Summary: Nathan and Haley have sacrificed so much to achieve Nathan's basketball dreams. At their breaking point, Haley makes a choice. Rated very M, M/F, M/M slash, you've been warned.

I've had this story written for a while. I've never published it because I never fully wrote out the next chapter but I'm hoping that interest in this story will help inspire me to write. I have some ideas for this story so please review.

. . . . .

"I still can't believe they're not letting you play." Haley complained as she leaned in against Nathan's chest. He tried to give her a comforting smile as he held her closer, while the both of them danced to the soft music. It was the annual banquet held for the team each year during midseason. Almost all of the players, the coaching staff and the general manager were there with their respective spouses, talking, chatting, and mingling. It wasn't a lavish affair by any means but it was quaint and elegant at the same time.

Haley had only met a handful of the people on the team but tonight Haley got to meet the rest of Nathan's new team and overall she felt comfortable with his new teammates, except for one man in particular, his coach. For five games now, she watched in utter disappointment as the Chief's lost and worst of all, their best player, according to her, was benched the whole time. It angered and frustrated her to no end to know the fact that her husband as well as their family had gone through so much in order for him to reach this point and then only to have him sit on the bench. It wasn't right.

Sure, she owed Coach Robert "Bobby" Irons for giving Nathan a chance to be on the team, but what about a chance to play. All the practices, the away games and all the time spent away from home meant nothing if he couldn't even make it out onto the court. She met him during Nathan's first game and liked the handsome blond man. He was older than her and Nathan but not older enough to be their parents. He looked as if he just retired too from playing the game, given his toned frame. Her like for him quickly dissipated as game after game and week after frustrating week, she saw her husband benched. Her heart ached for Nathan, wanting nothing more than for his dream to come true. Her family had been through so much, sometimes too much for Nathan to come this close and not make it. She glanced over Nathan's shoulder and saw Bobby eyeing them, eyeing her again.

She wasn't stupid, she knew the look Bobby was giving her. During her last few visits to Nathan's game, she caught that same look of longing and lust. It wasn't new and there were plenty of times she caught the attention of other guys. It didn't matter that she was married, guys still wanted her, though sometimes she felt like that was even more of a turn on for them. Pig, she thought to herself. But then an idea popped in her head. Maybe there was a way for her to get her husband to play after all.

"You'd do anything for me?" Haley looked up at Nathan.

"You know I would." Nathan was quick to reply.

"And you know I'd do the same."

"Yeah, baby I know, what's this about?"

"Nothing.." She gave him a nervous smiled. She gave him a chaste kiss on the lips and then leaned back into him, her eyes falling once again on Bobby, who was still stealing glances at the young couple.

. . . .

Haley lay awake, her mind unable to rest. She had debated with herself all night what to do. Sometimes she hated how her mind always seemed to work. She looked over at her sleeping husband and her heart broke for him once more. Sure he had made mistakes, both of them had. But from the lowest depths, Nathan managed to pick himself up, in the process Haley had fallen in love with him even more. She would do anything for him, even if it meant doing something she didn't want to do and more importantly, something he didn't want her to do either.

She knew he would be mad, upset, angry but in her heart of hearts, she knew she was doing the right thing. Time was of the essence, she knew that. The longer Nathan stayed in the sidelines, the slimmer his chances of playing in the NBA would be. He was in the top ten draft but his accident sent him so far back, no one has even come back. For Nathan to be where he is today was a miracle and going this far, Haley knew what she had to do. It wouldn't be pretty and it was nothing she would be proud of but her love for her husband outweighed all that. Stealing herself away from him, she got up and slowly walked over to the hotel dresser and took out a pen and paper and left Nathan a note.

She quickly got back into her dress and hiked the skirt up a little and gave her bra an extra lift. Moments later, she stood outside another hotel room and knocked on the door. She heard some rustling inside and a moment later, Coach Bobby Irons came out, wearing a pair of PJ bottoms, showing his tight ass and well defined torso.

He rubbed his eyes, not sure if he was seeing right. "Haley?"

. . . .

Nathan woke up a short time later, he could never really sleep when Haley wasn't around. As soon as she got out of bed, it didn't take long for him to wake up and wonder where she was. A moment later, he picked up the note Haley left him and his eyes went bug-eyed.

No, no!!! He told himself and he started to panic. He quickly searched for some clothes and put them on. He raced out of the room and went straight to the elevators.

Ding, he heard the elevator door open and then he stood face to face with a tear stricken Haley. Oh no, he thought to himself as his heart sank and Haley came rushing into his strong arms.

. . . .

The team was split in half with shirts versus skins. Nathan was on the skins and was drenched with sweat from practice. The whistle blew and all the guys were relieved to have practice end. It was the first practice after the gala and for the first time in his life, Nathan dreaded playing basketball.

"Good practice guys.." Coach Irons told the guys as they surrounded him. He talked for a minute about some plays and the schedule. "K guys, I'll see you here, same time tomorrow.. now hit the showers." He said as the team started to head out. Nathan was gun ho to get out of there ASAP.

"Scott!" Bobby called out.

"Yeah.." Nathan whipped his head around and tried to act calm.

"I'd like to see you in my office.." He stated.

Nathan nodded and became very nervous. He walked over to the bench and was about to grab his shirt but Bobby's voice stopped him.

"Now, Nathan.." He left no room for argument. Nathan ran his hand through his sweat slicked hair and reluctantly followed Bobby out of the gym and down the hallway into his office.

Bobby walked inside his office and sat on his seat and Nathan came walking in silently a second later.

"Close the door.." Bobby ordered as he put some papers away and then looked up see Nathan standing in front of his desk. Bobby smirked, taking in the sight of him, dressed only in his sneakers and black nylon basketball shorts. He got up and walked around Nathan so now he was standing in front of Nathan. Nathan took a step back, gently brushing against the edge of Bobby's desk.

"Now your wife came to see me after the gala …"

"I know.." Nathan said softly.

"So you understand?" Bobby took a step closer but Nathan just looked away.

"I said do you understand?" Bobby repeated. Nathan looked at the blond man straight in the eye.


"Good.." Bobby smirked as he stepped closer and Nathan had no where to go since the desk was right behind him. Bobby reached out and gently ran his hand down Nathan's chiseled and sweaty chest and stomach. Bobby thought back to when Nathan tried out for the team he made a comment about how he let himself go. He of course was joking, Nathan was built like a greek god. His fingers traced down Nathan's "happy trail" before rubbing up against Nathan's thin nylon shorts. Nathan flinched, this wasn't what he wanted.

"Haley?" Bobby rubbed his eyes.

Letting herself in, Bobby closed the door behind them.

"We need to talk." She said bluntly.

"Okay?" He crooked his head confused.

"My husband, Nathan is the best player you got, I don't understand why.."

"Haley.. before you go on.. it's not my choice.. the managers want him to gel more with the team before he gets playtime.."

"Bullshit.. you can at least play him for a few minutes, not sitting on the bench.."


"Look, you know you have the power to get Nathan to play and I'm here to make sure that happens.. I'm.." Haley took a deep breath and summoned all her courage. "I'm willing to do anything.."

"Anything?" Bobby raised his eyebrow.

Letting her a strap fall from her shoulder, "Anything.." Haley repeated.

Bobby stared at her for a second before he stepped closer. Haley took another deep breath, hoping this would be over fast. She was surprised when he felt her place the strap back on.

She looked at him confused. "I.. I don't understand.."

"I don't want this Haley.." He said softly.

"But.. you kept looking at me.. the whole night.. at games.." Haley shook her head, feeling stupid for jumping to conclusions.

"I wasn't looking at you.." Bobby mumbled and he cursed to himself for revealing that.

"Then, who were you…" Haley trailed off as it dawned on her that he wasn't leering at her.

. . .

This wasn't what Nathan wanted but at the same time he had no choice.

"Come on, Nathan.. just go with it." Bobby whispered into his ear as he continued to rub his crotch. All he wanted to do was be far away from here, home with his family and in bed with his wife.

"Relax, Nathan.." Bobby smirked, "it's not cheating when your wife is the one that came up with this.." Bobby continued to work on Nathan's groin while his other hand moved up Nathan's arms, admiring and feeling Nathan's massive biceps. Nathan flinched again when he felt Bobby's mouth on his neck. Bobby could still see how tense Nathan was, maybe they should've done this over drinks he thought but the sight of watching Nathan shirtless all afternoon was too much for him. So many times after practice, he'd come back into his office and jack himself off.

"The faster we get this done, the sooner you can leave.." Bobby reminded Nathan and that thought alone, of getting out of there was enough for Nathan to just clear his mind and get this over with. Nathan's hands gripped the edge of the desk as he leaned against it. Bobby's mouth starting moving south, down Nathan's neck and chest and then circling his nipples. He took turns going between each one before kissing his way down south. Now on his knees, Bobby continued to rub his hands against the basketball shorts and then started placing hot open kisses on it. Nathan was still soft but Bobby was amazed to feel how big it already was. Bobby looked up and noticed Nathan's eyes were clenched shut, no doubt trying to imagine that it was Haley down there instead of his coach.

Bobby tugged at the waist and a moment later, he pulled down Nathan's shorts and boxer briefs. Bobby licked his lips at the sight. Even flaccid, it hung low and long. Bobby's mouth watered, just imagining how it would taste at full mast.

Bobby got up and sat down at a nearby chair. Unbuttoning, his shirt, he began to speak.

"You got until I get undressed to get yourself hard."

Nathan opened his eyes, slightly relieved that his coach was no longer all over him. "What.. what if I can't?" His voice trembled a bit.

"Look, Nate I know the first time can be difficult but either you get it up, or I will." Bobby licked his lips for effect. "Either way, I have no problems and I have all day. I'll even sweeten the deal.. as soon as you cum, you can go." Bobby shrugged as he removed his shirt to reveal his own muscular physique. Like Nathan, Bobby was a long time athlete until injuries forced him out of the game and into the coaching staff. Despite being out of the court, he still found time to keep himself active and fit.

"Just like that?" Nathan questioned.

"Yep.. the sooner you cum, the sooner you can go."

Nathan took a deep gulp and slowly nodded his head. Nathan took his hand and started to slowly stroke himself. He closed his eyes and tried to pretend he was anywhere else but here. The feeling of his own hands against him felt better than Bobby's and that alone was triggering the necessary effect. Nathan may not like this but his body couldn't mask the shear sexual power he had. After years of marriage, Haley still couldn't believe how willing her husband was, anytime, anyplace and multiple times. Thoughts of his wife flashed through him. Part of him was angry at her for doing this but at the same time, understood why she did it. She loved him, he knew that and he would do anything for her, even this. He still couldn't believe it but he loved her more with each passing this, even now when she resigned her husband to give up his body for another.

"Haley.." He tried to soothe her. She was in tears the moment she got out of the elevator and for a moment his anger subsided before it returned.

"I'll deal with you later.." He said once he realized what had happened. "But I'm going to kill him first!"

"No!!" Haley pleaded.

"Not now!"

"He didn't touch me!" Haley quickly cried out.


"He didn't touch me." She repeated softly.

"Oh thank God.." Nathan took a deep breath. "I got your note.. I was so scared, dammit Haley.."

"Look you have every right to be mad but you have to understand .."

"I read the note.. I get it Haley.. we sacrificed a lot but me not playing doesn't justify what you were going to do."

"Maybe you're right but I wasn't going to let it up to chance, we've come this far.." Haley teared up once more.

"I know.. I know." He tried wrapped her arms around her. He hated that his mistakes had forced her into this. There was the tour, the dealings with Daunte, the accident, and of course Carrie. Her name still left a sour taste in his mouth. It was because of him, she entered their home, that she had created a bigger rift between him and Haley, how she tried to steal their son twice and in the process nearly killing his wife. How she was still with him amazed him each day but he swore to himself that he would do anything for his wife, anything.

"I'm sorry for everything .. this is my fault... if I hadn't screwed up so much."

"Nathan, stop.. this was my idea, my fault.. don't blame yourself."

"My God, Haley, you were going to sleep with him! For me?! You belong to me, no one else!"

Haley smiled up at him, loving how protective he was over her. To some, it may have seemed offensive that he considered her as some sort of property that was his and his only but the truth was, she felt the same way about him.

"I know, you have me Nathan.. all of me.. please get don't get mad but even though he didn't touch me, I still saw him.. we talked.." She mumbled.

"What.. what happened?"

Haley took a deep breath and explained to him the deal she struck with Bobby.

"You're joking right!?" Nathan looked at her like she was crazy but the serious look she had told him otherwise.

"I know this a lot to ask but you and I both know the longer you are sidelined the slimmer your chances are and all of this.. everything we've been through would be for nothing.. I know you don't want to do this .. I don't want you to but this is the only choice.."

"No there isn't.."

"It's the only one we have, unless you want to sit out the rest of the season and hope for the best next season… I'm asking you to do this for me." She pleaded to him.

He looked into her longing eyes, this was the second time she ever asked something of him that he didn't want to do but had to. The first was when she asked him to go to his dad for money but his dad turned him down. Instead of telling her the truth, he took money from a loan shark, Daunte and that mistake alone nearly cost him everything. If he would've just been honest with her that Dan had said no, he didn't have to take money from Daunte. They would've found another way to get by, Haley wouldn't have gotten run over and almost losing their son. They would've went to Duke, there wouldn't be no accident or Carrie and he would be in the NBA now. His wife was asking him to do something and so many times before, he took it upon himself to do what he felt was right without her knowing, but he told himself that he would never do that so instead, he sucked it up and like the good husband he was, he did what she asked.

. . . .

Bobby smiled to himself as he watched Nathan slowly stroke himself to full mast. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his pants and boxers down, his own aching cock finally released of their constraints. He always considered himself well endowed at just over 8 inches but looking over at Nathan, he felt inadequate. He knew the kid was packing but even he couldn't believe just how big he was. He quickly grabbed his cock, stroking in unison with Nathan. After a minute, Bobby let go of himself and got back up and walked over to Nathan.

"Good job." He smirked, his hands replaced Nathan's and wrapped around Nathan's hard long length. Bobby got on his knees and licked his lips.

"I can take care of the rest."

To Be Continued . . .