A/N: Hello. Here is every outtake I offered throughout this story. They are in order from the first to last. I hope you enjoy them. They were just written for fun or were tid bits I couldn't fit into the chapter. Thanks.

Chapter 8 Outtake-

Courtney POV

I had only come to the bar tonight to get one drink. Finals were over and I passed them all. One more year and I would be done with school altogether. My sorority sisters were all at the frat house down the street tonight for a huge party but I had to leave in a couple days to go home and I needed to get home and pack. So, one drink in order to celebrate my efforts and then I am done.

I ordered a sex on the beach as I slid up onto one of the bar stools. I looked at one of the TV's playing a baseball game. I was never into sports but this bar served the best drinks and wasn't a very far walk from the sorority house. The bartender slid me my drink as a sexy blond cowboy came up next to me. I heard him order a few beers and sit down to wait. "Drinking for four?" I asked as the bartender set four new beers down in front of him.

He looked at me and cocked me a sexy grin, "Nah. My friends and I are playing some pool over there. My turn to buy. Wanna play?"

I shrugged my shoulders and followed him over to the table. There was one couple sitting at one of the high top tables sucking face shamelessly. There was another guy aiming the pool cue, "Hey Jasper...eight ball right corner pocket." I saw him hit the cue ball and sink the eight ball in the correct pocket.

"My names Jasper by the way." He whispered to me. I could hear a slight slurring in his voice. He's probably had quite a few beers.

"Courtney." I said as I shook his hand. We spent the next hour playing pool with each other. I learned the names of his friends as the time passed. Demetri and Jessica were the couple almost having sex in the bar. Felix was the guy who was shooting pool when I stepped up. And he met a brunette here named Amber.

Jasper got friendlier and flirter as the night went on. I only had one more sex on the beach knowing I didn't want to get a drunk in public violation as I walked back to the house. Around 11 o'clock Jasper started insisting that he was going to drive home because he was done drinking. I was able to wrestle his keys out of his hands so he didn't drive home drunk. I helped him out to his truck, which was massively big, and he climbed in. I didn't know where he lived but I figured he could sleep off the night in my roommate's bed. She went home to her parent's house already so I knew I wouldn't have to worry about her.

We arrived back at the sorority house and it was dead quiet. I figured that pretty much everyone had gone home to their parent's house already or were still at the frat party. As I walked him up the stairs with our arms around each other and him rambling about some friend of his – his hand ghosted down to just over my ass. Hhhmmm – maybe this cowboy wants a ride – if he isn't too drunk.

When we got into my room I shut the door and locked it. I walked over to my dresser to grab some sleeping clothes as Jasper sat down on the edge of my bed looking around the room. I made to walk past him and head to the bathroom to change when he grabbed a hold of my hand when I got close to him. He quickly stood up towering over me and looked into my eyes. I saw him lick his lips while he looked at mine. Oh, how sweet. He is a shy country boy. I moved my body up closer to him taking the lead. I stood up on the tips of my feet and barely brushed my lips against his. He let go of my wrist and wove his arms around my waist crushing my chest to his as his mouth assaulted mine. I moved my arms up around his neck and played with his soft blond hair. I gave it a little tug and felt him moan into my mouth.

He spun us around towards my little twin bed. I pulled away from his kiss and discarded my tank top swiftly. He did the same before our lips crashed back together furiously. Who knew that this shy sexy cowboy would be such an amazing kisser. I felt his tongue shyly probe my mouth as his hand went to the top of my pants. Without even breaking the kiss I stepped out of my pants and began working on pulling down his sexy wranglers. The thought 'cowboy butts drive me nuts' flashed in my mind and I had to mentally try not to bust up laughing. He broke the kiss to step out of his wranglers. When he stood back up he reached a hand around my back and unsnapped my bra with ease considering how much he had to drink. His hands slid down my chest, ghosting over my hardened nipples and to the top of my thong. He wasted no time in sliding them off too while chuckling under his breath, "Butt floss...fucking Felix." I laughed out loud at his ramblings. It wasn't the first time I heard thongs being described as butt floss.

I pulled his head back to mine as I started to assault his mouth with my tongue. He groaned into my mouth while running his hands all over my body taking in as much as he could. I put my hand to his boxers and pulled them out and down. He may be drunk but he sprung forward at full attention. He stepped out of his boxers and I sunk to my knees. His hooded eyes watched me carefully as I took his cock in my hands. I slid my hand up and down his long length a few times before I gently took the tip of him into my mouth. He let out an audible moan at the sensation. I didn't get more than a few bobs up and down before he was lifting me up and throwing me on the bed. Impatient much?

He started to kiss down my neck towards my chest as his hand dropped down to my clit. It was now my turn to moan loudly. I felt his fingers dip into my wet opening as he mumbled upon my chest, "Protection?"

"Uh...um..." I tried to get a coherent thought as he licked and sucked my nipples and worked magic with his fingers. "The night stand. Top drawer." All too soon he pulled away and pulled open the drawer. I heard the distinct sound of the foil package being torn open. I took a glance at his body while he was distracted with the condom. He had an amazing tan, not too dark and not too light. He had that sexy 'v' mark trailing down his hips with well defined muscles on his chest and abdomen. I really scored tonight. This cowboy is fucking sexy.

He got the condom rolled on and positioned himself in between my legs, "Are you okay with this?" He asked cautiously before trying anything. I nodded my head and pulled his lips back to mine giving him my definite answer. I felt him slowly start to push himself in. I let out a reverberating moan into our kiss and he took that has his queue to thrust all the way in. He paused for only a brief second to get his bearings before he started to work up a fast rhythm. The feeling was intense as my bed started to rock with our motions. We were both moaning and groaning into each other's necks as we were fighting for air. His thrusts started becoming quicker and harder as I knew he was quickly coming to his end. Drunk guys usually never last long enough to get the girl off too. As if he heard me he dropped one of his hands down to my clit and started to try and bring me to my orgasm at the same time as him. His head dropped down and easily took one of my nipples into his mouth. He gently bit down causing a painful pleasant feeling as I arched my chest up into him. I felt him growl against my skin. Fucking primal – fucking awesome.

I could tell he was having a hard time holding himself up and working me over at the same time. I reached down and batted his hand away and immediately started pleasuring myself. He let out another primal groan at the sight and started slamming into me harder. I was bucking my hips up to meet his with every thrust. Within seconds I started quivering beneath him as the tidal waves of pleasure over took me. A few thrusts and grunts later he stiffened above me and came too. He rolled off of me and threw away the condom in the trash. We laid side by side each other as best we could on my small little bed. "Damn..." He whispered.

I chuckled quietly. "Yeah, you could say that. I just went to the bar for a drink to celebrate finals. Didn't think I would be getting laid tonight no matter how much I needed it."

"Me either. Although I definitely needed that too."

I smiled to myself as Jasper seemed to open up more. He seemed really quiet and I am sure he doesn't do one night stands often, "Well, if you went nearly as long as I did then you probably need more of it just as much as I do."

I looked over at him to see his expression. I saw an evil glint cross his eyes, "How many condoms do you have?" He asked has he cocked his eyebrow at me.

"More than enough." I said as he rolled over and started kissing my neck again. Who wouldn't want to roll around in the hay with this guy more than once?

Chapter 9 outtake-

Bella POV

I had just gotten home from picking Elizabeth up after a long day at work. I had spoken to a lawyer this morning and then my father directly after. Elizabeth was now the last one to tell that her dad and I were no longer together. But how does one exactly tell their children that daddy and mommy no longer love each other?

I got Elizabeth settled in at the kitchen table so we could work on her spelling homework together. This was usually the homework Edward would help her on since I was always at work at this time. It didn't take long for Elizabeth to notice that her dad was gone more often than usual.

"Momma…" She was much like me in how she approached a subject. Very quiet. "Where's daddy? He hasn't helped me with my homework in a long time."

Okay, big breath, here we go. "Sweetie….Momma needs to tell you something." She set her pencil down and looked at me. "Elizabeth…Daddy and Momma are no longer together. Daddy moved out and is working all of the time now. You'll see less of Daddy now but he still loves you. Just because Momma and Daddy no longer love each other doesn't mean we don't still love you more than anything. Do you understand?"

She nodded her head and picked her pencil back up. "Daddy's a dummy and shouldn't have left." I nearly choked on the water I had just taken a drink of.

"What sweetie?"

She looked up at me with those big doe eyes, "Daddy shouldn't have left. He is going to miss doing homework with me. But I still love you even if Daddy doesn't." She smiled at me and immediately went back to work with her homework as if nothing was wrong. I felt the tears start to well up in my eyes. I didn't even want to correct her for calling her Dad a 'dummy' when I knew full well that he was.

"I'm going to tell Daddy that next time I see him too." Her voice was quiet as I got started on dinner.

"Tell him what sweetie?" I turned to face her.

"I'm gonna tell him he was a dummy for not staying with me and you. Who's going to clean his clothes or pick up his toys or makes sure he takes his bath before bed or tuck him in? And Daddy doesn't make good food like you." I was trying my damnedest not to bust up laughing.

"You're right sweetie. Daddy's going to have to grow up pretty fast isn't he?" I smiled as I watched her nod her head while drawing on a piece of paper. Who knew telling my little girl about my divorce would be the easiest conversation of the day?

Chapter 10 outtake –

Laurent POV

I had been watching her for months now. She was so quiet and determined - So beautiful yet audacious. I wanted to run my hands through her hair and feel her soft silky skin beneath my finger tips. But I wouldn't dare try to approach her when she was at work.

The first time I saw her was when her and another girl bartended my buddies bachelor party. She wouldn't speak to any of us and kept to herself. I noticed the ring on her finger and knew it was because she was married – but she always looked so depressed. I could make her happy. I could do things to her body that she would never forget and that rarely seen smile of hers would never leave her face.

I started regularly going to Royale. She only worked in the actual bar every once in a while. I made myself inconspicuous. I would not be remembered by anyone. I'd make the girls laugh but I wouldn't be impressionable. I let them find me charming and walk away and forget about me. I was a ghost who was only there to see my sweet Bella. I still hadn't gotten the nerve to talk to her yet.

I noticed almost a month ago things abruptly changed for her. She stopped wearing her ring; she started working regular hours at the club and the couple of times I drove past her house I noticed her husband's car was no longer around. She was single and lived alone. My perfect chance to ask her out.

I decided tonight was the night. I went into Royale at around five and decided to get a drink. A girl behind the bar named Kate was gracious enough to help me. I figured one beer and I'd get up the nerve to ask her out before she got off of work. So, I watched her as I pretended to watch the game on the TV behind the bar. She looked magnificent tonight. She was wearing her typical lacy boy shorts and a lacy camisole to match. They were in a dark pink which I have yet to see her in. She always wore more earth tone colors and black and white. I imagine my shy Bella didn't like to get noticed often. But the dark pink was screaming at me now.

I looked back at the clock and noticed I had been admiring her longer than I thought. It was already almost seven and she wasn't leaving yet. She must be working extra late tonight given the immense numbers of the crowd here tonight. I heard her groan to the bartender Kate about wondering if it was ten o'clock yet. She sounded tired. I had about an hour and a half left now to will up my nerves enough to ask her out. Kate continued to keep bringing me beers and talking to me about the game on TV. Who knew girls actually dig sports.

My entire night was halted when she started talking to him. That guy with his light skin and long hair. I bet she likes that kind of thing. I watched as they flirted back and forth and even when he asked her to have coffee. I should have kicked his ass. Fucker. I quickly left the bar after I found out what diner they'd be at. I followed her there and watched through the window as they sat and talked for only about thirty minutes. When I saw them exchange numbers I got furious. If I don't get to have my Bella – nobody does.

I sped off angry and decided to drive around and cool off before I went to her house. I figured I could just sit and watch her house – see if she took the fucker home. But the more I drove around the angrier I got. By the time I got to her house I noticed her truck was already there and there was one light still on in her house. I got out and walked up the steps. She probably doesn't lock her door anyway – stupid women are always that naïve. I don't know why I walked up there – but I did. By the time I got to the door the light had been flicked off. I tried the door knob and it was locked. I thought I heard her inside and I made a rash decision. Fuck it all to hell. She is mine.

I grabbed the little ceramic potted plant sitting next to her door and chucked in through her living room window. I heard her slam and lock the door and I heard her pushing something up against it. I crawled through the window being careful not to cut myself and slammed my shoulder up against the door. It was only then that I heard the crying. It wasn't Bella but a little kid. How is it that in all the time I have been watching her I never noticed she was a mother? It won't stop me now. I heard her frantically saying something inside as I threw my shoulder against the door again. The splintering sound of the door jab and lock breaking caught my attention.

I kept shoving against the door figuring there was something like a bed or a dresser against it. I finally heard the incoherent things Bella had been yelling. "Leave us alone. Take anything you want – just leave."

I growled in response. "Open this god damn door Bella."

I heard her gasp, "How do you know my name. Go away…please just go away." I kept slamming up against the door trying to get it to budge. She was on the other side of it by the sound of it, pushing and trying not to let the door open. Like her tiny little body could stop me. I finally started making some head way. The door was opened enough that I could stick my arm through if I wanted. Then I heard the sirens in the distance. Shit. I had to get out of there. I took off running down her hall. I ripped open her front door and ran as fast as I could down the stairs. I had parked my car a block over and I knew I had to get to it before anyone saw me. I saw the cops down one end of the road and a set of headlights coming down the other. I pulled my hood up on my sweater to better cover my face as I darted across the street in front of what looked like a huge Ford truck. I made it to my car seconds later and sped home. I guess now I would have to lay off going to the bar for a little while until this all blows over.

Chapter 12 outtake –

Emmett POV

Jacob and I had just returned the moving van and were now stuck walking down town without a vehicle. That wasn't too bad. Our hotel was only about a mile from here and there were plenty of things to keep us busy until the girls were done at the hotel and then them be ready for us to leave. An ambulance went flying past us on the road going code red when I got a great idea.

"Hey Jacob....feel like visiting an old friend?" I saw the wicked gleam appear in his eye. I knew there was a reason why I liked this fool.

"Damn Em....I was just thinking that." He laughed out loud as we started to jog down the street. Moments later the hospital came into view. Now all we would have to do is hope and pray that this was the one that Edward worked at and that he was on shift. We walked into the main waiting area of the hospital and up to the information kiosk.

"Excuse me; we are looking for Edward Masen?"

The portly lady looked up at us, "Oh, you mean Dr. Masen? Yes, he is working in the clinic right now. Go down the hall. Turn right and then a left before the two big huge steel doors. Follow the signs from there." We made our way down the hall and into the clinic. I quickly registered under the alias name Justin Case that we had all used as a joke when we were younger and I specifically requested to be seen by Edward for the "pain in my ass" symptom. I can't wait to see his reaction.

About thirty minutes later I was called back by a little redheaded nurse. Jake followed me and the nurse gave us funny looks as she led us into exam room three. She took my vitals and put the chart on the door informing me that 'Dr. Masen will be right with us.'

"Dude, he's fucking her." Jacob said as soon as she closed the door.

"I think your right...." We sat and joked about all the doctor and nurse innuendos we could come up with. We heard the sound of the chart being taken off the back of the door and Edward mutter a 'stupid kids' before opening the door. I grabbed a hold of his shirt and yanked him into the room before he got a chance to look up and register that it was me. Jake shut and locked the door as soundlessly as possible behind him.

"What the fuck?" Edward asked as I shoved him up against the wall. "Emmett....Jake.....what the hell are you guys doing here?" I relaxed my grip on him as I looked him up and down. "What are you looking at?"

I chuckled. "Well, I always wondered what a cheating bastard looked like. I mean, I had your dad as my previous example but you.....you by far outshine his notorious ways."

"What the fuck you guys. This is none of your business."

"Oh....but Edward.....it is...." Jacob spoke next to me. If anything he should have learned long ago to not fuck with our Bella. We told him that first day we met him.

"You see Edward...." I began as I notice him starting to sweat a little and get nervous. "You broke our Bella's heart. You cheated on your wife, your neglecting your daughter and not living up to the man or husband you ought to have been."

"I heard you even knocked up your mistress. That's worst then any story you told me about your father." Jake chimed in next to me.

"So here is what I am going to tell you. Give Bella whatever she wants. Divorce her like she wants. Give her custody like she wants. Do everything she wants. Because, for God's sake Edward, at least put your wife ahead of your own wants for once in your pathetic life even if it is for the last time." I released my hold on Edward completely and he slumped against the wall. I backed away so Jacob could speak his peace.

Jacob stepped up right in front of him and squared his shoulders. Oh no. He stood stock still for a few seconds before he slammed his palm flat against the wall with a deafening smack right next to Edwards head. He visibly trembled at that. "Oh look at that...I missed. Next time you won't be so lucky. So....don't let there be a next time." He pulled away from Edward and we silently made our way out the door leaving a shaking scared Edward behind in the exam room.

"Hundred bucks says he pissed his pants." Jake said to me as we walked out of the clinic. I knew better then to bet against him. His skills were as uncanny us Alice's.

"No way. I don't have any cash on me and Rosie would kill me if you actually won." We both laughed as we walked outside into the humid Phoenix night air.

Chapter 13 outtake –

Laurent POV

Shit. What was I thinking? Broad daylight in the parking lot of her work? I left the parking lot as soon as her truck made it out to the road. I ran around the corner to my car and hobbled into it. My foot was killing me and my face was bleeding down my shirt. I don't think she broke anything in my foot but I can guarantee that it'll be black and blue within the hour. Fucking running my foot over with her truck. Bitch!

I quickly drove into town and stopped at the hospital there praying that the ER wasn't going to be too busy. I needed to get in and out of the hospital before the cops catch wind of this and start searching for me. Thankfully there was only one other person sitting in the ER of this hospital today. I signed in under an alias and took a seat. Before long my 'name' was being called by a little red headed nurse at the far door. She took me back into one of the little puce green rooms and sat me there to wait.

"I'm sorry. We are little short staffed today, what with the accident on the other side of town many of our doctors are over at the other hospital helping out with the trauma. One of our other doctors is helping in the ER today and will be right in." She explained kindly as she shut the door. I laid back on the sheet of paper draped over the table and closed my eyes waiting.

I must off dozed off while I waited because I awoke to a young doctor standing in the room looking over my chart. I immediately sat up and looked at him.

"Hi, I'm Doctor Masen. It's says here that you were attacked by a dog?" That was the cover story I was using. Bella's keys had left three long gashes down my face that looked a lot like a dog's paw could have created. I nodded my head as he slipped on a pair of gloves.

"The wounds look superficial and I could probably use glue to close them up instead of using stitches or staples – how does that sound to you?"

"Fine." I croaked out as I watched him gather things together to clean out the wounds. Masen? Why did that sound familiar?

He brought a q-tip to my face as he started to dab the wounds. "So, what kind of dog was it? You were very lucky that these didn't go any deeper than they could have. Though they are rather jagged. I bet that's from you trying to get away huh?"

"Um…" I cleared my throat, "Yeah….it was an evil little brown bitch. I don't know what kind of dog. Probably just a mutt. I was able to get her off of me in time it seems." He finished cleaning up my face in silence. A few minutes later he pulled off his gloves.

"If you'll excuse me for a few minutes I need to go mix up the medical adhesive to apply to your skin. It'll take about fifteen minutes and you'll have to sit here for about ten minutes after in order for the glue to dry and then I can discharge you." He said in a pleasant tone with a smile on his face.

I nodded my head and relaxed back into the table. I let out a slow steady breath as I smiled to myself. This was going to work. The doctor had no idea the true nature behind this injury. He was just going to fix me up and let me go. I. Am. A. Genius.

Fifteen minutes later on the dot Doctor Masen returned with a small bowl in his hands. "Okay, here we go. I need you to sit up." I quickly sat up as he put on a new set of gloves. He started applying the glue to my wounds and I could feel it stinging. It was the oddest sensation ever. It was the same feeling one gets when they super glue themselves. He was about half way through the procedure when the door opened a crack and the red headed nurse stuck her head in.

"Doctor Masen? You asked me to let you know when your visitors would be here and they are here now."

"Okay thank you." He replied without even looking at her. I watch her pull herself out of the door and go to close it. That's when I saw them. Two cops dressed in blue were standing outside of the door to the left staring intently on this room. Fuck.

I started to squirm under the doctors' touch and he seemed to know why. "It'll do you no good to pull away now. I am almost done and then those nice gentlemen on the other side of the door are going to take you down town."

"How'd you know?" I asked in a flat blank tone.

"One, we have a scanner and get an instant report every time any police, fire or ambulances get called. And second, this is not a wound from a dog. It's clearly a set of keys from the way it formed the tears. I have seen a lot of dog attacks and this was obviously not one." He quickly finished up and tore off his gloves and looked back at me. "From what those nice police officers told me over the phone you are wanted for breaking and entering and attacking a woman in the parking lot of a bar called Royale, is this correct?" His voice was so calm that it was starting to make me feel anxious.

"What's it matter to you?" I hissed into his face. He leaned up against the counter across from the little table I was sitting on.

"My wife….err…ex-wife works there." He said in a calm voice. The recognition of his last name swept over me. Bella Masen. Duh. Oh shit.

"So what?" I asked.

"Who did you attack? Oh wait…you said it was some 'brown bitch' correct? That narrows it down. Who was it?"

"Why should I tell you?" I was getting tired of this little game of his.

"Because I already know who it was I just wanted to see if you had the balls to tell me you attacked my wife and broke into our condo. My daughter was in there you filthy little bastard." He said as he lunged at me, grabbed me and pinned me against the door. "If I ever hear of you going near her or my daughter again, whether we are married still or not, I won't be nice enough to call the cops next time." He opened the door and threw me out into the awaiting arms of the men in blue. Fuck my life.

Chapter 14 outtake-

Jasper POV

I lay awake in my bed with Bella in my arms. I stared up at the ceiling reveling in tonight's progress. From hating myself for my initial slip up and telling Bella I love her during an argument – to a blissful night of love making and having her fall asleep in my arms. Oh yes, I could definitely get use to this.

The steady rhythm of her breathing and heart beat started to loll me into my own sleep no matter how much I wanted to just lay here awake and watch her. I was almost asleep when Bella started to shift next to me. I loosened my arm around her figuring she was going to roll over. She settled immediately and I closed my eyes again. I heard her mumble something quietly and I looked over at her fully wide awake now.

"Jazz…." She whispered out. My face broke out into a huge dopey grin. She's dreaming! About me!

"Mmhmm….Jazz..." She quietly murmured again. I watched her intently to try and figure out what she was dreaming of and if she'd say more."Mmmhmm…hard work does your body good…." She muttered. I strained to keep myself from laughing out loud at what she was saying. It was too damn cute! "Mmmhmm…'aystack…" Wait, what was that? I looked down at her and a small smile played upon her lips. Just when I thought the sleep talking was going to kill me she thrust her hips forward into my side. Oh dear god! She is having a sex dream! Ohhhh…. fuuuck! She grounded her hips against me again and I felt my body spring to life. Must not jump her! Must not jump her!! I kept repeating to myself. She needs her sleep Jasper. Be a gentleman and just enjoy this moment for what it's worth. "Mmmhmm Jasper…" She moaned into my neck and pushed her hips forth again. Oh fucking hell. I am going to die if I stay here.

I slowly moved her aside extricating myself from her embrace. I pulled my pillow over and put it in my place. She shifted slightly and barely brushed up against my hard as rock cock and I about lost it right there. I quickly and quietly ambled over to the bathroom and started the shower. Fuck a cold one! If I don't take care of this right now I will jump her once I get back out there.

I didn't even wait for the water to fully warm up before I stripped and jumped in. I leaned up against the wall and closed my eyes. Images of Bella from this evening filtered through my eyes as my hand got a mind of its own. Pathetically, within minutes later, I was relieved and ready to get out of the shower. Fuck Jasper, what are you 15 again? Oh shut up. I mentally screamed at myself. I quickly rinsed off, got out and got dressed again. Thankfully Bella didn't say any more for the rest of the night – but that doesn't mean I got any sleep…

Chapter 16 outtake –

Felix POV

I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I've known Lauren for a while now. Victoria always had Tanya and Lauren around these barbecues. But I had never thought anything more of them then friendly acquaintances. I had always thought Lauren was cute but she was with someone the whole time. I was damn surprised to find out later on that she was dating Bella's Edward. I won't claim that I knew any of them well enough to get in on their business, but I was still shocked that Bella and Lauren became friends after everything. And disappointed that Edward gave the rest of us such a bad name. Not all guys are as fucked up as Edward.

But when I showed up tonight to find a very pregnant Lauren sitting on the front porch – something changed within me. I felt this pull towards her. Something about her was just so damn....alluring. Her cute little body was slowly becoming a very mature voluptuous one. It was amazing and I never thought I would love a woman's body so much when they were carrying someone else's baby. But I didn't care. I felt this pull to be everything to her that no one else was going to be.

So I decided to just try and get to know her. I caught glances from her all night long and returned them with all the same interest. I ate dinner with her and Tanya and tried to get to know as much about her as she was willing to tell me. We all had a good laugh together at Jasper and Bella's hasty retreat. The barbecue was pretty much over by that point. James and Victoria left followed shortly by Jessica and Demetri who gave a drunk Tanya a ride home. I said my thanks to Peter and Charlotte and walked Lauren to her car. I didn't want the evening to end but I could tell that Lauren was getting tired.

We reached the side of the car and I didn't want her to leave. It's now or never.

"I had a really good time tonight with you. Thanks for your company." She blushed slightly when she looked up at me.

"Me too."

"Um..." I rubbed my hand across the back of my neck nervously. "I was wondering if you would be willing to let me take you out sometime."

Her eyes widened with my question. "Seriously? But I'm pregnant...."

"So? Edward made a bad name for the rest of us guys. I think you're beautiful and very interesting person who I would like to know more about. So, yeah, I'd like to take you out even if you are pregnant. Would you like to?"

She looked down at her feet and kicked the little rocks around. She glanced up at me through her eyelashes and I couldn't help but smile. "Yes. I would like that very much." I took her number from her and watched her drive away. I left that night with confidence in my step and hope on the horizon.