Chapter 8

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Bobby squirmed as his face dug into the pillow. He was currently kneeling on his bed, his ass in the air and Nathan's face in between. This was a side to Nathan he'd never seen and he wondered if this was all a dream but no dream could ever feel this good. Nathan spread Bobby's cheeks apart with his hand as his tongue darted forward. Bobby always used to do that to him and it actually felt pretty good and guessing from the moans Bobby was making, Nathan thought to himself that he was doing a good job.

After getting it nice and wet, Nathan pulled back and forced Bobby onto his back. He licked two of his fingers and stuck it inside him. Bobby moaned again as he was rock hard once again. Nathan maneuvered his hips in front of Bobby and Bobby eagerly sucked on his cock. Bobby knew what was coming and was doing his best to get it nice and wet. It'd been a while since he rode that cock and knew the first few pulls were going to hurt.

Nathan almost forgot how good Bobby can suck and he pulled his cock away from him before he could finish before he even started. Next thing Bobby knew, Nathan had replaced his fingers with something much bigger. Nathan wasted no time, jamming his rock hard cock all the way in and then pulling out and doing the same thing over again. A minute later, Nathan had built a rhythm and Bobby's face was a mask of pleasure and pain. But at the end, the pleasure took over and even though the pain was there, it was nothing compared to the buttons Nathan was repeatedly hitting.

Nathan smirked to himself as he saw Bobby come undone and he was moaning unintelligible cries. Just like the first time he fucked Bobby, he felt a sense of power.. control. He didn't stop or relent and fucked him hard. Nathan was so close but he didn't want to come just yet. Without pulling out, he moved Bobby back onto his knees and grabbed a hold of his hips as he pounded him from a different angle. The feeling was too much for Bobby who collapsed onto the bed, Nathan following suit and he enjoyed the feeling of his cock rubbing against the sheets and his stomach. Bobby felt Nathan start nibbling on his neck, his body completely pressed against him. The feeling was too much and Bobby starting riding against Nathan, causing even more friction on his cock until he exploded. Nathan felt Bobby clench around his cock and finally allowed himself to go over the edge as well.

Nathan took a minute to calm down but when he finally pulled his cock out, he saw his cum oozing from Bobby's now swollen hole. Nathan smirked to himself, pleased at his work. He'd lost count on how many spurts he dealt. Bobby was still lying face down against the pillow, breathing heavily and basking in the after glow. Nathan smiled to himself again and kneeled against his face, letting his still hard cock hit up against Bobby's cheek, smearing his cum against it. Bobby turned his head and opened his mouth wide and sucked on the head. Feeling satisfied, Nathan laid down against the older man, pressing his lips against him, feeling himself on him. Then they both drifted to sleep.

. . . . .

Bobby's eyes fluttered open, the most incredible feeling coming over him. It took him a second to realize that the feeling was someone's mouth and tongue on his cock. He looked down and saw Nathan's head bobbing up and down on his cock. Bobby moaned and locked eyes with Nathan. Nathan pulled away and gave Bobby's cock a quick stroke before smirking at his former coach. It was usually the other way around with Bobby waking up early and sucking Nathan awake. Now, this is a wake up call, Bobby thought to himself. He knew Nathan enjoyed it every time he did it to him but to have it done to him was beyond words.

But Bobby was still waking up from his sleep, he didn't anticipate what came next. Nathan sat down on Bobby's crotch, holding Bobby's cock and aligning it to his ass. Nathan hoped that he licked Bobby's cock sufficiently enough so that it won't hurt as much but he didn't care. His body had been craving this ever since he left Bobby's house in the first place. He sunk himself down on Bobby's cock, both men groaning at the contact.

"Nath.. Nathan." Bobby murmured. "What.. what're you doing?" Bobby still couldn't believe this was happening.

"Fuck me." Nathan requested as he sunk further down on Bobby's cock.

Bobby threw his head back against the pillow and rested his hands on Nathan's thighs as he pumping his hips forward while Nathan gently rocked himself against Bobby's cock.

"Shit!" Bobby cried, the feeling of Nathan's ass was so warm and tight. The two globs of flesh wrapped tightly around his cock like a velvet glove. The two built a rhythm and Nathan leaned over and started kissing Bobby as he continued to fuck him. Bobby's hand found his way to Nathan's butt and used his hips and hands to grind Nathan against him.

Bobby maintained his pace, wanting to draw out the pleasure for as long as he could. He'd always loved fucking Nathan and while he knew Nathan learned to enjoy it, he was never this enthusiastic about it. After several minutes, Nathan tore his lips away and sat back up and moaned loudly. He couldn't take it anymore, his cock stood hard and proud and with one hand Nathan started to jerk himself off in time with Bobby's pulls.

Nathan started rocking faster and Bobby picked up the pace.

"AHH! AHH!" He cried out as his ass clenched around Bobby's cock, his sack tightened and his cock exploded in streams of cum. It hit Bobby straight in the face and he opened his mouth wide as streams of cum covered his chest and mouth. It didn't take long for him to start shooting himself.

Nathan's legs were a little wobbly but he pulled himself off of Bobby's cock and saw Bobby drenched in sweat and cum. He bent over and stuck his tongue out, licking up a patch on Bobby's chest and then bringing it over to Bobby's lips. He'd tasted himself before, random moments when the bitter taste was still there when Bobby would kiss but he didn't have the taste for it but knew Bobby did. The two kissed as Nathan lapped up his own cum into Bobby's eager mouth.

After several minutes of kissing, Nathan pulled away and Bobby sat up.

"What're you doing here Nathan?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

"But Haley?"

"She's at home and I'll be home tomorrow but for now I'm here."

"Don't get me wrong Nathan, this has been great… really great but.. I'm confused."

"In a few days I'm leaving for the NBA and I'll probably never see you again. I can try to deny that I didn't like it." Nathan paused. "But we know that's a lie." Nathan admitted. "I was uncomfortable yes but you always made me came."

Nathan ran a hand through his hair. "I've never had my cock worked over like that.. its been that way for the past couple of months now.. its hard to stop just cold turkey. So I'm here if you want me but doesn't change the fact that I'll be leaving anyway."

"I don't want you to leave." Bobby admitted softly.

"Then maybe you should've done a better job of keeping me around." He quipped. "You don't get to win Bobby."

Bobby raised an eyebrow.

"I know what you wanted from me .. you wanted me to want it so mission accomplished but the thing is you wanted it too.. if not more." Nathan challenged and Bobby stayed quiet knowing he was right. He missed Nathan, missed more than he could ever thought possible.

"Right now, I'm going to get my fix in and tomorrow I'm still leaving and never coming back. So we can either sit here and talk or you can join me in the shower." Nathan got up and headed to the bathroom. Bobby heard the water go off as he pondered Nathan's words. There was only so much time left and he quickly got up and joined him.

. . . . . .

The next several hours was a blur of pizza, beer, sleep and sex and even more sex. From the bedroom, the shower, living room, kitchen, they want at it everywhere and anywhere. By the end, they were a tangled mess of limbs on Bobby's bed.

The sun was shining through the windows as Nathan started to wake. Nathan blinked a few times as the memories of the past 24 hours start racing back to him. He glances over to a nearby alarm clock, scratch that, the past 36 hours. Nathan removes his hand from Bobby's abs and runs it through his hair. He managed to untangled himself from Bobby but in the process, Bobby started to wake. Bobby made a move towards Nathan but Nathan pulled back.

Bobby gulped down, a sinking feeling in his stomach.

Nathan shook his head. "I have to go."

And just like that, Bobby could already feel Nathan was gone. It was astonishing really, as if a lightbulb was turned on and then suddenly off. They spent all day yesterday doing everything and anything to each other, on each other. Just when Bobby thought he couldn't take anymore, Nathan would do something to get him rock hard again.

"Please." He reached over to Nathan's wrist as Nathan made a move to get up from the bed.

Then there it was, Nathan thought. It was subtle, but it was there, the desperation in Bobby's voice, how Bobby wanted him to stay. He was addicted to this and while Nathan certainly enjoyed it, for him it was different. It was a means to an end, a way to the NBA, a way to feed the natural sexual hunger he's always had. It was in this moment that Nathan truly felt the weight of the world off his shoulders, he made it. He was in the NBA and he was free.

"I have to get home. My wife is waiting for me." Nathan stood up.

Bobby took a second to admire the body before him. The chiseled abs, the biceps and hardened nipples that he sucked rigorously only a few hours ago, "You can't go." He mumbled as his heart was racing at the thought of Nathan leaving him once more. "You want this too Nate, I know you do. We always had sex before but you never sucked my cock until now… that has to mean something… Please stay!" He begged. Nathan was as straight as an arrow, but it was easy for Nathan to get off on the blow jobs and fucks and when he got fucked himself, it was because he was hitting his prostate. But Nathan giving head, well Bobby didn't think he would do that unless he wanted to do it, that he'd enjoy doing it.

Nathan couldn't help but chuckle, just like Bobby had used him, he had used him back. He wasn't with out a heart, Bobby did help him, took a chance on him.

"Despite what you put me through, I got into the NBA and you're a good coach, I actually learned a lot from you… I figured I owed you at least that, I knew you'd enjoy it." Nathan surprised himself by sucking Bobby off. It was something he never planned on doing but he did it for Bobby, but unlike Bobby, Nathan now knows that he could stop.

Bobby continued to look up at him, his blue eyes a shade sadder. Nathan sighed. He warned Bobby that he was leaving. Nathan had every intention on leaving but even though, he didn't deserve it, he would give this to Bobby.

"My brother told me once that at the end of it all, sometimes you find yourself back to where you started."

Bobby gave him a curious look.

Nathan sat down at a nearby chair and spread his legs wide, his cock half soft. "This time, you get me hard but I'm still leaving after I cum."

"Look, Nate I know the first time can be difficult but either you get it up, or I will." Bobby licked his lips for effect. "Either way, I have no problems and I have all day. I'll even sweeten the deal.. as soon as you cum, you can go." Bobby shrugged as he removed his shirt to reveal his own muscular physique. Like Nathan, Bobby was a long time athlete until injuries forced him out of the game and into the coaching staff. Despite being out of the court, he still found time to keep himself active and fit.

"Just like that?" Nathan questioned.

"Yep.. the sooner you cum, the sooner you can go."

Bobby thought back to their first encounter in his office. He gave a small smile and went over to Nathan. He kissed his lips but Nathan pulled back and then Bobby started nibbling his way down, through his neck, admiring his physique one last time. He could never tire of Nathan's body and the perfect lines and crevices of his muscles. He jerked Nathan off, bringing him back to full mast before going down on him. His hands roamed everywhere over his body as Nathan sat back and enjoyed the ride. Bobby did give the best blow jobs ever.

Bobby took as much of it in, first taking his time. He sucked on the head, licked the shaft and took his sac in his mouth. But his own need for more caught up to him and pretty soon Bobby was jerking himself off as he was sucking as hard as he could. His free hand continued to roam Nathan's stomach and chest while he stroked himself vigorously.

"Uhh.." Nathan cried out and he lunged his hips forward as a torrent of cum came spewing out. Nathan didn't think he had anymore in there after the time they spent. Bobby soon came too, albeit a much smaller load all over his carpet and hands. Bobby continued to suck long after Nathan finished cumming, swallowing as much of him as he could. Nathan sighed, Bobby really knew how to work it cuz he was still hard. But like he said, he had to go.

He pulled Bobby away and stood up. Bobby stood up as well and the two men faced each other. Nathan couldn't help but chuckled as dribbles of his cum ran down from the side of Bobby's mouth and on his chin. Nathan moved closer and for one last time, he kissed around Bobby's mouth, letting himself taste himself once more then meeting his lips with Bobby's. The taste wasn't as bad as before, Nathan definitely swallowed enough of himself and Bobby to at least admit that. They tongues battled for minutes, their arms tangled up into each other, their bodies pressed against each other. Bobby could feel Nathan hardening again, he too was getting lost in his own haze of pleasure but just as quickly Nathan pulled back.

"Bye coach."

. . . . .

The drive home wasn't that bad but it gave Nathan time to think. He started to feel a little guilty. He left Bobby's place in silence and he felt good about closing this chapter in his life but now he had to face going home. He arrived home earlier than expected and was a little relieved when he saw that Haley's car wasn't there and he would have some time to himself before she got back home. Nathan went straight to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Somehow, he felt the need to be clean before talking to his wife.

After taking a nice long hot shower, Nathan toweled himself off and then wrapped the towel around his waist. He felt a little bit more relaxed now and could no longer smell the scent of Bobby on him.

He stepped outside and found Haley sitting on the bed, obviously waiting for him to come out. Her eyes went wide when she saw him, there was no mistaking the hickey and other marks all over his body. Nathan just stood there as she inspected him. He undid the towel and threw it on the bed to give Haley a full view. She walked around him and saw the various marks on him and clear finger and hand marks on Nathan's back and ass.

"You're leaving me." Haley's voice trembled.

"No." He took a hold of her hand but she grabbed it away. "Look Hales, yes I went to see Bobby and we did things.. things we used to do... new things too."

Haley looked at him curiously, tears ready to slip from her eyes.

"I went down on him." Nathan answered directly. Haley gasped. "Among other things but look Hales, I wanted to see him.. I needed to do this. I enjoyed it okay, at the beginning I hated it but I ended up liking it as much as he did." Nathan shook his head. "And it's your fault as well as mine that I did."

Nathan sighed in frustration. "I'm sorry if this hurt you Haley but I'm not sorry I went. Bobby and I have been going at it for so long, I wasn't ready to just stop. I needed that closure Haley and I need you to understand."

"Nathan, when you left, I thought I lost you." Her voice cracked.

"You've never lost me Hales.. I love you.. no one else." He took her hand in his and this time she didn't pull away.

"Am I enough Nathan? When you're with me, are you thinking of him." Haley couldn't believe this was happening. She thought they were free of Bobby but when Nathan left, she didn't know what to think and she cursed herself for driving Nathan away. She was the reason this happened.

"You are." Nathan caressed her face. "But like I said Hales, I enjoyed it, as much as I didn't want to.. and you helped me with that.. to focus in on the good.. the pleasure of it all. I'm not going to lie Hales, the sex was good.. really good but I want to be with you and only you. I needed one last time with Bobby to know that I can move on from him and I have. When I left, I let him suck me off one last time and then we started making out. It started getting heated again and we were both getting hard. It was would've been easy to go at it again but even though I wanted to, I didn't feel I had to do it or need to do it. The sex with Bobby was great but I don't need it. I do need you Haley. That chapter in my life is over now, I can move forward. I want to move forward with you Haley."

Haley nodded. "I'm.. I'm sorry for everything."

Nathan nodded, "I'm sorry too and for making you worry." He held her close. "But it doesn't matter any more Hales.. all of it. Tomorrow, we're going to the NBA and we're finally going to have it all."

To Be Concluded.