"So now we wait!" Temari smiled. The teens around her didnt smile back nor did they seem assured. Judging by Gaara's eyes he was still slightly confused and still very angry.


The pale finger twitched slightly.

"Gaara moved his finger!" Hinata screamed. Neji was instantly by his side, gazing into the pale face. Gaara's face was blank and his eyes were closed. Don't tell me that he still didn't make up his mind! Neji grabbed Gaara's hand.

The fingers tightened around his hand and a small smile graced the china like face.

"Gaara... don't keep your eyes closed... I know that you have full movement by now." Sakura was looking over Neji's shoulder. The redhead sighed and opened his turquoise eyes. The eyes were emotionless as was his face.

The redhead sat up and looked around the room. Every eye was on him, waiting for his response. He opened his mouth and nothing came out.

"I..." To everyone surprise the pale eyes welled with tears.

"I cannot decide on what to do!" he murmured. 'Please let him let us live,'Sasuke prayed hard. Gaara turned his head to look at the boys. With shaky legs he walked up to them. Abruptly the gem eyes were cold and hard.

His upper lip curled up to a snarl.

"I fucking hate both of you and I only have two words to say to the two of you!" the boy backhanded both brothers and leveled his face to theirs. He wanted to see their reactions up close.

"Goodbye Princes." Gaara whispered. The two dark eyes widened to full, scared circles. Temari, Shikamaru, Lee, and Neji's heads fell into their hands.

But... as it seems Gaara was full of surprises today. He gave the two males a few bruises, some cuts, and a horrible headache for the rest of the week. The redhead straightened out and smiled. He turned his body, winked at Neji, and grabbed his bag.

"We have to leave now. Everyone hurry up out the window." the redhead ordered. No body moved. The ones that were for the killing of the princes were shocked beyond belief. Naruto gasped and ran to the front of the short redhead.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Do you not know what the fuck they did to me?" Naruto shouted. Gaara folded his arms and looked up at Naruto.

"I made the choice. Now get your ass through the window!" Gaara hissed. The blond looked like a fish out of water before climbing out. He turned and helped Hinata out. One by one they all left until it was only Neji and the redhead.

"Gaara... aren't you coming?" the long-haired teen asked. The redhead smiled and kissed him passionately.

"I just want to say goodbye... you know I did actually like this place." Gaara grinned. Neji nodded and made his way out of the window. Gaara turned around and looked at the two beat up princes.

"Oh Itachi...." Gaara strolled over to the boy. The prince noticably flinched as the redhead looked at him as if he were a bird and the redhead was a cat.

"You do realize that this is all your fault right? All you had to do was shut the hell up and not take Hinata in the first place.... bad boy." Gaara got on his knees in front of him, pocket knife suddenly gleaming in his hand.

"Gaara... I thought you were not going to kill us." Itachi licked his blood caked lips.

"Duh! I will not kill you but... I just want Sasuke to know that this is all your fault. That he must avenge his family by killing you. He must kill you for murdering the Uchiha clan. He must hunt down and KILL Itachi!" Gaara grinned sadistically and punched Sasuke in the face.

The boy's head went back, hitting the locker and knocking him out. The redhead smirked and leaned in to whisper his statement over and over.

"Hm... that should do it... Now its time for you Itachi." Gaara cut off Itachi ropes. Swiftly he grabbed the long black hair and dragged him to the middle of the room.

"You killed the clan... goodbye." Gaara dropped kicked the boy and he was immediately unconscious on the floor.

"Now..." Gaara mumbled.

(five minutes later)

Gaara came running out of the school, his smile bright and wide.

"Come on guys!" he pumped his hand in the sky and ran ahead of the group. Naruto growled and forced Hinata and himself to catch up with him.

"Gaara! How could you!? This isn't how you act! You fucking let them go!" the blond shouted.

Gaara bowed his head and slowed down his walking. He kept his smile hidden behind a pale hand.

"They did so many things to us! After all that, they get to be free with a few bruises?" Hinata shrieked. Gaara turned around, grinning broadly.

"I always take things into consideration. And they will pay." he whispered before dropping back to Neji.

"I am so proud of you!" the brunette kissed his redhead on the lips. Said redhead giggled and leaned into the kiss.

"ME TOO! So where to next?" Temari hugged her little brother, breaking the two apart. Gaara shrugged and glanced behind his shoulder to the school. 'Ten... nine...'

"Well I heard that the Mist is pretty deserted and far away. Or maybe we could visit Gailand with Lee's father as the king? I hear that its.... 'youthful'." Kankuro suggested and grinned at the word that he used.

Neji and Gaara nodded in agreement. 'Two... one...'

"Off to-!" BOOM!

Before Lee could finish his cheer there was a loud explosion. The teens turned around to see the castle on fire, the top gone. And the side of the school where the princes were... the top was gone and on fire.

"Gaara!" Neji stomped his foot hard. The redhead grinned and skipped away.

"OFF TO GAILAND!" Hinata, Naruto, and Gaara jumped into the air.

"You will never change! I still love you though.... damn..." Neji shook his head and grabbed ahold of Gaara's pale hand.

"Neji... I did change. It's always healthy for a new change." with those... confusing words Gaara gave Neji a peck and the group walked off into the sunset as if nothing had happened.


I have decided that i am going to make a sequel (NEW CHANGE)! i hope that was enjoyable and comment ^__^