A/N: As promised another Serenity story. I don't own any of these characters or they would still be on television. Enjoy!

"Twirling. Twirling. Twirling."

He knew what he was heading towards but like a massive star implosion it was impossible to stop himself from exploring the part of the ship that the strange noises had been coming from for the last half hour. Turning the final corner Jayne Cobb walked to the railing and looked over the space to the floor below.

The dark haired River Tam sensed his presence and looked up at him to meet his eyes despite the area difference. "Ni hao, Jayne. Come. London Bridge is falling down."

The big mercenary quirked an eyebrow up at her. "We ain't in no London. And there ain't no bridge, excepting the one to the cockpit. What are you going off about, crazy girl?"

She smiled slightly as she twirled once more. "I'm not crazy. Just a little unwell."

He grunted. "Well, get your unwell hou bian back up here where you are needed."

"Ring around the rosies," she sang in a childlike voice that was creepifying Jayne out. "Pocket full of posies. Ashes. Ashes. We all...fall..." She collapsed down on the floor and grew still where she lay.

Jayne rolled his eyes, then grew nervous at the amount of time she was completely still. Finally he decided to go check on her. "Hey," he said as he knelt beside her. "You ok?"

Her eyes suddenly opened. "Silly Jayne. That poem's about death. Now you have contracted the illness."

He grinned without thinking. "Already got my cootie shot last time 'round." He started to get up but a gasp from her stopped him cold.

"It's so dark where we are. The light finds us no more."

Jayne looked down at her as she arched away from the floor. "Course it's dark. We're in the Black."

Her eyes connected with his once more. "No, Jayne. The darkness is coming. Always coming. It's going to get us. All of us."

Ni hao - hello

hòu biān - behind