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A/N: I just had to get this out of my system. I get those urges sometimes to just write what I feel and not what I think, and oftentimes, the result is something like this.


"Can we pretend?" She whispered brokenly. "Please…please, while I still can…"

And the final crack was added, her heart and his shattering into a million beautiful little pieces as he kissed her tenderly across the brow, hands trailing through her midnight hair and clothes falling to the ground.

"Will you be mine, Kagome? Share life together with me?"

"Are you asking me to be your mate?"

Sesshoumaru nodded against her naked shoulder; kissed her tenderly on the side of her neck. She turned around in his arms, blue eyes shimmering in the candlelight and a smile in full bloom.


He kissed her hard, swallowed her choking sob as he pushed her onto the bed and crawled on top of her. His hand spanned across her chest, down the valley of her breasts until cupping a firm mound.

Hands and mouth. Skin and skin.

Not hers.

Not his.

But it was okay. This was all pretend. A replica of what they had lost and could never have again.

Kagome gasped, lips trembling, legs wrapping around his waist…tears sliding down her temple and onto his pillow.

"My dearest Izayoi…"

"My Lord…"

Touga kissed her tears away as he pushed forward and entered her with a smooth powerful thrust. She arched her body, back bowed and hands clutching the navy sheets as he filled her, as they took from each other the ache of loss and shadow of loneliness.

Beloved visions flashed in their minds. Memory made them blind.

Sesshoumaru drew patterns on her bare stomach and inhaled deeply of her scent.


"You will bare my pups one day."

She raised a dark brow. "Pups? How many are you expecting?"

"Several. Perhaps even dozens."

Kagome dragged her hands through his long silver hair, their harsh panting filling the dark room. Her fingers traced the crescent moon, the magenta stripes that weren't there.

She kissed him harder, urging him to go faster so she could lose what little she had left.



Kagome cried for the both of them…for all of them.

"I love you…"

"I love you…"