As Naruto and Nagato's Last Realm of Pain, God Realm, Continue to fight preparing for their next attack to decide the fate of Leaf village. Naruto readies his Rasenshurikan and Pain his Shinra Tensei, they both prepare to collide when a portal appears and throws them both to opposite sides and as they both look up Pain says

"I sense a powerful presents coming from the portal, no, two."

Naruto stares at Pain then looks at the portal in shock and awe as a man in black steps out of the violent portal with long silver hair and eyes not seen before in the ninja world. Naruto thinks to himself

"Is that some kind of doujutsu?"

As he prepares himself for what's next to come. The man stares at Pain, and then Naruto, then draws his sword; at that moment Pain say

"Nine tail fox, we must put our differences aside because neither of us would be able to take him alone how we are right now," Naruto is silent,


As Naruto looks up he says "I will never forgive you, but I will fight with you for now"

And as Naruto looks back to the man in black his eyes grow wide as he is standing in front of him and the man whispers "Are you prepared to die boy." As the man in black is about to raise his sword the other power steps out of the portal and says "That's enough Sephiroth",

Naruto looks up with a surprised look on his face, Sephiroth says

"Genesis, what do you think you're doing" as he sheaths his blade. "You know how much I would like to do this but we have other business to attend to" Genesis said as he runs his fingers through his short brown hair.

Sephiroth turns from Naruto and says "We are here…….to destroy this world" in that moment Naruto rushes Sephiroth,

Pain screams "Naruto Don't" while Sephiroth kicks Naruto back and says "I wasn't finished" then Genesis appears next to him with his sword held to Naruto's neck, "You should listen, unless you want something unfortunate to happen" Genesis said with a smirk on his face."

Sephiroth turned toward the portal and said "We have gained some knowledge in the past couple months and realized you're scientist have been doing experiments with mako energy and made what is equivalent to our worlds SOLDIER" as he turns back around

"We are here for something special but we also cannot allow you to continue this work, so it has been decided that your world…will be destroyed". Naruto is struggling with Genesis still pressing him against the wall, "What do you expect to do alone" Naruto said.

Sephiroth Turned around and began to laugh and said in an intimidating voice

"What makes you think we're alone?"

as more portals start to rip open all over the world. Genesis says "With that being said I think it's time for you to be destroyed along with your…", as Genesis raises his sword high a voice says "What makes you think we are just going to sit back and let you Destroy our world" Naruto turns to Sephiroth still looking the opposite way then back to Genesis as he is about to strike


Pain said as Genesis was blasted off of Naruto and straight into the nearby mountain wall. "I am the only one who will bring peace to this world" with Pain's power still holding Genesis against the wall, Genesis is Shocked, Pain adds "But if you choose to know my pain then we will be ready to fight."

Genesis breaks free and says "you guys are stronger than anticipated but nothing to worry about" as he heads toward the original portal and enter while dusting his crimson jacket off. Sephiroth begins to enter as well and says "This is the beginning…..of the end" as he and Genesis disappear into the portal. Naruto looks over to Pain but he is nowhere to be seen as he turns around and sees a ruined Leaf village he says

"This was only the beginning."

I. Resurrection

Naruto makes his way down the mountain bruised and beaten as he passes through Leaf seeing all destruction and the medical ninja helping the other fallen shinobi. Naruto turns and see Kakashi being carried out on a stretcher and sighs in relief for knowing his sensei is alright then continues on to meet with the current Hokage, Tsunade. Naruto arrives at his meeting spot with Tsunade and sees a familiar figure and as he gets closer he realizes who it is and says just under his breath

"P-Pervy Sage."

Jiraiya stands besides Tsunade with a serious look on his face "Naruto I'm glad to see but we must save the reunion for later" Jiraiya said. Naruto looks upon Jiraiya and says "But…but how I heard you were…." "….Dead. Yes that is what we thought and were getting to explaining", Tsunade interrupted, "It seems these portals have been popping up all over the place and resurrecting dead shinobi".

Naruto shakes his head "I understand, But if we close the portals what will happen the shinobi that have been brought back", Tsunade turns away "I'm not sure, they may continue to live or might die again after sometime in the world".

Jiraiya with a concerned look on his face says "We can worry about that later, but now we need to figure out a way to stop this threat". Naruto thinks back to the mountain with the two guys, "When we were on the mountain Pain used some sort of power that seemed to affect them" Naruto said, "maybe that's a way to stop them".

"Well little Nagato has always had a strange power and a strategic mind" Orochimaru said from the shadows.

Naruto turns and screams "What are you doing here!"

while Jiraiya steps in and says "It's alright Naruto, this situation involves the whole shinobi world". Orochimaru moves closer and says, "Like I was saying, if young Nagato can restrain these new comers then I say he should be put him at the head of the offence".

"I agree with Orochimaru"

Jiraiya says with everyone staring at him, "If Nagato can affect them then I think he is perfect to take on the leaders".

"I'll Go" a voice from the door said, "I'm not going to let you go alone, Kakashi Sensei" Naruto exclaimed. Tsunade Disagreed but with all the confusion going on she said

"Fine, you two go but if something seems off I want you to get back here as soon as possible", Jiraiya added "I don't think with all this going on Nagato would try anything"

"Akatsuki are not the ones I'm worried about" Tsunade said with a grim look on her face.

Days later Naruto and Kakashi are roaming through the mountains with Naruto using sage mode and a piece of Pains black chakra rod to find his position. As Kakashi and Naruto continue their search for Pain a portal appears in front of them and a mysterious lady in black steps out with her left hand on her right elbow and her finger extending to a devious smirk. Naruto and Kakashi wonder who this lady is; as Naruto prepares to fight Kakashi moves his hand in the way and says

"Naruto, you're the only one who can find pain".

Naruto shakes his head and moves on. The lady in black says "So this is what your world is like, seems boring".

Kakashi with a curious look on his face ask "Who are you and what are you doing here?" She then turns her attention to Kakashi and says

"Who me? Well my name is Lust, and I will be the one to kill you". Kakashi uncovers his sharingan readying himself for a fight,

"Well then, let's get started shall we?"