Horses Glides up to the luminous chateau, pulling carriages filled with aristocrats and nobles of another world. Servants spent time for last minute preparations. The inside was lit with candles and the outside burned with flaming torches. Everything had to be ready for tonight's special ceremonial occasion. As the servants prepped and checked ad the rest of the guest arrived, dusk was born once again.

Yuki remained in her room. Butterflies soared through her from what led beyond the door when the time came. She was tempted to look, but dared not to. She no longer feared her loves kind, but she feared whether they would accept her.

Yuki looked out beyond her window down. She saw lines of empte parked carriages. Footman stayed perched upon the carriage, while young stable boys cared for the horses. She moved away from the window and laid on her bed, waiting for her ladies-in-waiting to bring her attire she would wear for tonight.

Yuki sat at when she heard someone knocking on the door.

"Come in", Yuki yawned tiredly.

Fatigue filled Yuki from all the waiting. There was too much time right now.

Two women entered and shut the door, one a short redhead and the other a tall light blonde. They were beautiful. Time had frozen for both of them, as well as the everyone else.

They did not speak and tried not to meet there eyes with

Yuki's. The blonde women held a bag covering a hanger. The redhead held a pair of red silken three inch heeled shoes. The blonde laid the bag on the bed and the other sat the shoes down beside. Both women left, still silenced.

Yuki went closer to the bed. The bag had a zipper. She unzipped it. The black bag revealed red material from inside. Yuki quickly slipped of her night gown and begin to get dressed.

Two hours later Yuki was dressed and ready. She went over to the golden framed floor length mirror to gaze at herself.

She stepped in front of the mirror and did not see herself. She still saw a young girl that was not ready, but someone that the vampire would not look down upon, some they would accept.

The roamed down her petite frame until it hit right above the knee. Her dress dipped low behind revealing much back. The neck was square and the sleeve were triangular hanging of her shoulders. She noticed the stones the dress and shoes were drenched in were real rubies. Her long hair was down. The shoes made her seem taller and not feel so small as she feared she may feel that way from the crowd tonight. She was ready. Still so much time left and nothing to do, but wait.

She pace back and forth in her room trying not to wear a whole through the carpet. She waited for when the final knock of her love would come and it would be time.

Finally, the knock came. A tall mysterious man entered her room holding two boxes in his hands.

Yuki turned around to see the stranger, but it was no stranger. She recognized her lover. She ran up and wrapped her arms around his bigger from to hug him.

"Kaname", she said happily

"Sit down", he said, "I have presents for you."

Yuki sat down in a chair with another matching chair on the opposite side across from her, but Kaname stood. Kaname gave the boxes to Yuki, one large and the other small.

"Open them."

Yuki ripped the wrapping paper and opened the small box first. The was a ruby bracket she put on her wrist. She opened the larger box and saw a ruby necklace. She lifted the necklace from the box and was about to put it on when Kaname took it from her.

Yuki stood up and turned for Kaname. She moved her hair out of the way. Her place the necklace around her neck.

"I love you very much." Kaname whispered into her ear.

He move more hair out of his way and lightly kissed Yuki's neck. Yuki felt that powerful wave of heat go through her every time her skin met his.

She turned to face him.

"I'm very nervous", she told him.

"Don't be. You must be ready and show no fear or they will be like a pack of rules. I'll be their every step right beside you. I love you. You have nothing to fear. No harm will come to my love."

"I'm ready then. I trust you completely."

"Then let us go".

He offered her his arm and she gladly took it.

Once they past the door and begin making their way down the stairs her smile disappeared and she gripped Kaname's arm tighter.

The time for the change would soon come, but now she had to be ready to face her love's world, the vampire world.