The young prince stared out the window. It was a cold dreary day and the school across from his mansion had just ended.

He watched as all the kids poured out the public high school. Their different colored clothing was much different than the cold weather. It was actually a relief from all the gray.

"Prince Uchiha?" his mentor was right by his ear. Sasuke jumped up with a jolt.

"Must you scare me old man?" he sneered at the white haired man.

"Yes… if you continue to scope out the kids next door," Kakashi didn't back down. He didn't care who the boy in front of him was, he would not be scared of a child.

"Maybe it is time for you to get a new lover, don't you think little brother?" Itachi walked into the room.

He smirked at his brother.

Sasuke flipped him off and turned back to his assignment. Even though he couldn't stand Itachi the older male did have a point.

He hadn't had a lover for two weeks now. Not since his other ran away.

Sasuke sighed as he remembered the times he had with Naruto. They spent two months having sex and going places. It was the happiest three months of Sasuke's life.

"I told you, next time tie them down until they are ready to obey… other wise they are just like dogs… bound to run away," Itachi flicked his brother on the head. Sasuke punched his brother in the arm and once again tried to study.

"Let me demostrate… HINATA!" Itachi shouted.

He sat down next to his baby brother and waited for his lover to appear in the room. There was a loud clatter and the sound of rushing feet.

She made record time, having looked like she had been doing something just a second before.

She panted and then straightened her hair.

The girl did her best to hide the collar Itachi had put around her neck, under her hair. It had a shocker in it for when ever she misbehaved, or just when Itachi was feeling violent. The chain part she put inside the pocket of her dress.

"Yes master?" she kneeled in front of him. Itachi grabbed the chain part and pulled her close to his face.

"Kiss me," he commanded. She nodded eagerly and gave him the best kiss she could manage. Itachi yanked her chain hard, causing her to break away from him.

"Thank you Hinata… you may go," he said. Hinata nodded and left the room quickly.

"So… wasn't I correct?" Itachi smirked.

Sasuke was awed. His brother's method did seem to work… maybe he should try it out. He looked out the window again. A mass of kids had stayed behind to socialize.

"Pick one out," Itachi breathed into Sasuke's ear. Sasuke jumped, once again, scared. What was with people invading his personal bubble?

"How about that pretty pink hair girl?" Itachi suggested.

Sasuke shook his head, hating the bright color. Itachi pointed to another girl, this one with light blond hair. Again Sasuke shook his head, none of these girls were right for him.

"Ok I see what we have to do… time to blend in with the kids!" Itachi chuckled. Kakashi shook his head, having given up on teaching Sasuke. The raven haired boy stared at his older brother.

"What does that mean?" he asked.

"Hm… silly little brother, it means we will break into the school and blend in so you may choose a lover!" Itachi flipped through a book as if he were talking about the weather.

"Won't father get mad?" Sasuke asked. Itachi shrugged and started to make plans on a piece of paper. 'Oh well, at least it will be interesting!'Sasuke thought as he looked at the plan.


Eventually Itachi had to get their father to agree with the "new lover" plan.

To get in the school they would need a parent to verify them in. Since they were going under cover it was best if the King told the teacher to keep her mouth shut about it.

Sasuke wasn't sure on how Itachi managed to do it, but somehow their dad said yes.

"Wait what?" Sasuke raised a brow.

"I said you can go. I m tired of seeing you mope around all the time. Get yourself a new lover." His father said then dismissed both boys. Itachi smirked at Sasuke's smisbelieving face.

"Let's get ready… school starts in a few minutes." Itachi grabbed Sasuke's hand and pulled them to the older brother's room. He threw Sasuke into his large walk-in closet and studied him.

"What are you looking at?" Sasuke sneered. Itachi walked near him and flicked the baggy blue t-shirt and pulled at the tan shorts.

"Little brother have I taught you nothing? We have to change your entire outfit or no one will look twice at you!" Itachi scoffed.

Sasuke shrugged then began to get scared once his brother pulled out the scissors and started to through clothes all around.

"What… are you doing with those?" Sasyuke took a step back. Itahi laughed and pounced on his baby brother.

------------------------- IN SCHOOL!------------------------------

The school bell rung loudly. The students settled down slowly and waited for their teacher, Jariya to began class.

"Actually we have to wait for one more new student. He isn't from around here so be nice." the white hair man warned.

He didn't have to wait long before the door open.

The boy to step through had light skin and dark mysterious eyes. His black hair was flat and his bangs brushed lightly in his eyes. His black jeans were snug around his hips. And his shirt outlined his perfect biceps.

In short the new kid was sexy.

"Hello I am Sasuke…" he waved at the students. Half the girls blushed and a couple of boys did too.

"Well Sasuke can you-?" Jariya was cut off by two late rivals.

Both were boys one; redhead and the other a long haired brunette.

"I am sorry for the lateness! I had something to do and-!" the redhead was stopped by the brunette boy.

"Oh we have a new boy?" the brunette had strong determined silver/purple eyes. Him and his friend looked him up and down.

After assessing him the redhead shrugged.

"I don't care. Anyway Sensei the reason why we were late was…" and slowly he explained the situation to Jariya.

The white haired man smiled good naturally and nodded.

"Just sit down and don't be late again," he warned.

The pale boys smiled gratefully and took their seats.

Jiraya asked if Sasuke had any interesting details about himself and Sasuke did. By the time he stopped talking the girls were head over heels for the puppy loving, waterfall adoring prince.

Sauke had to give credits to Itachi, his brother was the one who said that the mushy crap would work. Sasuke smirked to himself and asked the teacher where to sit.

"You may sit in between Gaara and Neji," Jiraya asked for the two boys to raise their hands.

The two boys did as asked and Sasuke realized it was the rude redhead and the fierce brunette.

Gaara moaned ludly at having to separate from his friend. His scooted over until there was just enough room for one person.

Neji smiled at the shorter boy and winked as Sasuke took a seat.

"So what are your names?" Sasuke attempted a conversation. Neji looked at him and turned toward the board.

"You already know our names, don't play stupid." Gaara hissed. Sasuke looked back and forth between the two boys. He liked them… a lot.

'Now… who should I chose?' he pondered

When Sasuke left from his first class his older brother was waiting right there.

He leaned on the wall, his eyes gazing at all the younger kids. The girls were swarming around him, he was like a dream come true. An older sexier version of SASUKE!!
With some difficulties Itachi pushed his way out of the clusters of girls.

"Hello little brother. Did you find a lover yet?" Itachi asked. Sasuke nodded and searched the crowds of disapearing kids. Then he spotted the flash of red hair.

"Right there!" he pointed to Gaara and his friend. They walked down the hallway, arms looped and faces smiling.

"The girl with long brown hair? Or the girl with short boyish hair and that mascara? You have little taste. They are so muscular under those thin clothes!" Itachi rolled his eyes. Sasuke blushed and muttered something. Itachi leaned closer and asked what the younger male had said.

"I said I wanted both of them. And that was a boy. Both of them." He repeated. Itachi shook his head again and ruffled Sasuke's hair. 'What is with him and these boys? Does he not know they resist the hardest?' Itachi thought. He had a brief thought of telling Sasuke to pick someone else when his brother looked at him. He had this determination and sorrow in his eyes that cried to be comforted.

"Fine. But this will be hard. First we need information, like their names and address maybe their reputation. And we also need to ask them. If they so no then there is always the chloroform." Itachi ticked off his fingers. Sasuke nodded, hoping that this would go over smoothly.

"Their names are Neji and Gaara." Sasuke said. Itachi nodded. 'Those names sounded so fimilar…' and looked around in the hallway. It was empty of all students and sounds. That meaant that they were very late to their next class.

"Ok, for the first week try to win them over. I will get your schedule switched to match theirs. And be sure to not be too noticeable." Itachi started to run down the hall to his next class. Sasuke smiled and shouted Itachi's statement to his older brother. Itachi's laughter filled the quiet hallway. 'Time to get to know Gaara and Neji!' Sasuke smirked to himself, this would be a piece of cake…

Or so he thought.


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