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I was woken up by Conner lightly nudging my arm. A familiar warm musk lingering in the air close, keeping me completely content."Wake up sleepy head. We're landing," he whispered softly to me as I lay curled up in my seat. We'd been on this flight for what seemed like forever.

But I didn't move. I pretended like I hadn't heard him.

"Shelby, if you don't get up now then I'll call and cancel our plans with the guys." A warning tone mocked me in his deep voice.

'Ah!' Memories of the family and friends we'd left behind years ago in LaPush. I missed them - all of them. My eyes snapped open. "You are NOT canceling our plans with Sam and the guys!" I said sternly, only imagining how I looked. Quickly wiping the dried drool off my cheek and wrapping my hair up in a loose rubber-band always kept on my wrist, I managed to wrap the mangled mess up.

Conner chuckled, his smile reaching his eyes with playfulness. " I wasn't really going to. I just wanted you to wake up so we weren't the last ones on the plane. Everyone's already gone." he said speaking in a louder tone than before.

I sighed in slight annoyance. Conner was a great brother - don't get me wrong - but he was such a butt-head sometimes. I knew he'd only said it to wake me up, and it was probably my fault for being so easy to read. But it was a jerk move pulling out my weakness for the ones I missed like that.

"Hey Conner?" I asked slowly pondering some thoughts. Would Sam know the friends I left behind? Were they still around? Many of the people that grew up on the reservation left when they were older, and even though they weren't full grown adults yet it wasn't unheard of for people around our age to leave. Would I still be able to contact them? To see them?

"Yeah?" he sounded at ease now that I was awake. Figures. He paid no mind to me as he pulled down our luggage from the over-head compartment.

"Do the guys know Timothy?... or Andrew? ..or Paul?" I asked getting excited for getting to see all my old friends and family, and my tone showed it. Sam was our cousin. But not only did we get to see them, we were going to go to school with them as well!

Conner snorted with a small chuckle. He thought I was obsessed with Andrew and Paul. As for Timothy - he was more like a younger brother than a friend and everyone could see it. "They hang with Andrew and Timothy-" he cut it short like he was re-figuring his sentence. "But I don't think they even talk to or know who Paul is.." As he spoke Paul's name his eyes grew darker and expression turned hard. It was really unlike him.

I frowned, not hiding my disappointment. They knew who he was. He grew up on the reservation with all of us. Plus Conner was a horrible liar. Did that mean they didn't like him? If the guys didn't like Paul then did that mean that we couldn't be friends anymore? Or that he'd changed? And if he did would I like the new him? Or would I not like him either?

Conner and I didn't speak anymore after exiting the plane. As soon as we could make it there, we headed straight for the baggage claim to gather our bags and then made a B-line straight for the front of the airport. I quickly ran outside to wait for Jake and Sam to come pick us up.

But we didn't have to wait. Jacob and Sam were outside leaning against a old-rebuilt Rabbit. Conner taught me about cars, and between everyone we grew up with learning the traits of their families it wasn't that hard to pick up on new things.

I threw my bags at Conner - not waiting to see it he dropped it - and ran to Sam. A goofy smile plastered on my face as I hugged him tightly. " I've missed you sooooo much!" I screeched as he picked me up swinging me around.

He laughed a familiar laugh I'd missed so much then set me down. His eyes seemed bright with excitement, mine mirrored his. I had missed him so much. I missed our home.

I glanced over to Jake. He had a playful, yet pouty face as he continued to lean against the Rabbit. "What? - no hug for me?!" he asked as if he was shocked. A toothy grin spreading across his face.

I smiled widely in return. Then giggled to myself before I quickly hugged him - his strong, warm arms wrapped around me.

I knew why Conner, Jake and Sam were so warm. I knew they were werewolves. The funny thing was is that I hadn't slipped-up so they have no idea I know. Its quite entertaining to watch them when they try to cover things up. Like WHY exactly we moved here. Conner told me he thought it would be better to be around our past. To be back to our roots and back to the family stomping ground. But the real reason was so he could be closer to the pack. Something else they didn't know was that I was half werewolves. I could hear the packs minds but they couldn't hear mine. I got the hot flow down my spine like they did but i didn't change physically. Well I was stronger, faster, lighter on my feet, and all my senses were heightened but I looked the same. But the best part about being only half is that I could hear anyone that wasn't human thoughts - they just had to be close by.