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It was a cold December morning in the town of Sahil. The entire town was enveloped in a dense fog making the world surreal and simple, a plain canvas of white haze and black silhouettes. It was under such conditions that the bus pulled over at the stop. The automatic doors opened and a tall lanky teenager stepped inside. Casting a look around him, the boy made his way to the very back. One of the girls at the front nudged her friend, as the boy passed them, and giggled quietly.

The boy appeared to be sixteen at most. He was dressed in faded jeans and a white hooded upper- the hood currently pulled back to reveal a quite attractive face, sapphire eyes accentuated by messy blond hair- a silver chain hung from one of his jeans pockets. He had casually slung a bag over one shoulder and was holding it in place with a black fingerless gloved hand. His other hand was shoved inside the pocket from which the silver chain was dangling off. Despite the fact that the bus was moving once again, the boy walked to the back with laidback, graceful steps. He spotted an empty seat near the window and proceeded to seat himself.

The bus maneuvered through the foggy streets, stopping at various stops to pick up the students for school. After almost fifteen minutes, the moving vehicle came to a halt outside a very large building. As the doors opened, the students started shuffling and getting off the bus.

Heaving a sigh, the blond readjusted his bag and got up from his seat. His lungs clutched the first breaths of early morning air the minute he stepped off. The brief milky mists hovered around his lips for a short while before dissipating into thin air. The boy cast a look around him once.

Most of the students around him were watching him with keen interest however he was yet to be approached by them. The boy lowered his head and began walking across the road towards the school entrance, a small smile making its way to his lips. The boy seemed to be lost in his own thoughts as he made his way along with his fellow students.

"Watch out!" a feminine cry brought the blue-eyed teenager's attention back to his surroundings. Screeching brakes sounded from somewhere to his right. His head snapped in that direction only to see a beat-up pickup truck speeding towards him. There was a loud screech as the driver floored the brakes but the truck was still speeding towards the shocked blond.

Right at the last minute, someone pushed him out of harm's way making him land on the pavement with an "oof!" The truck screeched to a halt as the blond raised his head from the ground only to find himself looking at a pair of slender legs. Feeling the heat rise along his neck, despite the chilling weather, the boy picked himself off the ground whilst dusting his jeans.

"Thanks for saving my life, Miss." He said with a bright grin.

"Oye, you alright?" A gruff voice said from his left. Turning around the boy came face to face with an annoyed crimson eyed teenager. "You should see where you are going. You almost got squashed by my truck."

"Ahehe... Yeah sorry 'bout that." The blond grin turned to a sheepish smile, "I guess I wasn't paying attention."

"Idiot," The teenager huffed in irritation. "Just don't step in front of my truck or you might not be so lucky next time." He slammed door of his truck after getting in and drove off.

"Nice meeting you too, Mr. Grumpy." The boy muttered as the red-eyed teen drove off in his truck after slamming the door.

"His name is Kurogane Suwa." A girl quietly spoke next to him.

"It should have been Kuro-grumpy." He said with a laugh as he turned to face the person standing next to him. The girl was around his age; she was dressed in a dark jeans mini skirt with a pair of black skintight jeans underneath. A pale pink upper was pulled over a dark purple shirt. Completing this ensemble was multicolored scarf which the girl was playing with as she timidly stared at the pavement.

"Oh. I'm so sorry. Where are my manners?" The hundred watt grin returned to the blonde's face. He stuck out his gloved hand for a shake, "I'm Fay D. Flourite."

"Sa-Sakura Kinomoto," the girl replied quietly as auburn bangs hid her face from view.


"That's the one?" a figure dressed in a black overcoat asked the person standing next to him.

"Brown hair, pale skin, petite figure and green eyes," the second person said looking at a photograph in his hand. "Yup, she matches the description pretty well."

"Doesn't have any relatives left, right?" the first one asked as he leaned against his seat and observed the lone girl walk past their car on the opposite side of the street.

"Parents are dead and brother has gone missing," the second one replied as he read off the small file he had received with the photograph. "Poor little thing. She's all alone." A smirk lit up his pale face.

"What about that other kid who lives around this place?" overcoat guy asked flipping through the other file that had been sitting on the dashboard. He appeared to be around twenty one with messy black hair which fell into his blue eyes.

"Lives with an aunt and a cousin," Replied the guy number two who was the same age as his partner. However unlike the other, this guy had silvery blond hair and grey eyes hidden behind a pair of round glasses. "He's the one we have to be careful about. The girl won't be that much of a problem though."

"In that case," guy number one, who sounded like the one in-charge, said as he started the engine, "we'll move in next week. I would like to get them both in one go."


"Mr. Flourite could you please take a seat already?" the chemistry teacher snapped in annoyance.

"Oh, yes. Erm… Sorry for that ma'am," said blond apologized as he quickly dropped his bag on the first empty seat he saw. Fay groaned inwardly when he realized who it was that was sitting next to him.

"Hey Fay." His curly haired neighbor asked in a low tone as the teacher turned back to face the board, "So how do you like this school so far? Enjoying the first week here?"

"Hello Xing," Fay replied with a polite smile. Take a deep breath Fay. No need to gnash your teeth just yet. It will pass. Who knows she might just suddenly develop the urge to shut up. He thought trying to keep the irritation from showing on his face as he pulled out a notebook to note down the lecture.

After about five minutes his attention was drawn away from the lecture by a quiet knock on the door.

"Come in Miss Kinomoto," the teacher said in a dull tone, "what's your excuse for today?"

"O-oh. I h-had to stop by the nurse's o-office, ma'am." She said in the same quiet tone she had used with Fay four days ago when she had pushed him out of harm's way.

"Find yourself a seat and sit down Miss Kinomoto," the teacher ordered as she picked up her lecture notes from the table, "we can discuss this issue after class."

"So to extract sulphur from beneath the ground…"

Sakura bowed her head as she walked in through the doors and made her way to the end of the class. Fay noticed that the girl was walking with a slight limp as she chose an empty table at the very back of the class. Fay found this odd, since two other students had empty seats next to them.

"Wonder why she is limping." Fay muttered to no one in particular.

"Must have fallen from the steps again." Xing answered him. "She is very clumsy, you know, always getting injured due to one thing or another."

This answer didn't convince him much. Sakura did not appear to be one of the clumsy types, the way she moved was the extreme of gracefulness. There was no way that she could lumber and fall. Maybe he could ask her after school was over.

Once the bell rang to announce the end of school, Fay quickly shoved his notebook in his bag and ran after a certain green eyed girl. Lucky for him, they both had the same classes that day.

"Sakura! Hey Sakura, wait up!" he called, hurrying his steps to match hers.

"Oh, um, he-hello." Sakura greeted him quietly as she tried to once again become invisible in the eyes of the world.

"Hi," Fay chirped with a cheerful grin. "How was your week?"

"I-it was fine." Replied the timid girl, as she clutched her bag closer to herself.

"Same here," he said as the two walked alongside. "So anyways, what happened to your leg? Why are you limping?"

"I-I, um, slipped f-from the stairs and sprained my ankle," She replied as she nervously looked around. 'I err…I have…'

"Yo Fay," Jason called out suddenly from next to his locker. His voice made Sakura jump as she looked at the boy then back to Fay, "Come on dude."

"I'm coming guys.' Fay waved his hand at the boy and his companions to let them know he had heard them.

"Y-you should go." Sakura told him as she turned her back to him and limped the other way.

"I'd steer clear of Kinomoto if I were you, Fay," Kyle said in a low tone as soon as Fay got near enough to hear.

"Why would I want to do that?" Fay asked in confusion. "She's nice."

"She's bad luck." Jason said in a hushed voice.

"Bad luck?!?" Fay repeated incredulously. "You want me to avoid her just because you think she's bad luck?"

"It isn't just us who thinks that," Xing said seriously. "Everybody around here believes that. And after all that has happened to those who become her friend, it's kinda hard not to believe."

Fay continued looking at the three of them in disbelief. "This is a joke, right?"

"At five years of age," Xing lowered her voice, just like her friends, so that the others had to lean closer to hear her next words, "her mother was killed in a freak car accident. She was sitting right next to her and yet she came out unscratched."

"She did not even get a single cut." Kyle added.

"Then, two years later," Jason picked up the story. "Her father died in another a pile up."

"And guess how many people survived?" Xing took over.

"How many?"

"None," Kyle answered.

"If you don't count Kinomoto that is," Jason said in the same conspirational tone, "She was the only one who survived."

"But the weird thing is," Xing told him. "Their car was completely squashed. Out of all six, It was in the worst condition."

"And if that isn't enough," Jason said in a hushed whisper. "When she was eleven, her brother went missing."

"Missing?" Fay repeated.

"Yeah." Kyle nodded, "He just vanished… just like that." The boy snapped his fingers as he said the word 'that'. "The police could never even trace his kidnappers."

"And last year," Xing whispered loudly, "her boyfriend, Li Syaoran, drowned in the river when he accidently slipped of the bridge."

"On a date with Kinomoto," Jason told him, "no less."

"They never found his body." Xing said shaking her head sadly. "what a loss, he was really cute."

"After Li's death," Kyle spoke, ignoring Xing's comment about the dead boy, as he opened the door to step outside the school building. "Nobody dares to go near Kinomoto. Even the seniors steer clear of the girl."

"Anyhow," Xing's tone did a one eighty, "enough about Kinomoto. What are you doing over the weekend?"

"Erm… Why do you ask?" Fay asked suspiciously.

"Well, we are all going to for hiking tomorrow," Kyle said with a laugh. "Thought you might want to come."

"Oh." Fay smiled, "Sorry guys. Unfortunately, I'm starting a part time job tomorrow. Maybe some other time?"

"Sure dude," Jason thumped him on the back. "Your loss."

"What are you going to do now?" Xing asked.

"Nothing special," Fay said as he scratched the back of his head. "Although for some reason, I get the feeling that I'm forgetting something."

"Hey!" As if on cue some a gruff voice called out from somewhere behind them, "Is one of you punks Fay Flourite?"

"That would be me." Said blond turned around to face whoever it was that had called. It was the red-eyed teenager from earlier that week, Kurogane Suwa or as Fay liked to think of him, Kuro-grumpy.

"The witch wants to see you in her office." He said as he spun around and started to stomp back inside the school.

"The witch?" Fay repeated in confusion as he turned to look at the three teens standing next to him.

"He means the principle," Xing clarified quickly. "sometimes the students call her that."

"Right." Fay nodded as he hurried inside the building. "Well then see you guys later."


Caleb was glad that it was Friday night. Between all the classes, two part time jobs and taking care of a younger sister and a sick mother, the poor 16 year old did not have much for anything else. So now when his school was off for two days, he could catch up on some sleep, maybe hang out with his friends for an hour or two and then train after his shifts were over at the stores.

With these thoughts in mind, the red haired boy bade goodbye to his elderly boss and made his way across the deserted and foggy streets. Slightly shivering in the chilly late night air, he pulled up the zipper of his jacket and hurried his pace. The sooner he got home the better.

Maybe I should bring Sheska to the store with me tomorrow. He thought as he took a shortcut through an alleyway. Mum's treatment sessions last for more than an hour and Sheska can't go to the hospital with her.

Since he was so immersed in his own thoughts, Caleb failed to notice two pairs of light footsteps that were following him. Stumbling slightly, he realized that one of the laces of his shoes was untied. The teen bent down to tie it and that is when something whizzed past his ear, embedding itself in the dumpster next to him with a light clack.

Immediately on the alert, the boy whipped around and raised his hands in a sweeping motion. A black translucent layer of a glass-like material followed the motion of his hands, trapping his pursuers inside.

Moving a bit closer to the ones that he had captured, the teen realized that both of his captives were looking at him with blank expressionless eyes. Feeling somewhat amused by the fact that they were not much older than himself, Caleb walked over to the two.

"So which organization are the two of you from?" he asked them, not in the least bit unnerved by the fact that they had just tried to attack him. "First time someone sent little kids after me."

"I wouldn't touch the shield if I were you," he warned as his captive made an attempt to touch the shield, "It can be quite deadly."

The poker faced teenagers paid no heed to his word as the blond girl closed her eyes and rushed at the barrier. She phased through it and solidified on the other side. At the same time the brown haired boy touched the translucent sheet of dark energy before him, which melted and flowed down his arm to cover his entire body.

"That's new," Caleb commented in a way one would talk about the weather.

Without uttering a single word, the boy and girl got into fighting stances as though I challenging Caleb to a fight.

"This ought to be interesting." Caleb inwardly smirked as he got into a fighting stance. After all it had been a long time since he had had a decent opponent to fight.


"And if you need help with anything at all," the principle said. "My assistant Watanuki will take care of it."

"I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE, YOU CRAZY WOMAN!" Watanuki yelled from the file room.

Fay looked at the principle with a raised brow who merely seemed amused by the outburst.

"Just call him if you need help." She told with the bemused look still in place.

"Okay." Fay nodded with a polite smile as he picked up his bag and got ready to leave. "Once again thanks a lot for helping me out Miss Ichihara."

"No need to thank me Fay, I'm just doing my job. After all," she replied in a serious tone, "Ashura did pay for this."

"Oh… Right," Fay said. "So erm… I guess I'll be on my way then. Please let me know if you hear from him."

"Of course," Yuuko smiled, "Before you leave, remind Kurogane to bring me some sake."

"Not more sake..." Fay heard Watanuki groan as the door shut behind him.

Chuckling slightly as he imagined the look of despair on the dark haired senior's face, Fay walked over to the office in which he had seen Kurogane walk in earlier.

"Hey err… blacky," Fay said as he tried to catch the attention of the boy who happened to be moving wooden boxes from one end of the room to the other. Looking around Fay realized that this wasn't an office but a storage room of sorts.

Kurogane paid him no attention at all as he continued to lug the boxes across the room.

"Hellooo, Kuro-grumpy..." Fay said in a sing song voice as he walked in.

"What is it Flourite?" Kurogane grunted as he picked up the box and set it on top of the pile already there.

"Miss Ichihara asked me to tell you to get her some sake." Fay said with a grin.

"That witch and her obsession with sake…" Kurogane grumbled angrily as walked over to one of the boxes and opened the lid to reveal a stash of sake.

"Hyuu. That's a lot of alcohol." Fay said as he peaked inside.

"What was that?" Kurogane gave him a strange look.

"What?" Fay asked in confusion.

"That sound you just made." Kurogane said as he withdrew two bottles from the crate and proceeded to bring out more bottles.

"Oh that," Fay laughed, "You see Kurgz, I can't whistle so I go with that."

It took a while for Kurogane to respond as the name Fay had used, registered in his mind.

"What the hell did you just call me?" the red-eyed teen growled.

"Right now or the a while ago?" the blond asked innocently, well as innocently as he could anyway.

"Listen kid, my name is Kurogane," Kurogane rumbled in a dangerous tone. "And if you like your face the way it is, you will call me by that name only."

"Aww… But I liked Kuro-grumpy better." Fay said with a mock pout.

"I don't like it when people try to mutilate my name," Kurogane spoke in the same tone. "So unless you have a death wish or something, you better call me by my real name."

"Of course," Fay said with a flourishing bow as he turned around and walked out. "See you on Monday, Kuro-grumpy."

"HEY!!!" he could hear Kurogane cursing stupid drunk principles and annoying blonds all the way down the hallway. Shaking his head slightly he exited the school and made his way across the darkening streets towards his apartment complex. Since it was winter the sun set quite early and besides their school had let up at four that day. Because he had to spend almost two hours in Yuuko Ichihara's office discussing some important matters it was now way beyond sunset.

Just two blocks away from his destination, Fay heard sounds of laughter and jeering from a dark alleyway. Despite his brain screaming at him to just get the hell back to his apartment, Fay turned and followed the sounds.

"You're a freak," A familiar voice said in disgust. "You should know better than to try and hang out with us."

"Why don't you just disappear like everyone else?" a second recognizable voice said.

Fay heard some light whispers and sobs but was unable to make out the words that had followed the last comment.

"This is just a warning," he heard another familiar voice say coldly. "next time we won't be so lenient with you."

"Hey!" Fay asked curiously as he walked closer to his three new friends. "what are you guys doing over here?"

"Oh, hello Fay," Xing smiled warmly. "we were just teaching Kinomoto a lesson about what happens to freaks who forget their place." she said the last words with venom lacing her tone.

"kinomo.. Is that Sakura?" Fay gasped as he looked at the shaking form on the dirty alley floor.

"Don't worry Fay," Jason said as he thumped his back in a friendly way. "She won't bother you again."

"Bother me?" Fay asked as he felt his temper rising. "Why the hell did you beat her up like that? She was never bothering me."

"Chill out Flourite," Kyle said calmly. "Somebody had to remind her of her place. You should choose yours wisely."

"Is that a threat?" Fay narrowed his eyes as his own grew cold.

"Not if you don't want it to be." Kyle answered coolly.

"You guys are sick," Fay spat out in disgust as he walked over to Sakura and crouched down next to her.

"Wrong choice, Flourite," Kyle said as he his back towards him. "Let's go guys."

The other two followed him wordlessly. Xing cast a look in his direction over her shoulder before walking away as well.

"Are you alright?" Fay asked as he tried to support the brown haired girl.

"DON'T. TOUCH. ME." Sakura snapped as she slapped his hand away. Her eyes were bright with angry tears. "I can take care of myself. I have been doing so for more than a year now." She said through gritted teeth as she picked herself off the ground on wobbly legs and took a few steps away from him.

"I'm just trying to help." Fay said quietly.

"I. don't. need. your. help." She said as she staggered away from him towards the mouth of the alley. Fay made no move to stop her but rushed forward once he saw that Sakura had fallen face first onto the cold hard concrete sidewalk.

"Sakura! Hey, Sakura." He shook the girl's shoulder but got no response. Turning her over, he realized that she had fainted. With a frustrated sigh Fay ran his hand through his hair before putting an arm under her neck and the other under her legs to pick her up in bridal style. Using his foot Fay kicked her bag into the air and easily caught it in the hand that was under her neck.

"Like it or not, you'll be getting my help Kinomoto." Fay muttered as he started walking.