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K, it's short, but it seemed really long when I wrote it in my notebook...

There's no physical or emotional pain a sane person wants to go through in life. Let's just say, I'm anything but sane. I used to be, before my mom, an aspiring musician, became a failed musician, this, plus my father trying to claim custody over me, plus having to travel with her new husband Phil, pushed her over the edge, making her blame me for everything. I became her punching bag.

Not only did my mom abuse me, she made me tell my father that I hated him, that I never in my life wanted to live with him. Despite this, he still came down for one week every summer and every winter to see me, for which I was grateful. Renee never hit me when he was here. Not that I told him that. The emotions that would take place in such a conversation would be to much for me to bear alone.

I often had such great emotions, well breakdowns, after I cut myself, curling up into a ball, shaking violently and sobbing.

For about a year between when Renee abusing me, when I was 13, and now, at 17, everything was better emotionally, thanks to Emmett, aka Emmybear, whom was my best friend, even though it was over IM.

I never knew where he lived, or about his life growing up, but he never knew this about me either. The only reason I got to know him was through a friend, who got his email from a friend and so on. Normally I wouldn't have done this kind of thing, but I was emotional that day, only partially from PMS.

That was when I was fourteen and a quarter year old, going to fifteen and a quarter year old, when my mother shut my computer off on me, not even letting me say goodbye, and by then the friends who gave his email to me weren't my friends anymore, and wouldn't say goodbye for me if I begged. I started to cut myself again.

"Get the hell down here, Bella!" My mother screeched from the kitchen, breaking me from my thoughts. What did she want with her punching bag this time?

I quickly made my way down the stairs, my mother was more violent when I was slow.

I internally cursed myself when I realized why she was mad, I forgot to do her dishes. It seemed harmless, but if Renee had a chance to hit me, she took it.

"What is this, Bella?" She was taunting me. "What the hell is this?" Her voice reached it's highest, "I give you the gift of life, and what do you give me in return?" I knew it was a rhetorical question, in truth, I did alot. "Crap! You do absolutely nothing with your worthless life! Your a disgrace! Am I right!?"

She was right, I did know it, "Yes, Ma'am, you're right," I managed to choke out.

Instead of leaving, she slapped me real hard across the face, the impact of the rings made my face bleed. The rest would bruise. "What was that again?"

"I'm a total disgrace!" It was meant to come out loud, but it sounded squeaky.

She pushed me back so hard that the wooden railing broke at impact. I landed on some large splinters that speared through my arm. "You better clean this up, along with those dishes, I guess you have 'til Sunday night." She almost spat at me while she spoke. I felt a little woozy, but jumped when the door slam.

Renee and Phil were going out of Arazona for the weekend, this I knew. I then decided that I was going somewhere this weekend too. I had more than enough money in my bank account to purchase a plane ticket, and I always had my cell.

I rushed upstairs to dress my wounds, take a shower, apply my make-up and pack for my 'trip'.

I had to admit, through the pain and almost-reluctance, I was excited.

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