He was trying hard. Trying so hard. But it was so difficult not to freak out. His mind raced. Why wasn't he at Francis's, was he at Francis's? No…. Then where was he? And who exactly was laying on top of him? Why was he sticky? Why was there cum on his face? Are those handcuffs keeping his wrists tied up? Where were his pants? Why was he sore?

Oh god… what happened last night?

Arthur's mind raced. He laid still, staring ahead with wide eyes. His head was throbbing, his insides were throbbing. He felt satisfied, yet he didn't know why. Now and then he glanced down at the heavy figure laying on his side. Who… blonde? But not Alfred.. Not even Matthew… too heavy to be either of them, too muscular. His face flushed. Only one scenario could have happened, he got drunk and Francis sold him to someone. Goddamn Francis.

"I am going to have his ass." Arthur growled.

The growl was enough to stir the slumbering Ludwig. He groaned, rubbing his hand against Arthur's stomach. The fingers which had been so sticky and moist before were now cold and crusty. He grimaced. Feeling rather groggy, he sat up before looking at Arthur.

"Oh… good morning."

Arthur was speechless. He stared at Ludwig with wide eyes before exclaiming, "YOU!" Shit, Francis sold him to Germany!? What was that crazy man thinking? Had he switched forces? Arthur began to feel a bit more nervous. His hands twitched against the handcuffs, but his body ached. His arms were asleep from being held so long. Arthur winced at the feeling that shot through his nerves.

"Oh! I'm so sorry." Ludwig said, reaching over. He paused in undoing the handcuff, "…You promise not to run." He stared down at Arthur. Arthur stared back. Those glistening blue eyes… Arthur frowned as flashes of last night made their way. All he could remember were those eyes staring at him. He slowly nodded. He had no plan.. But as soon as he had one, any promises made didn't matter. His frown darkened with confusion as Ludwig suddenly smiled. Arthur had never seen that smile before in his enemy. How could such a cruel, rough, and unrefined nation have such… a kind and gentle smile?

Ludwig undid the handcuffs. He took Arthur's wrists into his hands. Arthur didn't struggle, he was too sore and confused to do so. He didn't know what happened between them, but considering the large amount of cum, something big.

Ludwig stared down at the wrists. They were bruised considerably with both finger prints and metal imprints. Small scabs had started to appear on them. A huge surge of guilt rose into Ludwig's chest. He closed his eyes tight. What were these feelings he felt? Arthur was an enemy. He was suppose to be capturing him… not… falling in…

"Ludwig." Ludwig opened his eyes quickly. Arthur was staring at him with a confused look. "My hands… Ludwig…"

Ludwig gasped and let go of Arthur's wrists, "Oh, uhm… I'm sorry." He raised his hands up as if surrendering to the police. Arthur shifted, sitting up. He glanced down at his half-naked body. So much cum… He grimaced at the sight. "Oh! Uhm… do you maybe want to take a shower?" Ludwig's gaze lowered and glanced down at Arthur's boots. He felt heat rising in his cheeks.

Arthur was freaking out inside. What exactly was going on? Why was Ludwig being so nice? And blushing… the nation that so constantly fought against him and everything he stood for was now partly naked and blushing?! Arthur felt as if the world had turned upside down. He gulped, trying to get his thoughts in order.

"Yeah… yeah I guess." Regardless of the confusion, Arthur knew that he needed to shower.

Ludwig nodded. He slid off the bed, standing up. His pants began to fall, but he caught them. He quickly buttoned them so he wouldn't have to keep holding them up. Arthur turned to get up. As he set his feet onto the cold floor, he attempted to stand. A shock of pain ran through his spine. Arthur cried out softly, sitting back down onto the bed. He placed an arm around his torso. "Ugh… sore." He grumbled.

Arthur glanced up as Ludwig stepped in front of him. "Wha.." He began but barely had time to object when Ludwig suddenly lifted Arthur up. Being cradled in Ludwig's arms, Arthur blushed. He gulped lightly. "What…. Lud… Ludwig, what are you doing?"

"Don't worry." Ludwig mumbled softly as if embarrassed by what he's saying, "Uhm… the floor is cold.. And I'll just.. Carry you."

"What… no… you don't have to, I can walk!" Arthur began to protest.

"No." Ludwig said in a clearer voice, "It's okay." He looked away, a light sweat beginning to form on his brow, "I want to."

Arthur went silent, staring at Ludwig's face. The sparkling blue eyes, the light sweat on the barely flushed cheeks. He didn't know what to say. He kept quiet as Ludwig began to walk. Arthur leaned against the muscular chest, his fingers gripping at the shirt fabric.

It didn't take too long for them to get to the attached bathroom. Arthur's eyes widened as he looked around the room. "Holy shit! It's huge!" Arthur looked up as Ludwig chuckled, "What's so funny?"

"That's the second time you've said that." His grin softened into a smile as he set Arthur down at the edge of the bath. Arthur felt a fear run over him. When did he say that before? … about what…?

Ludwig closed the door to the bathroom. It was a very large bathroom indeed. The bath was almost the size of a room with four shower heads in each corner. The counter held three sinks and a large blue-tinted mirror. Arthur ran his hand along the edge of the porcelain. He was a bit too dazed to notice Ludwig moving about.

Ludwig turned the shower heads on. The water was strong and steam instantly began to fog up the mirror. Moving his attention to Arthur, he reached out. Without asking, Ludwig began to undo the other's shirt. Arthur didn't object as the man pulled off the soiled material. Next came the boots which Ludwig pulled off with extra care. Arthur felt as if the whole act of being undressed was nastier than whatever had happened last night. Ludwig did it with such caring… more caring than Arthur was accustomed to.

Once undressed, Ludwig turned away from him. Arthur reached out, grabbing onto the other's shirt. "Wait… where are you going?" He asked suddenly.

Ludwig glanced at him, "I was going to … go…"

"Don't… leave me." Arthur pleaded. He felt a surge on uncertainty. While he was unsure about what going on, he knew he didn't want to be left alone.

Ludwig stared down at the naked nation. A light sweat had started to form on Arthur's fair skin from the steam in the room. Ludwig leaned down. His hand ran along Arthur's jaw bone, the thumb stroking the flushed cheek. Arthur stared up at him, the feeling of Ludwig's coarse fingers were familiar. "Arthur…." Ludwig whispered huskily before pressing his lips gently against the other's. Arthur returned the kiss, flashes of last night returning but nothing forming concrete memories. The kiss was soft and long. Arthur wrapped his arms around Ludwig's neck. The kissing became a bit faster. Ludwig began to undress himself while they kissed. The clothes quickly came off and fell to the floor beside Arthur's shirt and boots. Once undressed, Ludwig picked up Arthur without breaking their kissing. He stepped into the shower carefully. The warm water felt good against his muscles. Arthur grimaced at first, the water stinging his wrists.

Ludwig broke the kissing for a moment, "Can you stand?"

Arthur glanced at the slippery floor before nodding, "I think so." Ludwig gently set him down. Arthur felt his knees quake. He grabbed out, holding onto Ludwig's arm for support. Arthur glanced up once he was confident in standing. Once again Ludwig was looking at him with that soft… caring smile. He frowned and quickly looked away. What was this man's deal? But Arthur's thoughts were quickly brought elsewhere as he noticed the droplets of water rolling over Ludwig's prominent muscles. He gnawed at his lower lip as he began to rub Ludwig's chest. The next second he felt a finger pushing his chin upwards. Arthur greeted the kiss with enthusiasm.

He wanted more. His body ached for more. Even though he couldn't remember, his body did. Arthur's hands began to wander lower until they found Ludwig's member. He began to stroke it, persuading it to harden. The kissing suddenly stopped and Arthur had to struggle for balance as Ludwig moved back.

"What.. What is it?" Arthur asked, completely confused.

Ludwig glanced down at the shower floor, "I… uhm… can we .. Wait?" Ludwig didn't want to rush into more quite yet. Oh yes he wanted it, but the other feelings that were accompanying this lust was worrying him. He had to sort them out before continuing further, "I should just… I should go." Without any more explanation, Ludwig hopped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and left the bathroom with a soft thud of the door.

Arthur stared at the closed door. He didn't know how much more shocked he could get this morning. He sat down in the shower, placing a hand over his face as he felt tears begin to well up.

"What is going on?"