Chapter 14 My demise

JPOV: (Before the dance)

Right when I'd gotten out of school I went over to Shelby's place to see her. But when I got there she was gone. I knocked on the door - but no answer.

I began to get worried so I looked in the house. Through the window I seen a note on the fridge. It was from Shelby telling Conner that she was going to the homecoming dance in Forks.

I was a little taken aback by this new discovery. Wouldn't have she told me? And if not - why not?

I began walking back to my place and as I cut across her front yard, I smelt someone else. It was familiar, yet I couldn't put my finger on it. It was like pine mixed with the smell of someone else I knew… I just couldn't figure out who.

I knew that it was good that she was with someone I knew. But if it was the Cullen's then I wouldn't be happy… I decided to follow the scent.

And after a while I noticed it was taking me pretty far away from LaPush. I didn't want to be out to long (just incase she came she came home), so I phased in to my wolf form and continued on all fours.

I couldn't believe where the scent had taken me. My suspicions and worries had been correct. But what had me worried was that now I smelt Shelby again and she was inside.

So I stayed close to the house. A house I'd been to before and where many bad memories were made.

The Cullen's house. My worss nightmare come real.

I found that none of the windows had curtains down and as I searched for Shelby through these open windows I noticed Bella and Edward in the living room.

Jealousy pulsed through my veins as I watched them.

They were sitting on a couch together, while Emmett and another vampire that looked oddly familiar sat on different couch.

I still couldn't see why Bella had chosen him over me. It was heart wrenching that a monster, that had killed innocent people (even if it was in his past), could win such an angel.

That's when my mind traveled back to Shelby. Another angel that had traveled into my life.

I forced myself to look away from Bella and Edward and I quickly looked (from a ways distance of coarse) for her through the rest of the windows. And I finally found her.

She was in a beautiful dress, her hair done as well. All curled up, laying on a bed, eating cookies while watching a movie.

She looked adorable.

I watched her for a few more minutes before Carlisle walked in and told her it was time to leave.

Wait… I thought to myself as my mind came to realization. was she going to the dance with that other vampire?! Why wouldn't she ask me?! Or even Andrew? I'd much rather have her go with him then one of those leaches. I needed to get her away from them. She was in to much danger around them and I wouldn't let her get hurt on my watch.

I found a window that over looked the stairs, so as she walked into the living room I watched. The vampire - that I couldn't quite put a name on and yet looked familiar - was standing at the bottom of the stair case waiting for her.

He had a big smile on and when her eyes met his she smiled too.

I growled silently as I was once again jealous.

Why did this always happen?! I was worried about Andrew when I should have kept a closer eye on the Cullen's!

I was getting sick and tired of watching their emotions. They were written on their faces like words in a book! With on last growl I headed back to LaPush. I couldn't let her fall in love with him when she didn't know how dangerous he was. And its not like she could help how he looked. He is a vampire and they do look like superstars, it was a natural attraction, to help them catch pray.

I wouldn't let Shelby get taken in by the Cullen's. No. I wouldn't let her be like Bella. And lastly… I wouldn't let her walk out on me, her family and every part of her heritage in LaPush.

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Chapter 15

SPOV: (at the dance)

"Oh, my-"

"Here ya go, Shel-" Paul said cutting off my sentence. But once he seen what I was looking at he stop his sentence and dropped my punch on the floor.

His eyes were as wide as golf balls and I'm sure mine were too.

Melody had Timothy's hand in hers and his other around her waist - comforting her. Melody was looking at me with a apology in her eyes and a worry written frown. She looked as sorry as ever. Timothy had his eyes glued to Paul. He'd obviously missed him. But now he looked sorry and happy at the same time. Happy to Paul, yet sorry that this was happening.

Jacob and Andrew made their way across the dance floor. Jacob looked pissed and Andrew's face was expressionless. Neutral.

Paul tensed at my side and I did the same. He grabbed my hand trying to comfort and in a act to give me the feeling for protection.

There was no telling what was going to happen. And I think that made both of us nervous.

"Shelby," Jacob addressed. "You might want to come with us." his eyes were stuck on Paul, obviously comparing this experience to his with Bella and Edward's.

I gripped Paul's hand tighter and backed up in front of him. "I'm not going with you guys," his eyes came back to me, all their thoughts were shocked now.

Andrew's thoughts were sad. Why does she love everyone BUT me? I guess we'll never be together, and I'll always be imprinted on someone who will never love me back…

"Shelby you don't understand what's going on," Jacob told me. He grabbed my arm. "You have to come with us."

I tried to jerk my arm away but he tightened his grip.


Did I have to phase just to simply get him to let me go?! Was I that weak?! Was I that useless…?

I jerk my arm again but he still didn't let go. "JACOB!" I yelled. "LET GO!"

"We have to leave, now." he told me sternly.

I growled silently (the guys were starting to rub off on me). "I'm not leaving, you are. Now let go!" I continued to jerk my arm franticly.

"Just let her go!" Paul said in a scary voice - but it was soft. Then in a more hushed voice. "Plus you guys are causing a scene! You really want both of our secrets to get out?"

I continued to glare at Jacob while they all looked around to see who was observing our little debate.

Jake looked back to me. "We have to go, your in danger here."

I shook my head repeatedly. "No, I'm not. Paul can protect me, I'm perfectly safe." I felt Paul squeeze my hand softly and sweetly. I even bet he was smiling inside.

Jacob growled. "He can't protect you because he's what's putting you in danger!" he growled softly.

I shook my head again.

There was no way I was leaving Paul.

"Shelby you don't understand. You don't know what he is." Jacob tried to convince me without purchase.

She doesn't understand! But I can't tell her, no. Paul has to tell her. There is no way I'm going to break the treaty. he thought.

"Jake, I do understand!" I finally said. I was actually tired of getting treated like a stupid little kid.

He looked at me with doubt written all over his face (and in his mind).

I squinted my eyes. He didn't believe me.

"I know exactly what he and you are. I know that Conner, Sam, everyone we hang out with in LaPush is one too. And lastly, I know what everyone of you-" I nodded towards him, Andrew and Timothy. "are thinking every time your around me." I told the truth knowing that they wouldn't really care about what I was at first.

And I was right. All their thoughts were caught up on the fact of me knowing what they and the Cullen's were.

Jake came out of his shocked state and tugged on my arm a bit. "I need to talk to you outside - before we cause a scene and become exposed." he whispered.

I looked to Paul and squeezed his hand. "Come on." And with that we all went outside to the parking lot.


I was trying to get Bella to dance with me when I noticed a odd smell… like wet dog…

Werewolves. I knew it wasn't Shelby (though she was half she didn't smell that potent).

You smell it too? Emmett's thoughts came rushing into my head. I spotted him looking at me with Rosalie by a very shocked Alice and Jasper - all standing across the room.

I nodded to him.

Should we check it out? he asked.

I thought about it for a moment. It wasn't the best idea but we had to make sure nothing got out of hand.

I nodded to him again.

He returned the motion and told Rosalie to stay with Alice and Jasper - making his way over to us (me and Bella).

"What's going on?" Bella asked looking worried.

I sighed. "Me and Em just have to check on something real quick. Can you go and wait with Alice and Rose?"

She looked at me with those piercing eyes of hers, but nodded all the same. She stood on her tip-toes and pecked me on the cheek before she made her way over to them.

What's going on? I can't SEE them! Alice thought. Asking about Paul and Shelby. She stood for another minute before she smelt it. Then her eyes narrowed. Jasper's going with you. If the wolves get to mad he can help.

I nodded to her and she nodded back. Then began telling Jasper everything.

Me and Emmett waited there for a moment for Jasper. When he finally got to us we all followed the scent.

And where it took us was outside a few yards away from the school. Shelby was standing in front of Paul and a huge familiar rust colored wolf was standing - teeth bared - in front of her.

SPOV: Before the Calvary

Jake had lead us in to the woods, just a few yards away from the school. It was farther than I thought we'd be going but it still wasn't really far. Infact I could still I could still see the school.

As we stooped I was getting tired of feeling like I was on a chain. So I let the sliver of warm travel down my spin, and glared at Jacob.

"We're here. Now, let go." I ordered.

He didn't respond to my order. He wasn't even really listening to me. "How did you find out about us and the Cullen's?" he asked his own question.

" I said 'LET GO!'" I yelled out of annoyance and anger.

His thoughts weren't even listening. They were asking over and over again, how I knew. Andrew's mind was saying repeatedly how he hoped Jacob wasn't hurting me. I was glad that they left Melody inside. I didn't know what would happen if she was here… Timothy was on the verge of throwing himself at Jake. Telling him to back-off and leave me alone.

I growled under my breath. Jake still wasn't listening to me. And he was holding my arm so tight, that if I wasn't in my form right now he'd probably had bruised it or even broken it.

"Jake, I'm counting to three. And if you don't have your hand off of me… I'll remove it myself." I spat at him. Paul was growling silently at my side in agreement. I was surprised he hadn't thrown himself at Jake already. He was glaring at Jacob.

"One," I began.

Jake was starting to listen. But not to me unfortunately. He was noticing Paul's growling. Imminently he took offence and growled back. His grip on my arm tightened.


"Stupid leach," he spat at Paul.

I growled and flexed my arm muscles. He had no right to call my boyfriend a stupid leach.

"Jake, come on. We should just go!" Timothy yelled at him.

"I'm not leaving her here. They'll end up hurting her." Jacob told him.

Andrew's thoughts began starting to worry. And he looked at Jacob in fright. And then they began getting angry. Obviously he didn't want me getting hurt either.

Paul growled and continued to glare at Jake.

"Paul let go of my hand," I said quietly so only he could hear me.

He did as I ask. "Three." And almost right as he let me go I ripped my arm out of Jacob's hand and in one swift move grabbed Paul's arm and ran about ten feet away.

Now I was standing in front of Paul in a defensive position. Unfortunately the small but quick run had torn my dress slightly.

Jacob looked at me in pure shock. His hand that I'd ripped my arm out of was beat red - obviously I had to pull really hard.

Then his faced turned to a mixture of anger and sadness. "So… your going to choose him over us? Them over your family?" he asked in disgust. "After what they did to your parents?!" he spat.

I felt the tears welled up in my eyes. But stayed in my position not moving one inch.

It was a soft spot, I admit. But Paul and the Cullen's didn't kill them. Other vamps did.

"Bet you didn't know that did you?" he said with some kind hope in his eyes. His voice wasn't quite as harsh, it was almost longing.

"Jake, you need to stop now." Andrew finally started in. "I know we need to get her out of here, but there's no reason to bring that up."

"Seriously, Jake. Stop." Timothy agreed.

"If you guys can't handle it then leave. But I'm not leaving without Shelby." he said emotionlessly.

They just stood there, obviously choosing to stay. But their minds told me they were staying incase things got out of hand. They had my back, even if they wouldn't say it.

Then Timothy's cell phone rang. He quickly put it to his ear and without even a chance to say hello his eyes went wide with shock.

He flipped it close. "I have to go." he said as he quickly and began walking hastily back towards the school.

"I'm gona stay here, Timothy," Andrew said as he stood there staring holes into the back of Jake's head.

I didn't want him to get hurt. "Go," I whispered knowing he could hear me.

His eyes widened slightly. He met my eyes and I nodded.

I knew he wouldn't deny me now that we were imprinted.

But he surprised me by staying firmly in place. He shook his head. His thoughts were strong, staying to protect me. I don't know what I'd feel like if you died… especially from someone in the pack… he thought.

"I'll be fine," I mouthed and jerked my head in the direction Timothy had left in. I tried to ask - no beg - him to go.

Finally his thoughts all came crashing, he couldn't deny me. Not when he felt this way. He looked at me with one last worried glance and followed Timothy's scent.

"Shelby, stop this. Come on, lets just get you home." Jake said with a little bit of softness in his eyes.

Paul stayed silent. Probably trying to keep things as calm as they were and preparing for anything else.

I shook my head. "Why?" I asked simply. "There's no reason for me to leave right now. I can handle myself. You just want me to leave Paul because your jealous."

He growled. I'd obviously hit below the belt on that one.

"I'm not letting you turn out like her!" he spat. Then his anger made him phase. Quickly popping into his wolf form.

His teeth were barred and I crouched lower into my position.

"Jacob stop!" I heard someone yell.

And with that Paul snaked him arm around my waist and pulled me behind him. Keeping me pinned there with his arm. His cold touch was calming me - and making me phase back.

"Paul let go!" I yelled at him.

But it was drowned out by someone else yelling at Jake telling him to calm down.

I finally looked and it was Edward, Emmett and Jasper. I felt calm all of a sudden - to sudden. I knew it wasn't Paul this time.

I looked to Jasper who looked like he was concentrating on something and noticed it was him doing it.

I bit my lower lip out of frustration - I was coming back to reality. "Paul let me go!" I struggled. I didn't want to phase back. I didn't want to be defenseless. "I can defend, myself!"

"Paul get her out of here." Edward ordered while still looking at Jake. He was reading his mind and I have to say some of the things he was saying to Edward weren't pretty.

Paul nodded and hunched over forcing me to press against his back. He grabbed a hold of my legs keeping me securely pinned to his back. Then began running.

"Paul, take me back! This isn't ur guy's fight." I told him.

He didn't listen to me and continued to run. "Shelby, if we're together this is our fight. If your with me then your apart of my family. Which is now apart of the Cullen's."

I was shocked into silence and didn't say another word as he continued to run.

We were at the Cullen house now.

Paul slowed down and let me off his back. I wasn't even able to say anything because he grabbed my hand and began to lead me inside. It wouldn't have mattered if I had time to speak anyways. I was still shocked into silence.

But right as we got to the door - it opened.

And there stood a very apologetic Carlisle and Esme and a very disappointed an worried looking Conner and Sam.

I felt my face go pale.

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Chapter 16 The great decision


"C-Conner…?" I stuttered as I looked at him wide eyed. "Sam?!"

Sam looked cautious and stiff. But his thoughts were all focused on me. Worrying.

Conner on the other hand looked disappointed.

"It looks like your night of fun is over with." Conner said in a dead voice. "Time to go home." he said as he turned his eyes to Paul.

Paul stiffened. His eyes sad but his stance was all anger and protection.

I looked from my brother and cousin (Conner and Sam) to my present and future (Paul).

"I-I'm…" I began not really knowing what I was doing yet. Then it all seemed clear to me.

I remembered what Billy said. I'd always have my family. They'd always be my family no matter who I love.

I felt my mind clear as my hand rose and my fingers wrapped around my necklace.

My fears replaced with courage. I looked up to Conner and Sam. My face clear of all emotion. "I am home."

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