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"'The wandering soul knows no rest.'"

Gloved hands smoothed along the worn book cover as worshipful palms cradled the poetic masterpiece in slim, elegant hands.

Genesis Rhapsodos, Red General of The ShinRa Electric Power Company clutched his beloved Loveless book to his chest for a brief moment as a heavy sigh spilled from his lightly parted lips. Anyone who knew him intimately could tell that the slightly desperate light in his eye was a sign of stress and would immediately make the necessary arrangements to relieve that stress, but as none of those people were present…

"My Goddess," his sultry voice whispered as those hands uncurled and slowly slid off their gloves to caress the aged leather.

"'The goddess descends from the sky,'" Deceptively strong hands effortlessly parted the fabric of his red coat to allow those wandering hands access to the tight black pants hugging restless hips. A light flick of fingers parted the single button and then thumb and forefinger grasped the zipper between, sliding it down with slow anticipation.

"'The gift of the goddess…,'" came the reverent whisper as gentle fingertips brushed aching arousal.

Grasping himself firmly in hand, Genesis easily spread his legs and began a light, pumping rhythm, his eyes locked on the closed volume as he imagined the words coming to life, entangling themselves in him, lifting him up…

"'We seek it thus, and take to the sky,'" he panted, working himself faster as the words spun around him, teasing him with both mystery and welcome; even the black leather of his beloved book was sighing in time to his thrusts, adding another voice to the rising symphony, singing songs of light and love, beauty and vigor.

"'Pride is lost, wings stripped away,'" he hissed, throwing his head back as he arched into his own touch; in his mind it was a touch of light and love—the Goddess's own hands, her radiance, her brilliance sending him spiraling to completion. His own sharp groan filled the apartment adding to the rising harmony taking place around him. "'The end is nigh…to become the dew that quenches the land, I offer thee this silent sacrifice…'"

Then his breath hitched a final time as his hips snapped up into that fierce love, that fierce touch, and he felt himself Judged in that moment; felt himself deemed worthy and destined for this as white-hot light shot into his sensitized body, sending shockwaves of pleasure arching through his spine, his mind and body shuddering in release.

"The arrow…has left the bow of the Goddess," he moaned, eyes sliding closed as he milked himself. And what a sweet arrow it is, he mused, boneless and languid with pleasure for a few moments.

Carefully wiping a drop of stray fluid away from the weathered leather volume in his lap, Genesis lifted the book to his lips reverently and sweetly kissed it, even as he smirked to himself.

"Whoever said Loveless was useless has never had the true pleasure of being favored by the Goddess."

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