Yuki walked beside Kaname up the stairs past all the guest that had left. The chateau was empty. The servants whisked away what was left of the ceremony and would then retire to bed.

When the couple was passed the stair Kaname picked Yuki up and carried her down the rest of the hall. They stopped at a door in a shadowed corridor secluded from everything else around.

Kaname held onto Yuki with one hand and opened turned the brass door knob with the other. The entered the room.

The main color that adorned the room was the impure color of blood and dark cherry furniture. The bed was more enormous than a king size bed. The cherry would was beautiful with the red silk sheets that covered it.

Kaname set Yuki down at the edge of the bed and stood standing. The moons light through the window was all that lit the room.

Yuki looked up at him. He looked down at her. The time had finally come. She could not turn back. She was willing and ready to be with the man before her for eternity. She knew because they had both made the promise in front of the entire vampire world. Time would become frozen and Human Yuki would be dead. And now to finish everything that has been done.

"Yuki are you sure. There's no turning back at all", Kaname said.

Yuki stood up looking at him seriously.

"I'm sure. I knew it was to late to turn back once the vampire world saw me. I love. So, Please, Let's finish everything we started." She stood on her tip toes and kissed him. She wrapped her arms around his neck to pull hum down closer.

He picked her up and laid her on the bed. He hovered above her.

" I love you so much. You've always made me happy and continue to do. Just relax and let everything go. The more you think it will hurt."

"I trust you with my life."

Kaname crashes his lips on to hers. He deepened the kiss.

She brought her hand to his chest and pushed him back.

"Wait",Yuki said.

Kaname rolled over to the side and just looked at Yuki. What was wrong. He had an expression of sadness on his face.

Yuki saw his face and felt quilt.

"No. I'm not going back. I just like to be comfortable in some other clothes."

She kissed his cheek and walked away from the bed. Kaname decided to change to.

Kaname wore long black silk pants and a black sleeved silk shirt opened to expose his chest.

Yuki returned from a large closet wearing a red Victorian silk night gown. Her hair was back to it's natural state, long and down. Kaname went over to her and picked her up.

"No more scary surprises, my dear. The thought of earlier being true almost killed me." He brought his hand up to Yuki's cheek.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you, but shall we."

"Yes, we shall."

The were back in the same position they were in before, but Kaname kissed passionately with more fore. He ran his hand down Yuki's side. His tongue entered her mouth exploring. She gave in to the uncontrollable pleasure he was giving her.

His kisses began to travel to her jaw down to the area that her exposed neck tempted him. He lightly liked the area.

Yuki moaned in pleasure. She couldn't stop. The pleasure of his kisses felt to good. She lightly blushed. The thought of how the pleasure would feel if they went further.

Kaname suck on the spot where a vein continuously pulsed. It was time.

"My love, remember what I said and relax."

Yuki held on to Kaname tight. She relaxed more into the goose filled mattress.

His fangs extended and sunk in to her beautiful neck. His mouth begin to fill with blood. He continue to drink the blood that he always thirsted for above any other.

Yuki felt the pain but than the pain turned to pleasure. She just let everything from her mind go.

Kaname broke his mouth away and sat up. He pulled Yuki into his lap holding her close.

"You have to drink my blood. Take as much as you can in."

Yuki was to dazed from the blood lose to respond.

Kaname took his wrist and bit into it. He brought his wrist dripping with blood up to Yuki's lips.

"Drink", he ordered.

She licked the blood around his wound and immediately fangs sprouted. She then bit into his wrist drinking the sweet nectar of darkness.

The blood surged through Yuki's body. She felt so powerful.

She soon stopped. Kaname pulled his wrist back.

They slowly looked into each others eyes and kissed once more. Yuki passed out. Kaname picked her up and tucked her in underneath the sheets. He smiled. His Yuki. Beside each other for eternity. He crawled in and wrapped his arm pulling her close to him. He closed his eyes and they both slept peacefully.

When morning came, Yuki would awake and start her new life with Kaname, together for ever, not only a vampire, but the Queen of the vampire world.

I'm not sure if I should make it the end or continue the story further. This was supposed to be a continue to my sealing story, but from the beginning. Let me now if you want me to continue it.