Christmas was busier then ever, the Malfoys and Weasleys doing a joint Christmas, all at Malfoy manor. With Ginny now having a son, the Weasleys had thirteen grandchildren, girls still vastly out numbered, Morgan joined by only two female cousins, Bill's daughter, and Fred's daughter Gwyn, born months after Eli The Malfoys and Snapes may not have been so over whelmed but they had four, and Tonks and Moody who had shocked all when they wed, had a son. Sirius was a bachelor for life, even if Moody actually wed, and had officially named Harry and Draco's youngest, his heir.

Harry sat on the couch and smiled, happy all the students went home and he was not on call, as last year he got called away. Sirius was back as an auror for Draco now taught DADA, and Harry's dad was no longer potions teacher, made headmaster that fall though his Papa still taught transfiguration, and Charlie taught as always. He loved having all his family around, and the kids loved growing up at school.

Eight year old Eli looked up from his new broom, upgraded from a kiddie broom to a starter broom. "This is so cool Daddy and Papa"

Draco took recently turned three year old Robbie into his arms. "You know I am sure you will find a gift of your liking in their too."

Harry and Draco shared a smile, their three boys were as different as possible, but flying they all loved. They all had baby brooms, and upgraded to kiddie at three, and now for Eli a starter. Sirius had promised a proper broom when they started school, and all three boys would keep him to his promise, he was the cool Uncle. Sirius dated like crazy and would never settle down, but he doted endlessly on the boys

Eli was already Draco, seemed fitting he was the Malfoy heir, he had Draco's sense of humour and sly qualities which made him a good snake, and he was really smart. Robbie, or Robert Hamal, at three had a big heart, he loved animals, and plants and stories. The middle son Antony Regulus was Harry, at six he already loved books, was curious about everything, and though he liked potions with grandpa, he had the makings of a little marauder.

George looked over to Harry who was just finished nursing the youngest in the room. "Give me her for a burp already"

Harry laughed, the twins never forgave them for waiting till baby four to make them godfathers. "Thanks, you can change her diaper as well."

Though George groaned, he had more then enough experience, and loved the little girl. He had three sons, like Percy and Ginny so far, he had no girls, Ginny only starting recently because of quidditch and planned on another one or two. Even with Harry's four, Molly had never got much pink, but she doted on eight month old Maia Lucy endlessly as did the grandpas, for she was the only pink for Harry and Draco's parents.

Narcissa handed Harry a gift seeing his hands were free. "Seeing as my son has been doing all the work so far."

Harry kissed her cheek and looked at the gift. "Thanks Mum."

Inside he found one of the fullest albums he had seen, a section for all their family, including each Weasley Branch, and the Tonks. He stopped on a picture of Bill and Fleur with their sons and daughter, and his eyes went to eight year old Louis who was with Eli, Tristan and Lance who were all the same age and inseparable. For a moment he remembered his true parents, but shook away the thought, Bill and Fleur were, and he would never know they were not. Ron had died in prison anyways, a year ago word had come, it seemed his heart gave out from dementors already, and Albus was dead since Louis was two days old.

Draco kissed him. "Something wrong my love?"

Harry shook himself from his thoughts. "I have Christmas with you and our four beautiful kids, and am not called back to work? Today could not be better."

And he meant it. Married to Draco for the better part of a decade, father of four, his family and friends around him, and a job he loved, he could ask for no more His only part of the old life he still thought of was Arabella, and to this day they always kept a part kneezle in her honour, even after the one she gave him, died.

Author note: Antony Regulus Malfoy, future lord prince. Antony (Latin) praiseworthy, Severus' heir, name comes from Latin history. Regulus (Latin) little prince. Baby was a Leo so took brightest star in Leo like Eli's, also name of Sirius' brother, all the boys have a star name instead of one of their dads' names

Robert Hamal Malfoy, future Lord Potter: Robert (English) bright fame, from English history for Potter tradition. Hamal (Arabic) ram's head brightest star in Aries, for the baby is an Aries

Maia Lucy Malfoy, future Lady Black: Maia (Latin) great star in Taurus. Maia was born in April but as a Black heir, first and not middle name from star, not brightest star in Taurus like brother's names, but third, one of the Pleiades. Lucy (Latin) light, decided to honour Grandpa Lucius

So I hope you like the end of this trilogy. I am up for suggestions for a new story, I will start soon.