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As I rocked Marley to sleep, I recalled what had happened in the last four hours.

When we had gotten off the plane I had major butterflies in my stomach. After getting our luggage I bought a gigantic Cinnabon and a large piping-hot coffee while my aunt held Marley and figured out the directions to find Charlie's car in the large parking lot outside. How hard could it be to find a police cruiser in a crowd? I walked off to them and Marley made a grab for my shirt.

"Sorry, honey, but if I spilled coffee on you, I'd never forgive myself." I smiled sadly, and so did she.

My aunt abruptly stood up, snapping her phone shut and swinging her bag onto her arm with her free hand, grabbed her luggage and marched out of the airport, beckoning me to follow. I grabbed my stuff, feeling a little overwhelmed by having to manage it all, and followed her out. I almost tripped on the step upwards by the door and spilled a little coffee on my luggage. "Damn. What a waste of coffee." I shook my head, I was such a coffee addict.

"Your father said he'd wait at the end of the row of cars for us." I looked at her questioningly. Why did she have to argue about directions on the phone if he was waiting in clear sight for us?

As if she knew what I was thinking she said, we figured it would be easier than walking around confused, or putting on police sirens."


I saw him standing there awkwardly and I felt like I was going to puke, remembering him begging me to stay with him in Forks, away from my mother. I was semi-afraid of an I- told-you-so type of moment.

As we approached him, he looked up and smiled. "Hello, ugh, Sarah." (My aunt)

Marley made a high-pitched-happy noise and tried to get out of Sarah's grip, but Charlie grabbed her before she struggled too hard. He kissed her forehead and placed her on a broad shoulder. Her smile was huge, but she gripped his hair.

He smiled warmly, although he flinched when Marley tugged hard on his hair. "Bella," he said and came to give me a one-armed hug. "Let me help you with that luggage," he grabbed two suitcases and ushered us towards the cruiser.

We stacked everything nicely in the spacey trunk and my dad and aunt got into the front, while Marley and I got the back seat. Great, now we were criminals.

My aunt told my father what happened, and what we had decided on doing the entire way to Forks while Marley played with a lock of my hair and I brushed her rusty-blond hair with my fingers. Charlie threw me a few sympathy glances on the way. I sighed, slumping against the seat. It was a very long ride, and rain started to pelt the car about halfway through.

Finally, we arrived in Forks. It was kind of a depressing place, dark clouds almost always gathered in the sky, making the whole place has eerie gloom, but almost didn't even matter, I was so tired, despite my nap on the plane, that I was happy to be here.

My father had to let me and Marley out of the car, for there were no handles in the back seat. Me and my dad hulled my stuff up to the extra bedroom at the top of the stairs that had always been mine when I came as soon as I set my stuff down on the bed I knew I would end up re-painting and re-arranging as soon as possible. Maybe on the weekend. The first thing I did was organized Marley's crib in the corner by the rocking chair, and so, now I was just sitting in the corner singing her a lullaby and putting her to sleep, I was incredibly jealous.

I still had to get all of my stuff ready, but instead I went downstairs into the living room and helped my aunt make the couch a comfortable temporary bed and make some toast for a quick bite to eat.

Charlie came down the stairs and looked at me, smiling, "I certainly have a beautiful granddaughter, from a beautiful daughter." He almost looked like he had a tear in his eye and quickly turned away, trying to find something in his nearly-empty fridge. "Anything you need Bella, just tell me, OK?"

"OK, dad, I will."

I wobbled slightly in place from exhaustion.

"Go to sleep, Bells, we'll talk in the morning."

"Love you dad, thanks."

He grunted, seeming embarrassed and I spun swiftly, taking the stairs two at a time and grabbing my toiletries, claiming certain shelved in the bathroom for my own. I washed up and changed in there and slid under the thick covers, snuggling into my flannel Pajamas.

The next morning I woke up well slept. Marley was still sleeping, and I figured I'd have enough time to have a quick shower and get ready for the following day before she awoke.

I realized that I had nothing to remove hair with and decided to go shopping later on today with Marley, I had left a few minor necessities in Arizona anyway, like baby food and my stash of Areo bars, which needed to be replenished immediately. I jumped out of the shower and quickly got dressed.

My wardrobe was now quite small, and most of it was something that preppy people would call gothic, although, it wasn't really, just because most of it was either black, red, or darker shades. I didn't view it that way, mostly because I thought that a mother should not dress like that. What I put on was a red button-up top and black jeans with flame-colored shoes, and a lot of eye liner. Marley's outfit was mostly grey and dark green.

I walked down the stairs with Marley on my hip, setting her on the chair that was closest to the ground, just in case. Nobody else was up, so I made coffee and french toast. Charlie was probably roused by the smell, because he lumbered down the stairs not that long after I was done the second piece.

"Hmm. Food." He sat down and took a plate, eating the crust first.

My aunt followed not that long after, picking up Marley and sitting down with her on her lap. We all sat around the table, eating in comfortable silence. Charlie eyed me strangely after I had to make a second pot of coffee because I drank all the first one aside from what my aunt and dad had. "You're not gonna grow any more if you drink coffee like that."

"Dad, I'm short as it is, and I don't think I would grow anymore if I did stop." The rich aroma of coffee filled the air and I breathed it in happily.

"Then one thing you CAN do is stop putting so much black around your eyes, you look like somebody's been beating on you."

I glanced at my hands, "Someone has been." Then I sat back down at the table and waited for my coffee.

"I think I'm going to go shopping, OK? I need a few things that I left in Arizona and we need some food around here." I giggled a little bit, "What DO you eat, Dad? All I see is eggs and bread."

"Coffee shop has good food. Good service."

"Good coffee?"

"Nope." He sounded very sarcastic, I was probably going to get hassled about my coffee-drinking habits. "But, if your going shopping for food, I'd prefer you use my money. There's a 'Food Cash' jar up in the cupboard, alright?"

I cleared the table as Charlie got ready for work and Sarah got the dish water ready. "Do you want some help with the shopping? I could come along if you'd like. Although me and Charlie have some catching up to do."

"Nah. That's OK, I'm used to it just being me and Marley shopping, it's almost calming now. She likes sitting in the front of the cart." I smiled.

"Well, you go ahead, then, I'll do the dishes myself."

I dried my hands, picked up Marley and went to start up my dads non-police truck, with only two seats and an awesome radio. Charlie preferred the cop car because it ran smoother, but I didn't see what was wrong with the truck, in fact, I loved the old, rusty thing.

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