The next morning, Severus munched on a piece of toast finding himself daydreaming about his days as a potion master. Though those memories were rather hazy he smiled slightly as he recalled scaring children on their first day. However he was brought back to reality when someone knocked on the door. Looking up, he watched Uncle Vernon walk towards the door and opened it. There stood a man holding a letter. The man handed the letter to Uncle Vernon then left. Once the door closed, Uncle Vernon looked at the letter then ripped it up angrily and glared at them all.

"PACK YOU BAGS!" He shouted.

A while later everyone was going into a broken down house. Severus was sent straight to bed however which he had to share with Dudley. Sighing, he tried to fall asleep but couldn't as he heard a very loud foot steps. Not enjoying the sound, Severus was about to just stick his head under his pillow when he heard the door open. Him and Dudley jumped at when they heard this and dashed to the front.

Uncle Vernon was standing there already with what appeared to be a rifle in his hands that was pointing at a very large man. Shivering, Severus wondered what to do. That's when he noticed the man seemed very familiar but he couldn't put his tongue on it.

"How about yeh make me a cup of tea," The man said and looked towards Severus. "AHH! There's Severus!"

Still shivering rather fiercely, Severus stared up at the giant man who was smiling gently at him. The man was extremely familiar and it was going to annoy him like crazy.

"Yeh look like your mother but got your fathers eyes," The man said smiling. "At least you ain't got you fathers big ugly nose so that must a blessing on yeh little guy!"

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Uncle Vernon shouted.

"Oh quiet yeh old prune."

Walking towards the couch, the giant man took a seat on it which made it bend in the middle. Staring at him, Severus started to calm down and smile slightly.
"Ah yes....I got summat for yeh birthday I missed so many," The giant said. "Yeh still are ten correct? Yeh will be eleven on January the ninth right?"

"Er...yes...," Severus said thinking that it was right.

"Well I got yeh summat.'

The giant stood up and looked through his pockets then pulled out a box. Flipping the lid off, the giant put it on the table so Severus could get a good look of it. In the box was a sticky chocolate cake with 'Happy Birthday Severus' in green icing.

"Er...T-thank you...," He said nervously. "But....who are you?"

The giant man chuckled then gently rubbed Severus's head.

"True I have told yeh about me," The man said. "Me name is Rubeus Hagrid. Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts! Now weren't yeh about to make me some tea? Ah well I'll make it meself."

Hagrid got up from the couch then walked towards the fire place. Watching the giant get out a tea pot, Severus stared at the ground. Hagrid....I can barely remember him...Severus thought. Though I've known him ever since I started Hogwarts....but....I haven't really started Hogwarts now have I...Standing there in deep thought, the smell of sausages filled the room and got him out of his thoughts. Hagrid smiled at him as he slid six fat, slightly burnt, sausages onto a plate. Glancing at Dudley, Severus saw him fidget and watched Uncle Vernon say something to the fat boy.

"Yer great pudding of a son doesn't need to get fatter!" Hagrid laughed then sat by a table. "Come ere Severus."

Sitting across from the giant, Severus slowly started to eat and smiled. Never since he's been with the Dursley's had he ever had good food...or much food for that matter. Dudley usually ate everything he wanted and even puked because of doing so.

"Er....Hagrid?" Severus asked nervously as he took another bite from his sausage. "I'm confused...what's....Hogwarts?"

There was silence and Hagrid glared at the Dursley's that made them all jump. Hogwarts....I....can barely remember it! Severus thought getting a bit worried. It's getting all hazy...

"S-Sorry?" Severus said nervously.


"Learned what?"


Hagrid jumped up from the table and glared at the Dursley's.

"YOU MEAN HE KNOWS NOTHING?!" He said aggravated.

"I do know Math and Science...," Severus said. "And other stuff too..."

"About my world I mean your mother's world I mean....your world...Our world Severus!"

"What world?"

Hagrid looked like he was going to kill the Dursley's (though Severus was all for it) then looked at him.

"The wizard world Severus," Hagrid said. "Yer a wizard! That's why yeh got accepted to Hogwarts!"

Hagrid showed Severus a letter who opened it fast. Looking at the paper, he read it eagerly then smiled brightly. He was going to see Hogwarts the place that seemed so foggy in his mind. Glancing up at Hagrid, he watched the giant write down on a note and hand it to a owl. It flew away and then Hagrid looked back at him.

"He's not going!" Uncle Vernon shouted.

"Like a muggle like yeh can do anything about it!" Hagrid laughed.

"LOOK! We vowed when we took him in we'd stamp out the fact he's a wizard!"

"YOU KNEW I WAS A WIZARD?!" Severus shouted.

"KNEW? OF COURSE WE KNEW!" Aunt Petunia shouted. "WHEN MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED TO THAT WITCH OUR PARENTS WOULDN'T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! They kept on saying Tobias this! Tobias that! They didn't know the true fact about the woman he married! She was a freak! They were also excited when you were born you brat! Both of them wanted to hug you so badly because they had a wizard relative now! Oh how they droned on how cute you were and even ignore poor Dudley! Though I don't see anything cute about you I mean it's shocking your straight! But OH that Eileen witch's magic didn't save them from being blown up! "

Severus didn't know what to comment on, the fact Aunt Petunia thought he was gay or the fact that about him being a wizard. She thinks I'm gay...Severus thought then looked confused. Wait...I always knew about being a wizard...Great I'm possibly thinking like Potter at the moment....god damn it...

"I thought they died in a car crash," Severus whispered recalling a memory where they said they died in a car accident.

"LIKE A CAR ACCIDENT COULD KILL ELIEEN!" Hagrid roared. "Severus let me tell yeh the actual story! Nine years ago when yeh were only one a great wizard came....his name Now we call him He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name so please refer to him as that it still brings fear to many. was Halloween when he came straight to yer house. He knocked on yer door and when yer father opened the door he killed him. Then, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name went upstairs and saw your mother trying to protect you. She begged him to kill her instead of yeh and....he granted the wish. When she died....he tried to kill yeh but it backfired and killed himself. I doubt he actually died though. A thing like him can't die that easily. Though he did manage to give you that scar of yer"

Severus stared at Hagrid and then rubbed his scar. I'm getting Potter's life...He thought. The night where Voldemort killed his parents happened to me....He didn't know that Potter's life wasn't glamorous and was like hell. Potter may be a celebrity in the wizard world but his story is more heartbreaking to him then anyone may realize. Feeling depressed, Severus was about to say something else when Hagrid gently put his hand on his head.

"Yeh the only one who ever survived the curse," Hagrid said. "Yeh an amazing wizard Severus."

"But....I can't be a wizard...," He whispered.

"Not a wizard? What about those times you ever got angry?"

Severus thought for a second and had memories of being chased by Dudley's gang then getting out of their reach. There was also a time where he had to go to school with a horrible hair cut that was almost a buzz cut except for his bangs to cover his scar. The next day his hair grew back after worrying about it the night before.

"Yeh are a wizard Severus," Hagrid repeated.


"Come on Severus time to sleep that way we can get yer stuff tomorrow."

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