Bachelor Party

Part III: Chapter 2

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. . . .

Lucas slowly opened his eyes and it took him a second to realize where he was. He smiled to himself as everything starting come back to him. The hard chest he was currently sleeping on, the soreness in his ass, yep, he looked up and noticed his brother Nathan sleeping soundly. He snuggled further into Nathan, letting his hand wander up and down his rock hard abs.

His mind was a blur. As soon as they got into their hotel room, they practically ripped their clothes off and went at each other. Lucas could still hear his moans and the grunts that came from Nathan as Nathan fucked him mercilessly, on his back, on all fours. It didn't matter, Nathan split him in two and they both got off on it.

They collapsed on top of each other and eventually drifted to sleep. It was in this quiet moment that Lucas took a good look at Nathan, devastatingly handsome came to mind and his body. He needed to enjoy this time he had with his brother because he knew it wouldn't last. He couldn't believe what great shape he was in. Lucas took a look at himself, sure he was lean and cut, but so was Nathan and was definitely more developed and cut. Lucas' hand grazed down his abs and gently felt the hairs that led down to his just as impressive cock.

Even soft, it still looked massive. Haley is a lucky girl, he thought to himself and with the thought of his best friend, a wicked idea came to mind. It was her, afterall, that orchestrated all this and he owed her. Lucas, slowly peeled himself away from Nathan and sat down at the foot at the bed, licking his lips, he took Nathan's flaccid cock in his hands and as gently as he could, began to suck on the head. He was careful not to be too aggressive, he didn't want Nathan to wake, at least not yet.

He continued to suck gently and notice Nathan shift slightly and then his cock started to harden from the stimulation. Jackpot, he thought as he began to be more aggressive, taking in more and more of the hardening cock.

Nathan's breath was ragged as he felt the most incredible feeling. Half asleep, half awake, it was starting to register that his dick was currently being sucked on, by none other than his favorite cock sucker.

"Fuck." Nathan muttered as he opened his eyes and found Lucas' blond head bobbing up and down. Lucas looked up and saw his brother waking up and he sucked even harder, taking more of the hard cock down his mouth.

"Oh, fuck Luke." Nathan moaned as he squirmed. He was definitely not expecting this but wasn't complaining at all. There was nothing like being woken up with a mouth on your cock, especially if they belonged to Lucas' luscious lips.

Being more brazen, Lucas went in deeper, opening his mouth wide and breathing through his nose. Shit, Nathan thought to himself as Lucas was deep throathing him. Nathan was about to bust a nut soon if this kept up.

As much as Lucas enjoyed what he was doing, he needed air and reluctantly he pulled away, besides, he had Nathan right where he wanted him. Lucas tore his lips from Nathan's cock and licked the whole length of it, then he took a hold of it, gently pumping it. The brothers locked eyes and Nathan could see a glint of mischief in there.

Lucas then started to nibble on his balls, taking each one in his mouth and rolling it over with his tongue. Nathan threw his head back and just went with it. Then he felt Lucas do something even more unexpected.

"What.." Nathan muttered as Lucas' tongue flickered across his ass hole.

"Luke!" Nathan warned but Lucas only nibbed harder and Nathan had to admit that it felt pretty damn good, Haley had done that a few times but she never ventured further, mainly because he stopped her and put his cock back in her mouth. He had a feeling that Lucas wasn't going to be so accommodating.

"Luke, don't!" Nathan warned as he tried to sat up but just then Luke flicked his tongue inside.

"Just getting you ready." Lucas smirked as he wetted one of his fingers and teased Nathan's hole with it, all the while still pumping Nathan's cock with his other hand.

"Don't you think about it." Nathan tried to say seriously, but was still into the handjob he was still getting.

"C'mon Nate, I just owe your wife a favor."

"NO." Nathan said more firmly, he should've known. This had Haley's name all over it. She'd tried to pull the same stunt for years but he always managed to flip the situation and have his tongue up her's and then some, but with Lucas, he figured she wanted him to do more.

"Please." Lucas pouted as he gently stroked Nathan's cock and lightly nibbled on his balls. "Just try it out, please, I owe Hales and this would make her really, really happy." Lucas muttered as he continued to nibble at Nathan's sack.

Nathan's mind was conflicted but at the same time, he knew Lucas was telling the truth and he didn't mind doing things for Haley, plus this was Lucas. He was doing things with him, he never thought he would do, why not add one more.

"I'm free to bail."

"Anytime." Lucas replied quickly, not giving Nathan another minute to second doubt himself as his tongue went back to the tight hole. Nathan closed his eyes and laid still but Lucas' ministrations helped to relax him and he found himself relaxing and Lucas' hot tongue didn't feel so awkward, in fact, after a couple of minutes it didn't feel that bad at all.

Nathan let out a soft moan and Lucas smiled to himself, pleased that his brother was finally getting into it. Lucas' had eaten a couple of girls out before and Brooke had let him hit in the backdoor but man, Nathan's ass was out of this world. Like everything that had to do with Nathan, it made Lucas rock hard and Lucas was careful not to touch himself. He felt like he could go any minute. He decided to up it up a notch. The tight hole was already lubed, now it needed to get stretched. He placed a finger at the entrance. Nathan felt was coming in and was about to protest but Lucas jammed it in anyways.

"Fuck, Luke., pull it out!"

"Nate relax."


"Please, it'll feel good, I promise. I want you to feel as good as you make me." Lucas said honestly as he started to kiss Nathan's inner thigh. Nathan remained quiet, not having the heart to disappoint his brother. He didn't blame him, he loved fucking Lucas, it was the best feeling so it should come as no surprise that Lucas would want to experience it for himself.

Nathan closed his eyes and let himself go and then Lucas finally hit it and it sent a surge of electricity through his body.

"Ahh." Nathan muttered as Lucas' finger dug deeper and Lucas hand squeezed his hard cock. It hurt but it was different. Nathan wasn't quite sure how to explain it but the combination of pleasure and pain was definitely something new. Next thing he knew, Lucas had two fingers in there trying his best to stretch him out.

"Come on, Nate." Lucas smirked.

"Is that all you got?" Nathan grunted. Sure he was letting his brother finger fuck him at the moment but Nathan always needed to have the upper hand.

Lucas smirked as he jabbed in deeper, eliciting another moan from Nathan.

"That's it?" Nathan tried to mock. Lucas had to give him credit, he knew what his brother was doing. He didn't want to be seen as the bitch in this but he knew damn well that he was in the driver's seat and Nathan was in it for the ride. Lucas stood up and spit a handful of saliva on his palm and lubed his achingly hard cock.

"You ready for this?" Lucas smirked.

"That small thing?" Nathan smirked back. Sure he was a lot bigger than Lucas, but Lucas was pretty big himself.

Lucas chuckled as he placed his throbbing head at Nathan's entrance. He pushed in slightly but Nathan flinched. Lucas immediately took a hold of Nathan's trim waist and held him firm while he pushed his cock head forward.

"Ahh!" Nathan grunted. "Take it out." He gritted.

"Relax." Lucas ordered, trying to keep his mind straight while the incredible feeling of Nathan's ass started to wrap around his cock. He only got the head in there but Nathan looked like he was still in pain and as much as he wanted to fuck him right now, he knew he needed to let him get past the pain. At least when Nathan fucked him the first time, they were both tipsy.

Lucas paused, letting Nathan get used to the thick head of his cock. Then he leaned forward and rested his forehead against Nathan's.

"Just relax." Lucas said softly as he softly kissed Nathan.

"No." Nathan muttered against Lucas' lips. Having Lucas stick in his finger up his ass was one thing but this, no it was supposed to be the other way around.

"For me." Lucas muttered again and kissed him once more. Nathan opened his mouth to the kiss, his brother was a great kisser and once again Lucas had sucked him in. He kissed him back and grunted as Lucas pushed forward. Gently, he started to push his way in, making sure to take his time to let Nathan get used to it.

"Ahh." Nathan threw his head back

He had about half in it and started to slowly rock his hips, stretching Nathan out as much as he could. Nathan was sweating like he ran a marathon but he could do this he thought and it wasn't long before the pain started to blend in with the pleasure as Lucas' cock started to hit the spot.

Lucas tore his lips away from Nathan and saw Nathan's cock start to rise. There we go, he thought as he moved more forward, plunging his cock deeper and deeper into Nathan.

This was insane, Lucas thought as Nathan's sweet warm ass engulfed his cock. This was nothing to what he's experienced before and it was no wonder that Nathan often fucked him senseless. Finally, Lucas had his whole length inside and he paused as Nathan's tight ass gripped his cock like a velvet glove.

Lucas moaned and Nathan grunted. Nathan couldn't believe what was happening but the pain of it all was being masked by the pleasure and thrill of it all.

"Luke." Nathan cried out as Lucas started to sway his hips. They were both moaning now and Lucas leaned back in and plunged his cock back into Nathan's mouth as Nathan's arms wrapped around him, pulling Lucas even closer to him.

"Fuck." Lucas muttered against Nathan's lips. He felt Nathan's hips push back and it was driving him insane. He couldn't hold it any longer and Lucas cried out as a torrent of cum erupted from him, filling Nathan's not so virgin hole.

"AHH!" Lucas body shook from his orgasm and he laid still for a moment catching his breath. Lucas sat up and slowly withdrew his still hard cock from Nathan's freshly fucked ass.

"Fuck, Luke, did you just?" Nathan muttered.

"Yeah, fuck." Lucas panted.

Nathan's ass was sore but he couldn't deny that it felt good and he was still horny as shit. Lucas was able to get off but he was still rock solid.

"That's all you got?" Nathan smirked as he sat up, he could feel Lucas' cum drip out of his ass.

"Ok now you're asking for it," Lucas chuckled.

Nathan pulled Lucas in and flipped them around so now Lucas was sitting against the headboard and Nathan straddled him.

"Good." Nathan smirked.

Lucas grabbed Nathan's waist and guided him down on his cock. He just came but he was rock hard again, the thought of fucking Nathan again was more than enough motivation. Shit, he'd find himself going over the edge with Nathan multiple times, this didn't come as a surprise.

Nathan threw his head back as it still hurt for him to get entered, especially at this new angle. Lucas started to thrust his hips forward and nibble on Nathan's chest.

"Fuck, you're so hot." Lucas muttered against Nathan's neck as his hands squeezed Nathan's hard ass, bringing it further down on his cock.

"Come on big brother, let's see what you got?" Nathan said as his lips crashed onto Lucas' and felt Nathan's hard cock bouncing up and down, rubbing against his stomach.

Lucas flipped them back over and wrapped his hand around Nathan's hard cock.

"Fuck, Luke.. yeah!" Nathan was getting into it.

"Ergh." Lucas grunted as he started to fuck him harder and pumping his cock at the same speed.

"Yeah!" Nathan grunted back as he felt his nuts tighten. A couple of minutes later, "Yeah!" He screamed again as he started to shoot all over Lucas' hands and all over his stomach.

Seeing Nathan come undone was also Lucas' and he once again started to milk himself inside Nathan's ass, albeit a smaller load. Their bodies shook and Lucas collapsed on top of Nathan, their breathing heavy but their lips found each other and they devoured each other.

"Thank you." Lucas muttered. "I love you so much." Lucas couldn't hold back his emotions.

"I love you too." Nathan said back and kissed Lucas softly, enjoying the moment they were sharing. Moments that would fill this whole weekend.

"I don't ever want to leave you." Lucas said softly and Nathan looked up at his brother with a little bit of confusion.

Pulling out his softening cock and lying next to Nathan, he knew he had to tell him the truth. He ran a hand through Nathan's dark hair, his face mere centimeters from Nathan's.

"I'm leaving." Lucas swallowed a lump that formed in his throat. "After the baby is born, we're going to spend sometime with Karen and Andy on his boat and then to Seattle to stay with Larry for a while."

"You're.. you're leaving Tree Hill?" Nathan wasn't expecting that. He pulled away from Lucas and stood up off the bed. His legs were a little sore from straddling Lucas and his butt felt even worse but it was this bit of news that threw him for a loop.


"Damn it Luke, you don't get to fuck me and then tell me you're leaving." Nathan said annoyed as he looked around and saw the bathroom.

"I'm taking a shower." Nathan muttered, unable to look at Lucas.

Nathan went inside the spacious shower and turned on the hot water. He tried his best to calm himself down and enjoy the cascading warm waters. It wasn't long before he felt a pair of warm hands encircle his waist.

"Please don't be mad at me." Lucas muttered against Nathan's skin as he left small kisses on the back of his neck. Nathan sighed as he let the warm waters relax him and he couldn't help but enjoy the way Lucas was feeling him up.

"I'm not mad, I'm just surprised." He turned to face his brother.

"I'm sorry I told you like that."

"It's okay." Nathan sighed. "I get it, you have your own family now. I remember when me and Haley had to leave for Maryland.. so I get it. It just sucks that's all."

"You're still my family too." Lucas wrapped his arms around Nathan. "But for now this is what me and Peyton have to do, but Tree Hill will always be home, one day we'll all be back."

Nathan gave a small smile.

"You suck."


Nathan chuckled and squeezed Lucas' ass, letting him know every thing is okay.

"I meant, you suck." Nathan's eyes gestured to his once again growing cock.

"We got to make use of the time we have left and this weekend has just started." Nathan smirked.

"No holding back," Lucas stated.

Nathan nodded in agreement and the two shared another kiss as the warm waters engulfed them. They kissed and made out for a few minutes, their hard cocks pressing up against each other. They finally broke for air and Nathan pinned Lucas against the tiled wall and turned him around, pressing his hard cock against Lucas' ass cheeks.

"My turn." Nathan said hotly into Lucas' ear.

The End.

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