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Many worlds exist. Scientists often discuss this, wondering how many there are, how to get to them, and what lives on them. In truth, every work of fiction creates and maintains a world. When an author makes his character die, the character on that said world will die. Some stories create entire universe, adding on to the macroverse.

This story is about a boy who sets out to explore it, and save it from evil. But first, forming a team consisting of the greatest heroes and heroines would be his first step…


The countryside was sunny and bright. A slight wind was blowing from the east, from the clear sky. A boy, teen-aged, walked towards the castle in the distance.

His name was Syl (vin) Yale Wallace. He was sixteen, going on seventeen in a few months. He's hair was messy, semi-curly (smalls curls, but mostly messy) and dark brown (it looked black) unlike his regular brown eyes. His face looked semi-childish, but the slight mustache and beard left everyone without a doubt he was a teen. His glasses made him look like a nerd, yet he was not. No doubt from me.

On to the clothes. He wore blue jeans with black, white, and yellow Nikes.

He wore a blue, black, and white Class Club jacket with the collar turned up, and under it was a black t-shirt that had a spot of blood on it as design and there were the words etched into it, IB '08.

He was walking towards the castle in distance, like I said before. He would stop to look at other things, like the Kokiri Forest, or the Lon Lon Ranch, because he was so interested in the land. It was first time here and won't be his last. He took his time, he wasn't in a hurry.

He finally reached Castle Town in an hour. Unfortunate for the hero, he had no money. And, adding on, he was too lazy to kill some monsters for rupees. It didn't matter. He wasn't going to need for the scheme to meet member # 2.

He walked towards an apple stand that was next to some soldiers. He was going to need them to get into the castle. It was illegal, oh well. So he stole an apple from the cart right under the shop owner's eye. So the owner said

"Hey, what's the big idea? You think you're a pro?"

"Yes. I'm stealing this apple to get arrested. Can you help me?" replied Syl, eating the apple in the progress.

I forgot to mention that Syl is a smart-aleck. Sorry, that is, without an doubt, the most useful bit of info you need to know about Syl. My sincerest apologizes.

The owner looked confused. Regardless, he called the soldiers over.

"This man is eating an stolen apple and saying he wants to be arrested! He's crazy!" said the bewildered man.

"What're you trying to do?" asked the soldier to Syl, still munching on the apple.

Syl took his time. He ate the apple until the core, then threw it away in a pail, THEN answered the question.

"Go to jail. Can I? Please?"

Now the soldiers were bewildered. Wouldn't you if somebody wanted to get arrested?

"So, wise guy, huh? I should bring you in. Would you like that?" said one of the soldiers, half-sarcastically, half-smart aleck.

"Sure! I need to get into the castle to see somebody!" replied Syl.

A crowd gathered to see "The Boy Who Wanted To Be Arrested." They thought he was a insane man. Others thought it was a publicity stunt. It was a sight to see. Never had the acclaimed soldiers of the royal family of Hyrule looked so confused!

Let's skip forward a few minutes. They finally arrested him, on the charge of stealing and rudeness to the law.

They took a wooden sword. It was a bokken, a Japanese wooden sword; it was black, with light brown wrapping hilt with the kanji 'honor' and 'strength' etched on it.

"So, what were planning to with this?" the second soldier asked.

"My original plan was to bash your heads in that, but, oh you know, I'm in favor of peace, dudes,"

So the guards took him to the castle jail, tired of listening to him.

He stayed in his cell for an hour, playing tic-a-toe with himself using a marker he had with him, until he realized that was stupid to play it alone, so he decided to escape and meet with the man he was looking for.

"Hey, old man! How do I escape from this cell? I'm in a hurry!" he shouted to his neighbor, a jail veteran who was in here for stealing from the royal family.

"What? You crazy? Every lock in this jail is different! You have to be a lockpicking master to pull this one off! Believe me, I'm a master!" shouted back the old man.

Syl smiled, got up and went to the door. He put his index finger right near the lock. A small, blue light came from the lock and a clicking sound came soon afterwards. Syl pushed the door open, and left.

The old man was stunned. When Syl reached the stairs, the old man shouted, "Can you get me out too? I help, didn't I?"

Syl replied,

"No. You're a master. I'm pretty sure you can do it." And he dashed off.

He found his sword next to one of the guards who jailed him, taking a nap. Syl smiled and ran to the top floor.

As if you didn't guess, the person who Syl was looking for was Link, the Hero of Courage. He was talking to Zelda in the throne room about the rising numbers of Moblins in the countryside when the other soldier who arrested Syl came in.

"Milady, I've just captured an insane man who wanted to come into the castle to be arrested. I think he was a terrorist!" he reported to his queen, who he secretly despised. His plan was going into action very soon…

Zelda thought for a moment, closing her eyes and brought her hands up to under her nose in mid-thought. Opening her eyes, she said, "Take him for questioning. The last 'terrorist' you caught was an actor." There was a slight slime on her face.

He was forced to reply, "Yes, right away."

That's the reason why he hates her. She's right, he's wrong. It's true.

As he walked out, he ran into someone. Before he could mutter an apology, he was taken back to find the kid he arrested to standing right there!

"Yes, and here I am. Ready for questioning!" he said, walking in and shaking Link's hand, "Nice to meetcha. And, of course, the beautiful Princess Zelda." And he did a curtsy, kissing the out-stretched hand of Zelda. As Impa entered, she do was given the same warm reception. She was a bit confused, but took it as a sign of respect.

"Seems your 'terrorist' is one of the nice ones, huh? Once again, you've shown bad judgment, soldier." Said Zelda, obviously pleased with Syl. "What is your name, young man?"

"It's Syl…" he did a pose, "Yale…" he did one more pose, "Wallace! Nice to meetcha! In fact, the reason I got arrested was to see you and Link!" Zelda did a small giggle, and even Impa smiled a bit. Impa even said, "That's the single most stupidest thing I have heard. And yet, daring. I admire that." The soldier, however, wasn't happy about this. He yelled at Syl

"You used me? To see the princess? HOW DARE YOU!!!"

"I told you, I WANTED to see somebody. Sorry that you're not smart to listen."

"WHY YOU LITTLE!!!! (Guys has problems, ain't he?)

"You're dismissed, soldier. I saw enough."

The last straw that broke the camel's back just happened. The soldier was going to it. You don't need three guesses.

He replied with a sigh, "Before I go, can I give a gift?"

"Fine. What is it?"

He got closer and slowly pulled out a knife. Do the deed, jump out the window before Impa and Link could react. Perfect…

Expect, before he could stab the princess, the knife was punched out of his hand and a second fist rammed into his face, knocking him back to the floor.

And Syl looked serious doing that.

Zelda was scared. Ganon had tried time after time to kill her, but this was a regular man who wanted her dead. It was a different scale. Link and Impa guarded her when the soldier got up.

He faced Syl. He snarled, "What's your problem? You dumb? You hit a guard of the royal family! You're in hot water now!"

And Syl replied, "You have problems. You need a quack, because you are one!" The soldier was seriously demented. Syl thought of an idea in three seconds flat. He took his jacket off showing his thin arms. Link and Impa quickly noticed three marks on his right arm.

"Toro! Toro! Come on bull-butt! Toro!" said the mighty bull fighter Syl to his opponent, The Curiously Un-Named Soldier who was charging towards him.

"Ole!" The soldier missed. "Ole, dos!" The soldier missed again. "Your down by two strikes and no balls. Hey, batter batter! Hey, batter batter! SWING!" At this, the soldier charged one last time, missing Syl completely and ran out the window he planned on his escape.

"He's out the window!" shouted a soldier who heard the noise.

"He landed in the moat!" shouted another soldier.

"He climbing out." said Zelda.

"He's screaming profanely…" said Impa.

Syl threw a rock at him.

"He's knocked out." Finally said Syl.

So the soldiers went down to throw in the dungeon.

"I thank you, dear Syl." Said Zelda after all that. "I owe you my life."

"In that case, I want to talk to Link, I need to talk to him."

Link said, in a historic moment to be recorded, "In what to all the trouble you caused came to ask me?"

"Hey, he speaks! He actually said something!"

"He thinks before speaking, replied Impa. "He's very careful about what he says. He once said, "I remain quiet to balance out the loud-mouthed people."

"Like the owl?"

Link said, "Yes. Even him and Navi. Anyway, what's the issue that you wish to talk about?"

Syl replied to Link what he say about 23 times more in this part of his story…

"I want you to join a league of heroes and heroines to protect every world!"

Everybody was taken back by this. Was this boy really addled?

But before anyone could inquire any further, a soldier came in to the room and announced, "Prince Celestial of Liatelec Kingdom wishes to see you, Milady!" Everybody but Syl got a stern look, leaving him confused. Zelda agreed, and in came Celestial.

Syl almost laughed at him. Between the over-flowing white-and-gold peacock-like dress, the long handle-bar mustache, or his pose was completely snobby.

"My beautiful future Queen! We will soon be married, and our grand kingdoms will become one! I suggest we have a party to announce the grand news!"

Syl looked very surprised. A man (though hard to tell) marrying Zelda that wasn't Link? Had this world lost its marbles? (Syl then figured marbles hadn't been invented yet.)

He turned to Impa and asked, "Who...hrrk…hee…is…hoo…this…heh…freak?"

"Manners. This prince is engaged to Zelda because of some sort of ties connected to his kingdom. Yes, he's weird, but he is royalty. Show some respect!"

"Link looks troubled. Why so?"

"I think he doesn't like Celestial. I don't either, but he seems different…"

"Love for Zelda?"

Impa paused. "Possibly."

After two whole minutes of listening to Prince Peacock, he left. Syl, at the very moment, burst out laughing. Zelda didn't look happy. She said,

"Excuse me! That was an important guest, a prince never the less!"

"Yeah right! I can find more princes like him in an alleyway!"

"You may go home now! You're dismissed."

"Can't." Syl looked and sounded serious.

"Why not?"

"'Cause I can't go back."

"Where are from?"

"Earth. It seems I'm hated in both worlds now."

Tired, Syl left the very surprised group. Link followed after.

It was night when Link found Syl under a tree. Immediately, Syl said,

"I don't like Earth. I hate a certain person beyond belief. Celestial emits the same aura as that person."

"Did the person give you the marks?"

"You saw…? Those aren't marks, they're scars." He rolled up his jacket.

There were three. The one on the left was peanut-shaped, and wider than the other two. The middle one was long and skinny, taking the shape of a curved dagger. The right one was smaller than the rest, but seemed deeper.

"I rather not talk about it right now." He said, as he rolled the jacket back down. "A second for hating Celestial is that…well…a feeling."

"The feeling that you know is something is up and you don't what it is?"

"Yeah. It's there, I just can't find it."

"It will come to you."

They're quiet for a few minutes, looking into the night sky as they could the party over in a huge building down the hill going at full swing. The silence was disturbed when Syl asked,

"You don't like Celestial because he took Zelda, don't you?"

Link calmly replied, "I couldn't get Zelda ever. I'm not royalty."

"If you were, would you want Zelda?"

"…" Link seemed uncertain.

"Come on. I know you want her. Just admit it. Let it go."

"Syl, I don't fully trust you yet. I can't just tell you. And I can't leave Zelda or Hyrule for your quest."

"I'm not going to force you. Guess I head to the next world and try my luck there…"

An explosion was seen and heard from the party. Link sprang to his feet and ran to the party. Syl sat still for a moment and grabbed a sword and ran to the party, thinking,

"This could be it…"

As you may have guessed, Celestial was really a bad guy, wanting to make Zelda his wife. And he came so close, until Link burst on the scene.

He got a close look around. The soldier, who was going to kill Zelda earlier, had Impa tied up and gagged. All of Celestial's soldiers were either keeping the guest on their feet, or knocking out the guards. Celestial had Zelda tight in her arms, and had a knife in his hands, which had blood on it from the guard Celestial stabbed.

Celestial then declared, "Listen to your new king! This here is my queen, beautiful and eternal. You will worship us, and destroy heretics, such as the 'hero' there. Guards! Arrest and kill him on the spot!"

Link was far the better one. No many how many guards rushed him, Link rolled, side-stepped, slashed his away at the guards. It took a lot to take him down; the entire group had to knock him down. They spread out his arms and legs, and Celestial, still holding the crying Zelda, came to end the hero's life, he said, "This is the beginning of my ideal empire!" when…


Celestial's face caved in when a fist crashed into it.

He lost his grip on Zelda and his knife, and ran right into two of the guards holding Link, where he was able to escape, and hold Zelda, making her feel safe again.

Celestial turned to his attacker. "How dare you…"

His face received a foot, square in the middle, sending him flying again.

"Hello, Prince Liar! I'm here to kick your ass." Said the smiling Syl (Of course, it was him) holding his sword down to his side. He quickly rushed at the other guards and easily, almost lazily, bash their heads with his sword. Link quickly grabbed his fallen sword and helped Syl to fight off the guards. Syl even chased the ex-solider around before the un-named solider, once again, fell out a window.

After the guards were knocked out and the guests and Zelda were safe, the two confronted Celestial…

…who had called for reinforcements armed with crossbows that held bomb arrows.

"ON MY MARK, KILL THE HERETICS!!!" he yelled to his men.

"Guy got a problem, doesn't he?" remarked Syl.

"Off the medicine I see, Celestial?" also remarked Link.

"Good one!"

"THAT'S IT!!!! FIRE!!!!"

Syl pushed Link out the way, and took the full blow.

Link and the others were horrified. Celestial had one heck of an artillery. Even Link would have a problem…

"That's all?" came a voice from the smoke.

Now it was Celestial's turn to be horrified. The boy was supposed to be dead. How?…

"Let me tell you something, Celestial. People take one look at me, and think I'm a weakling, spineless, no muscle. Nothing just brains. That's far off the mark. I'm fail in some subjects, and I'm ready for a challenge." Footsteps were heard. A dark outline of Syl appeared, and he was holding his sword on his shoulder. It looked it was glowing.

"People like you want to have complete control over everything, even people's lives. The person who gave me my scars was one of those people. I refuse to let people like you exist. You can take away lives, loved ones, possessions, everything that a person owns in there lives. But, there is one thing you can't ever take. Their spirit, their drive. And that,…"

He emerged from the smoke.

"…is my weapon."

His sword was enveloped in a blue aura, taking the shape to a bigger size.

"Spirit, my power into my weapons, body and even people. It's hard to master, and yet can be used to move even the biggest planets. Come Liar, let's finish your mission. I see a heretic and his group, so I'll take care of them." He crouched down, sword at his side, ready to slash.

Celestial's men drew their weapons…

"Spirit Crescent Wave!"

"Celestial ducked, but his men weren't so lucky. They were sent flying, as if they were hit by a motorcycle. Celestial charged at Syl, snarling.

"Celestial, I done fighting you." He held his sword into a striking position over his head. When Celestial came close enough, Syl darted past him, stabbing his sword forward.

"Spirit…Flying Thorn" Celestial collapsed.

"You're lucky. The Spirit doesn't draw blood. You live in pain and a cell for the rest of your live. Good-bye." His sword lost the aura, and walked off as the soldiers arrested him and his minions. His par in Syl's story was over.

Syl put his sword back into the belt ring. He walked to the amazed Link and Zelda. Impa ran over to the princess and asked, "Milady, are you fine? Hurt in any way?"

She replied, "I'm going to need a new dress."

Impa smiled. "I get the tailors to make you a new one."

Link walked over to Syl and put his hand on his shoulder. "That was amazing what you did out there. I do believe you going to have a pretty good long adventure ahead you."

"Now about my offer…"

"I told you, I have to stay here…"

"You have my permission."

Both Link and Syl turned their heads over to Zelda. She looked happy.

"Zelda, I…"

"Link. I want you to see new worlds, train to become stronger than ever before, and return to us when you want to. Impa can protect me for a while."

"Zelda…" Link was both happy and sad at the same time.

"Don't worry, Princess. I take very good care of your friend." Replied Syl.

Zelda smiled. This was a sign of good will, and Link found himself smiling too. He could use a new adventure into new worlds…

He shook hands with Syl, and he was No.2 of the newly founded Heroic League…


That's the end of the first chapter of the first part of the first half.

Yes, the main character is me. Just has my looks, and my personality. Regardless, he's not perfect. He'll have his day, and then I'll torture him in the next chapter.

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