Bachelor Party

Summary: Slightly AU Season 6, Nathan throws a private bachelor party for Lucas. M/M Slash, you've been warned.

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. . . . .

"Nathan!!" Nathan heard Lucas' voice calling out to him from downstairs.

Nathan took a deep breath, a little nervous, a little excited. The wedding was planned so fast that there wasn't enough time to plan a proper bachelor party. In fact, he was pretty sure Lucas didn't want one. He would be perfectly content for the both of them to stay in, have some beers and play some NBA Live, but as best man again, he had to make sure his brother's last night as a bachelor would be memorable.

"Up here!" He called out.

Lucas went up the stairs and walked over to Nathan's bedroom.

"What the hell? I thought you were ready." Lucas sighed in frustration. He walked inside and found Nathan wearing only his basketball shorts, face down on the bed.

Nathan looked up and groaned. "Practice was hell.. my back is killing me." He sighed as he put his head back down. Lucas instantly got concerned, knowing full well how sensitive his back could be. The last thing he wanted was to see his brother back in the wheel chair.

"Are.. are you okay?" Lucas asked more concerned than annoyed at this point.

"Yeah.. it's just sore .. usually Haley gives me a back rub but she's with the girls at Brooke's." Nathan strained his arm behind him to rub a spot just below his shoulder.

"You.. you need help?" Lucas offers as he sees Nathan struggle.


"Yeah.." Lucas says as he takes a seat on the bed and kneads the area Nathan's hand have just been.

"Oh yeah, that feels good." Nathan says breathlessly. "The other shoulder please.." Nathan requested and Lucas obeyed.

"Umm.. better?" Lucas asks hesitantly, this wasn't exactly how he planned this evening would go, not that he was complaining. Back in high school, they helped each other out, doing stretches and stuff. It had been a while since Lucas saw Nathan shirtless and he had to admit he was in top physical condition, not like he never was. Lucas could feel the taunt hard muscles on his back, he wished he had filled out a little more. He also couldn't help but look back and see his nice shapely bubbly but through his thin black nylon shorts.

"Yeah, Luke.. keep going it feels great." Nathan moaned again and Lucas swallowed the lump forming in his throat, a certain part of his anatomy waking up.

"If your next book doesn't work out, you should definitely think of being a masseuse." Nathan replies.

"Yeah.. I'll keep that in mind." Lucas deadpanned as he continued to massage Nathan's back, this time, kicking off his shoes and getting on the bed.

"That's it Luke.. harder.." Nathan pleased as Lucas continued to kneed his back and once again Lucas' mouth went dry. Lucas wasn't going to lie about it, he had thoughts about this, jerked off to this very scenario right now. To have it all playing out in front of was all too surreal, this couldn't be happening, Lucas thought to himself. Lucas was by no means gay but he had to admit he had a curious side when it came to Nathan. He never dared told Nathan, never told anyone except, Lucas' mind trailed off.

"Yeah.. Luke.. keep going." Nathan said softly, enjoying the massage he was getting. That was Lucas' breaking point and he got up from the bed and took a step back.

"Luke, what the hell?" Nathan asked as he turned to his side, propping up on his elbow and raising one leg up. Lucas tried to breath as he saw Nathan half naked sprawled out before him, a definite tent forming on Nathan's basketball shorts. He looked at Nathan who was sporting a dirty grin.

"You're an ass!" Lucas said as he grabbed a throw pillow off a nearby chair and threw it at Nathan. Nathan caught it quickly and just laughed.

"What the fuck Nate?!" Lucas was so embarrassed but Nathan kept laughing. "I'm going to kill your wife!" He gritted his teeth, completely mortified.

"Luke, relax." Nathan tried to control his laughter.

"That was private privileged best friend information." Lucas shook his head. The other day, he and Haley were hanging out, just the two of them on the rooftop of the café, kicking back, having drinks and reminiscing. They both have been busy and they needed a night to catch up especially with everything going on. Haley mentioned how she gives Nathan massages with the happy endings of course and Lucas in his drunken stupor mentioned his own dirty fantasy involving her husband also involving a rub down. Once he realized what he said, he was sure Haley was going to kill him but she just laughed it off and said something along the lines of how she always fantasizes about Nathan too.

"Well, I got the privileged husband card." Nathan smirked.

"I can't believe she told you!.. you're not like mad?" Lucas questioned.

"I thought she was fucking around with me at first but once I believed her.. I can't say I'm surprised.. I mean I know everyone wants me." He laughed.

"Stop laughing, this isn't funny! " Lucas gritted out, still not believing what's going on. "Cocky bastard!" Lucas was at least grateful that Nathan was taking this in stride.

"Says the guy who wants to suck on my cock." Nathan laughed again and grabbed his crotch for emphasis. Lucas couldn't help but enjoy the sight. Nathan reached over to the night stand and opened the drawer. He took out a bottle of Jack Daniels and two glasses. "So what do you say? It is your bachelor party." Pouring about two shots in each glass, he took one for himself and reached out his arm for Lucas to take it. Lucas walked over to him and took the glass and they both took the shot. After a moment to recover, Lucas looked at his brother.

"What're you talking about?" Lucas asked.

"I'm saying .. it's your bachelor party and we can do anything you want .."

"Anything?" Lucas raised his eyebrow as Nathan handed him another shot and they took it again.

"Yep.. and don't thank me .. you have my beautiful wife for that."

"Wait, this was Haley's idea?" Lucas asked surprised.

"Well, she's the one that told me about your little wet dreams .. I'm not going to lie.. I freaked out at first but she told me that she was kind of turned on by the idea and she said that if I did this for you that.."

"That what?" Lucas asked, his heart beating faster.

Nathan smirked. "She promised me some hot slutty wedding sex."

"Remind me to thank Haley." Lucas muttered under his breath.

"But if you don't want to do this.." Nathan said as he started to get up.

"No! I didn't say that… I'm just surprised.. I didn't think you.."

"Well .. when your wife threatens to withhold sex, then I'm pretty much game for anything .. besides it's what you want right?" Nathan smirked. He wasn't into guys by any means but he did enjoy the power he had over other people. That in itself was a turn on and judging by the way Lucas was licking his lips, he was pretty sure that he would give good head. Nathan tried to focus on the good in all this.

"Thought so." Nathan smirked as they took another shot. He was still not a 100 percent comfortable with this so getting liquored up was the best thing for both of them at the moment.

"So come on, this is your night so you're getting the free pass .. besides my back is actually sore from practice and you were doing a good job… so lose the shirt and let's get this over with." Nathan laughed as he laid back on his bed. Nathan really enjoyed the power he had and seeing the look on Luke's face was priceless.

Pouring himself another glass of liquid courage, Lucas took a drink and began to remove his button down flannel shirt and then kicked off his jeans, leaving him with his boxers on. Nathan saw the huge bulge on Lucas' boxers and smirked to himself. He took another drink too, he was definitely going to need it as well.

Lucas went back on the bed, resuming his previous actions, but as time went on, he wasn't massaging so much as he was feeling his brother up.

"Fuck Nate.. you're so built." Lucas marveled, the drink kicking in, as he started to rub his shoulders and grazed over Nathan's bulging biceps.

"You're not so bad yourself, big bro." Nathan replied. "Though you can stand to fill out some more."

"I'll keep that in mind." Lucas said as he squeezed Nathan's bicep and then moved back to rubbing Nathan's back.

Nathan moaned again. "Come on Luke, more." The drink was hitting Nathan as well.

Lucas smiled and decided to straddle his brother, kneeling over Nathan and Nathan could feel Lucas' heavy nut sack press up against his ass. Lucas continued to feel Nathan's back and his hands traveled down his sides and played with the waistband of Nathan's shorts.

"Take it off." Nathan ordered. Lucas got off the bed and stood behind Nathan, his hand reached over to his shorts and slowly pulled them off. He marveled at the ass in front of him. He couldn't help but reach out and squeeze each butt cheek.

Nathan sat up, his head against the head board, his legs sprawled out and hands behind his back. Lucas rubbed his crotch, he'd never been more turned on. His eyes went wide open when he saw how hung Nathan was. He wasn't even fully hard, but he could tell it was huge. Lucas moved up the bed, his hand reaching for Nathan's arms, feeling him out before playing with Nathan's nipples and feeling his rock hard abs. Lucas couldn't help himself anymore and leaned forward and took one of Nathan's nipple in his mouth.

Nathan moaned as he started to loose himself more in the drink and the pleasure Lucas was causing. Lucas' tongue was everywhere, taking in as much of Nathan's torso, while his hands rubbed up against Nathan's thighs. Nathan was now hard as hell and Lucas pulled back and marveled at it. It had to be easily 11' long. Lucas prided himself with his 9 incher but Nathan got him beat by a mile.

Lucas reached out for it, eliciting another moan from Nathan. Lucas couldn't believe what was happening. Nathan was a horse and the feel of his hard, rock hard length was amazing. Lucas had never been so horny in his life, he used both hands now to pump Nathan. Nathan gripped the head board and trying his best not to cum so soon since Lucas' hands were very very skillful. Lucas continued to pump away with one hand while the other moved down to massag his balls. Pre-cum started to form at the tip and Lucas couldn't help himself and bent forward and licked it off the head. Nathan moaned again and pushed his hips forward, pushing the head inside Lucas' hot and awaiting mouth.

Lucas' hand gripped the base of Nathan's cock while he swirled the throbbing head in his mouth. He took as much as he could in but it was too much, he pulled out, licking the head with his tongue and then grazing over the entire length, reaching out the base, licking everywhere anything. Nathan gripped the headboard tighter as Lucas went under him and took his nutsack in his mouth. Nathan smirked to himself, he always loved a good head job and right now Lucas was hungry for his cock. It felt so good that he didn't care if it was guy giving it too him, but seeing Lucas luscious lips swallowing him whole made the whole thing even hotter and the fact that his sexy as sin wife encouraged him to do this and would reward him generously later, well it made everything alright. Not able to hold himself back anymore, Nathan grabbed Lucas' short blond hair and forcing his mouth back onto his cock, forcing him to take as much in.

"Tastes so good.." Lucas muttered as Nathan pushed his head to take more in. One hand gripped Nathan's thigh while the other one removed his boxers as he began to stroke his own painfully hard erection.

"Yeah Luke.. fuck.. take it in.." Nathan moaned, "That's it.. you like that big cock in your mouth huh?" Nathan smirked and Lucas only moaned in appreciation. Nathan started pumping his hips, while forcing Lucas' mouth further taking as much of his cock down his throat. Nathan never had such a good blow job and the slurping sounds Lucas was making only spurred him on further. He couldn't believe that he was fucking Lucas in the mouth, both of them getting off on it.

Nathan was about to blow but didn't want the experience to end just yet. With one hand behind Lucas' head, he flipped them both over. This gave Nathan sometime to recover while Lucas rested his head on the pillow, with one hand Nathan grabbed the top of Lucas head and the other grabbed onto the headboard. Nathan slipped his cock back into Lucas' hot and eager mouth. Nathan moved his hips, fucking Lucas' mouth while pushing his head to take as much of his cock as he could. Lucas gripped Nathan's firm ass, squeezing and using all his strength to push Nathan's hips further into him. Seeing that Lucas' didn't need the extra encouragement, Nathan placed both hands on the headboard and continued to sway his hips while Lucas hungrily took as much of his cock.

"Oh fuck!" Nathan muttered, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. He tried to hold back as much as he could but it was no use, Lucas mouth and tongue was driving him wild and Lucas' gripping his ass wasn't helping things either. "Oh fuck Luke.. yeah.. take it! Ahh!!" Nathan moaned as he started to blow his load down Lucas' throat. Lucas gagged a little bit, but tried to swallow as much of it as he could. Nathan never cummed so much in his life as his thick warm load filled Lucas mouth completely and even dribbled down Lucas' chin.

Nathan thrusted his hips one last time as the last spurt of cum came flying out of his cock. He smirked to himself when he looked down and saw Lucas completely flustered and panting for breath, his mouth and chin dripping with cum. Nathan pulled his cock out of his mouth, gripping it with his hand, he smacked his hard member against Lucas' cheeks, taking the cum back onto his cockhead and feeding it back to Lucas, who was only to happy to slurp on it. Nathan continued the motion, taking all the cum that dripped out back to Lucas' hungry tongue. Once he was done, Lucas took a hold of Nathan's cock once more, licking it and sucking it completely, not wanting to waste a drop of Nathan's hot seed.

"Fuck Luke.." Nathan said as rolled off of him and took another swig of Jack. He offered Lucas' drink back to him and Lucas took a sip as well.

"You suck like champ." Nathan smirked. He put his drink down and looked down and saw Lucas' own hard erection. It wasn't as long as his but it was almost as thick and still very respectable.

"Thanks, Bro." Lucas smirked as he put his drink down. Grabbing his cock, he looked back onto Nathan. "How about you go for it?" Lucas was desperately hard and needed release of his own.

Nathan smirked back and ran his finger up Lucas' neck, apparently he missed a dribble of his cum. He brought his finger back to Lucas' mouth, which he happily accepted.

"Sorry.. you're the only cocksucker here." Nathan continued to smirk. Nathan went back on the bed and grabbed a hold of Lucas' cock.

Lucas let out a small moan as Nathan started to stroke it. Lucas moved further up the bed and Nathan went between his legs, forcing them apart which Lucas' obediently obeyed.

Lucas leaned back and closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of Nathan jacking him off.

"Now, we're out of lube.. so we have to do this old school." Nathan said as he brought a finger to his lips, making sure to coat it with his saliva.

"Huh?" Lucas opened his eyes and looked at Nathan.

Nathan only threw him a dirty grin as he stuck his finger into Lucas' ass.

"Ahh!!" Lucas cried out, half pain, half pleasure.

"Nate.. what're you… ahh!" Lucas cried out again as Nathan pushed a second finger in. Lucas looked up and saw Nathan with a devilish, sinister look, one that reminded him of when they used to hate each other back in high school.

Nathan bit his lips as he continued to pump Lucas while trying his best to stretch out his tiny hole. Haley told Nathan all about Lucas' dirty fantasy and at this point Nathan was so horny and tipsy that all he wanted to do was fulfill it. Nathan bit down on his lips as he stuck his fingers even deeper and his cock twitched in anticipated. Lucas Scott was going to get fucked and fucked well.

To Be Continued . . . .