Boldly Go: Twenty Sentences

Chapter 7: Vulcan

Disclaimer: I bought Star Trek with leftover rollover minutes.

1. Fantasy

Uhura kept very still, careful not to wake him, unbelieving that she was really seeing him dream.

2. Magic

"Not telling," Uhura stuffed the cards back in the deck and smiled smugly at Spock, who sat with a stare that one could only describe as confused.

3. Spellbound

It was a typical lesson, and yet Professor Spock made the standard topic of the day somehow incredibly…fascinating.

4. Feline

"You're going to have fun tonight, buddy," Kirk laughed, "The Lieutenant is looking at you like a cat stalking a mouse."

5. Haven

It wasn't like he suddenly became Romeo, spouting sonnets and throwing rose petals everywhere, but when they were alone together in their quarters, Nyota understood Juliet.

6. Grey

Where she ended, he began, and in between, there was…

7. Shenanigans

"No! No love! Goddammit, not in my sickbay!" McCoy hollered, covering his eyes.

8. Lackadaisical (webster's dictionary it)

Nine out of ten times Kirk was just as confused as anyone else, wondering how Uhura saw love in the Commander's always blank expression; it was those rare one in ten moments in which he understood.

9. Driftwood

Uhura reached through the bond, swimming desperately against the current of his mind, trying in vain to find a consciousness.

10. Palindrome (google it)

Typical stubborn law of nature defying Vulcan, she thought to herself, looking back and forth between the two Spocks, shaking her head.

11. Fertile

"I believe my long deserted humanity finds you to be an overdue growing experience, Nyota."

12. Deliver

Kissing her was making good on an illogical promise Spock made to himself to never be ashamed.

13. Waterloo (wiki it)

The great emperor of his conscious, that always strong and dominant logic, finally lost a battle as the two quickly closed the distance between them.

14. Ink

For some reason, Uhura was sure a Vulcan's tears would stain.

15. Purity

Resting his cheek against the velvet softness of the infant's forehead, Spock took a deep breath.

16. Fragment

It was a Tuesday when she told him it was over, leaving him with a hissing static where her place had been after violently breaking their mental bond.

17. Incorporate

It was a Wednesday when she heard the red alert go off, her first reaction being a thick panic that she would never be able to ask him to forgive her.

18. Malfunction

She'd never admit it, but Uhura spent a lot of time wondering if he would wake up one day and decide she was a glitch in his perfect world.

19. Worthless

Uhura watched Spock's eyelashes flutter in what she knew was embarrassment and her heart ached to console him.

20. Propel

Try as he might, meditation wasn't helping anymore, and it often made things worse by giving him ample time to concentrate on many aspects of the cadet he often avoided thinking about.


"…We're not so different, Spock," she quietly murmured.

Bonus…Achilles Heel

Spock could tell by the look in her eyes that Nyota was frightened, and that made him burn.


Everything connected to Vulcans was hot, she realized, from their planet to their bodies to their love.

Author's note: Thanks for the encouragement, as always. I'm working on a two part fic that I want to post sometime, and I'm still contemplating that Hickey story. No worries. If you see any ideas or suggestions for fics in any of these sentences, don't hesitate to say something. I love your thoughts.