Boldly Go: Twenty Sentences

Chapter One: Mercury

Author's Note: "Twenty Sentences," for those who are not familiar with the practice, are a way of showcasing the depth a simple sentence can have in telling a story. In this collection, I will focus on the relationship between Uhura and Spock from the 2009 Star Trek movie. Enjoy? Review!

1. Expression

It was strange how some could say he was unreadable, or even cold; didn't they see the smallest shifts in the muscles of his face like she did?

2. Halo

For a moment he could no longer see her in the crowd of cadets as the clouds of the Terran sun shifted, glaring blindingly through the glass, but then she reappeared much to his…appreciation.

3. Leader

Kirk was pretty sure that no matter what command he gave, at the end of the day, they were following each other's orders now.

4. Sugarcoated

"Was it something I said?" the first officer asked, genuinely confused, of his captain as Uhura stormed off in a huff.

5. Useless

Uhura couldn't understand how Spock could be as brilliant as he was and yet completely stumble when it came to the concept of unhooking a simple clasp.

6. Vulcan

She couldn't ever be good enough it seemed.

7. Human

Sometimes, when she said it in that tone, his other half sounded almost appealing.

8. Mourning

Uhura pressed him close, needed him closer, only wishing to transfer the ache he was trying so hard to control onto herself.

9. Audience

In the back of his mind, Spock recognized he was doing a most unVulcan thing with an most unVulcan woman with a most unVulcan audience, and both the Vulcan and unVulcan sides of him dared the captain or any of the other watchers to say a word about it.

10. Name

"So…the captain doesn't know your first name?" Spock questioned, knowing this must have been how James T. Kirk felt when he beat the Kobayashi Maru.

11. Disappointment

"Indeed, I care," Spock spat, control gone, disappointed that she of all people could believe the myths after years of combating everything he'd ever been taught for HER.

12. Questions

"…I don't get it," Kirk muttered to himself, spotting the couple out of the corner of his eye.

13. Priorities

"…Didn't they teach you the birds and the bees in school, Spock," Bones teased at the sight of his friends green flush of embarrassment, "Or was there just no room between quantum physics and Logic 101?"

14. Proper

Uhura made it very clear to him there would be no planning, organizing, studying, preparations, or scientific method when it came to lovemaking, thank you very much.

15. Science Experiment

"Fascinating," Spock murmured, momentarily lost in results of his last ministrations, amazed at what goose bumps felt like on the skin of his lover.

16. Action

It took him precisely 3.73 seconds to register that he was actually feeling fear for a brief moment when they lost contact with her shuttle.

17. Harlequin

"Oh, girlfriend, I get it…" Uhura's friend replied in earnest when she tried to explain the silly crush she had on the cold and sometimes harsh professor.

18. Kiss

Well, they'd officially broken several rules, not to mention been completely illogical all the while.

19. Death

She was human, he realized violently, understanding for the first time there would be a day that she simply wasn't there, and that day would come sooner rather than later.

20. Illogical

"No, Spock…Love just has its own kind of logic."

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