperately wanted to get out and have some fun with us girls but was reluctant since her dad Aro was the owner of Royale. He would have never let her do this kind of job. Thus, she is in charge of us. At least she was a decent boss. "Thanks for the heads up Jane. I'll come by and pick up all the alcohol and stuff needed for tonight."

"No need. Jessica said something about breaking up with Mike again so she needed the distraction of setting up. Maybe you should call her?"

"Okay, thanks Jane." I quickly hung up the phone and found myself waiting for her bus early. I had enough time to call Jess.

The phone rang four times before she finally picked up, "…woah…Hello?"

I laughed, "Jessica are you alright?"

"Yeah, I just went running for the phone and almost tripped."

"Oh, okay. So I talked with Jane."

"Oh good. Yeah, I'm gathering the stuff now and I will head to the Hilton in about a couple hours to set up. The party guys won't be there until 7 o'clock so I'll need you around 6:45. One of the guys is suppose to be there to let us in.

"Okay, I will see you around then."

"K, bye." I hung up the phone as the bus pulled up. Elizabeth was the third one to get off.

"Momma, look." She handed me a pretty little plaster plate that had her hand stamped into it. It was painted with orange and blue paint and had 'Happy Mother's Day' scrolled across the top and bottom. This weekend was Mother's Day and I am so happy the school helps the kids do something for their moms. Edward doesn't even flinch when it is near the holidays. I've been taking Elizabeth with me to my mom's every Mother's Day anyway.

I felt the tears come to my eyes as I took the plate from her hands. "Thank you baby. I love it." As we walked back to the condo she told me all about her day. There is a boy in her class named Robbie that is always teasing her. A few weeks ago my little girl did the cutest most troubling thing to date. While little Robbie was picking on her during their art period, she shoved a piece of paper covered in wet paint right into his face. When the teacher called to tell me – it took everything I had to not laugh the whole way through.

I made Elizabeth an afternoon snack when we got back to our place. We ended up playing some games together and watching a short TV show. Edward got home around 5:30. We didn't even say anything to each other. But he has always been very attentive with our daughter. As soon he walked through the door he enveloped her in a hug and asked her about her day. I took that as my queue to leave. I went and got myself ready for tonight. I took my shower and dressed in a simple outfit for tonight. A pair of lacy dark blue boy shorts with a matching dark blue lacy tank top with a built in bra. I made my hair up in a half up half down fashion while curling the ends. I did my makeup light and as natural as I could. I am a tomboy at heart but even Alice would be proud of the way I can make myself look.

I wore regular jeans and a tee shirt over my outfit, slipped my flip flops on and made my way out of the room. Edward was in the middle of cooking something for dinner for him and Elizabeth. I called out a goodbye to them both, needing to keep up the pretenses in front of our daughter, kissed her on the cheek and left. I hailed a cab and told him to take me to the Hilton. I had texted Jessica on the way to find out which room. When she responded with 'the penthouse' I got excited. I'm not entirely materialistic, but penthouse usually equaled rich guys which meant more tips.

I paid the cabbie and made my way up to the hotel. As I walked across the lobby I took in my surroundings. There were always a lot of people at the Hilton on Friday nights because of the restaurant. It was probably one of the better ones in town.

I walked over and pushed the button on the elevator. I waited for a few seconds before the one in front of me final dinged and opened. I kept my eyes trained on the floor as I walked into the elevator and a guy walked out. I finally looked up to hit the button and my breath caught in my throat. Standing in front of me was the guy that just stepped out of the elevator. He was going to be the new object of my spank bank fantasies. He was taller than Edward and had dirty blond hair that was slightly long but not bad. He wore a pair of wranglers, a tucked in white tee shirt, wore in cowboy boots and a Stetson cowboy hat. He was the epitome of all cowboys everywhere.

I knew I was staring, and possibly drooling, and definitely smiling when he tipped his hat and said, "Ma'am" in the sexiest Texan twang I have ever heard. The doors slid shut and I found myself leaning against the railing inside trying to catch my breath. I was also cursing myself for ruining the pair of underwear I was stuck wearing for the rest of the night in front of a bunch of guys.

I finally reached the penthouse and knocked on the door. Jessica opened it up and smiled. She was still fully dressed too. "Oh good you're here. None of the guys are here right now. There was one here right after I got here – he let me in and then said he had to meet his friends downstairs to finish dinner." She was pulling me into the room the entire time she was talking.

The Hilton's penthouse was called the presidential suite. It was nearly 1,500 square feet, almost bigger then my condo, and had four bedrooms and bathrooms. A huge 42" plasma TV and surround sound. We set up our alcohol on the bar already set up in there. It was usually stocked but when we entertained we brought our own.

Jessica was explaining to me the entire time about the guy she talked to and the party tonight. There were apparently five guys. The one she met already was named Jasper and she said he was 'single and hot'. He had told her this was a bachelor party for their friend James who was marrying Victoria in two weeks. They didn't want to go with the traditional strippers because Victoria would kill them. So they had decided on getting drunk at the Hilton while watching the game or playing video games. Basically a guy's night in with two nearly naked bartenders.

She also said his friend Peter would be there and he was married. The other to attendees were Felix and Demetri who were apparently single too. Jessica was always bad about that. Her last boyfriend Mike was a patron at one time - same with Tyler before him and Eric. Each one was her fix for a broken heart from the last one. Jane had tried to tell her to not date the customers but she never listened.

The phone in the room rang at it brought me back to the task at hand. Jessica bounced over and picked it up. She merely mumbled an okay before she hung up again. "That was Jasper. He said they are on their way up now. We should change." Jessica and I both stepped into one of the back bedrooms and stripped down to our skivvies. Jessica was wearing a pink baby doll nighty that clung to her body. Her ass hung out slightly at the bottom and her breasts popped out of the top. Jessica was an attractive girl. I would not deny her that. Several times beforehand at different parties we had kissed each other in front of the guys to get a few extra bucks. Worked every time and it never bothered us. I probably would have swung both ways if I had time to develop that side of me before settling down.

We quickly folded up our clothing and walked back out to the front room. I moved my wedding ring to my right hand – Jane's rule, and I started making a long island ice tea for James since that was his favorite. We always find that out before a party to insure we impress. I heard the key click in the lock and I plastered on another fake smile. Bring on another night of drunken men.

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