I knew my life was going to change I just didn't know how much. I could never have dreamed that this was going to happen

I looked around the tiny airport of Port Angeles, beside me were the 3 suitcases that contained what was left of my entire life, well the first sixteen years of my life. All that could fit in those suitcases was all that I had left in the world.

I looked around at the small throngs of people laughing and hugging loved ones that were either leaving for adventures or returning from them. I felt all alone even in the crowds around me, I had nothing left no-one to care or to love me.

I had turned 16 just three weeks before my parents Renee and Phil Evans were killed in a car accident and for the past 3 harrowing months I had been living with a neighbour in Florida, a retired social worker who had found my only living relative of sorts, my older sister's father Charlie Swan.

Charlie Swan, was the father of my older sister Bella, a sister that I had never met but had heard about my entire life, the sister that I had longed for and loved but at the same time hated. Hated because I felt that I was living in Bella's shadow, Renee had never gotten over the fact that when Bella was 18 and had gotten married had virtually cut off all contact from her.

I sat down on one of my suitcases to wait. It was different here wet and green so different from the heat and sand of Florida. I loved the beaches and the surf. I loved being able to go to the beach any time I wanted, but now I was faced with the wet and the fog.

I looked up when a man came up to me, dressed in a Police uniform I knew that this was Charlie. We gathered up my bags and walked out of the airport to the 4x4 police cruiser that was parked at the curb. After the bags were placed in the back I got into the passenger seat and put on my seatbelt. Charlie got in and they pulled away.

"Forks is about an hour away" Charlie said in a quiet voice "Did you have a good trip?"

"It was long" I mumbled as a reply. I reached behind my head and pulled my long curly hair out of the braid, the misting rain had soaked it's way in and was making my head heavy.

We drove for quite away before Charlie spoke again "I am so sorry that I couldn't take you with me after the funeral but the social workers had to come and check my place out to make sure that you would be taken care of"

"I understand, I really didn't expect this, I thought that I would be sent to a foster home or something because there was no-one else to look after me, not that I need looking after" I replied

"Sarah, Sue and I would never have let that happen you are family and we look after our family."

Sue was Charlie's wife they had been married for 16 years. Together they had a son Kyle who was 9 but Sue had 2 other kids from her first marriage. I had met them briefly at the funeral, Leah and Seth. I was a little wary of Leah although she had been nice she was also very intimidating to me, Seth on the other hand I had loved from the first minute I had met him. He was a bear of a man very tall but so sweet. I had shown him around when they had come to the funeral.

We pulled into a street in Forks and I looked around, the last time I was here was 8 years ago when mom and dad had brought me here to meet Charlie and Sue when Kyle was born. We pulled into a house that backed on to the forest. As soon as the cruiser's engine ceased the front door was opened and Seth came running out with Kyle hot on his heels.

"Sarah Bearer" Seth called to me as I opened the door and got out. Before I could take a breath, Seth pulled me into a bear hug spinning me around. "I am so glad you are here Mom is driving me crazy, making me clean I hate vacuuming"

I laughed at this and hugged him back. Kyle was at the back of the cruiser helping Charlie with my bags. Seth put me down and I grabbed my back pack off the floor of the cruiser. With Seth's arm still around me we walked into the house.

I knew that they had done some remodeling to the house but I was in awe when we walked in. The front door opened into a large sitting room with lounges arranged all of the furniture was hodge-podge but together they seemed to fit.

As soon as we entered the house I was enveloped into a hug by Sue. I had met her a couple of times and had always liked her. When she let me go I looked into her soft brown eyes and noticed that were tearing up. I'd had enough tears shed to last me a lifetime, I didn't even know if I could cry anymore. "Sarah you must be tired, Seth could you take Sarah and her bags to her room?" Sue asked Seth who was already heading for the kitchen. When his mother spoke to him he wheeled around and headed back to Charlie who was standing at the bottom of the stairs with the bags at his feet.

Seth picked up all the bags and started to take the stairs two at a time, I had to hurry to catch up. At the top of the stairs Seth turned to his right and went into the first bedroom, as I followed, I looked around this had been remodeled since I had been here last. Last time there had only been two bedrooms but now there were 4.

The room that was to be mine looked to the front of the house, there was a double bed, a desk and a rocking chair, there were yellowed lace curtains on the side window and the bed had a purple cover on the duvet. Seth dumped my bags unceremoniously on the bed and opened the window to let the breeze in. As I looked around Seth quietly slipped out the door and shut it behind himself.

I really just wanted to sink through the floor into oblivion but I forced myself to begin to unpack my life. I started with my clothes putting them away in the dresser drawers, As I put my shirts away I felt a photo frame at the back of the drawer, I pulled it out, it was a photo that I had seen many times before, I had a similar one hidden in my bag, it was a photo taken of my mother, father, Bella and her husband Edward and Charlie taken at Bella's wedding. I gently placed the photo on the bedside cupboard staring at the smiling people looking up at me. I forced myself to get back at the task at hand wanting to return to some kind of normalcy.

After I had finished unpacking the things that I had brought with me, my car and a few more boxes of things that I could not bear to leave would be coming in a few days by road. I grabbed my bathroom pack and went into the bathroom to try and put some order into my hair. My hair was long and curly and any moisture sent the curls into ringlets, the one thing that I had inherited from my mother was the colour, the thick honey blonde colour was the envy of most of my friends at home, many had tried to get the same colour from a bottle but had never really succeeded in getting the right high and low lights that my hair had. After washing my face and adding a layer of lip gloss I felt more human.