Hey guys this is KnightRie. I am having writers block for my other story Love Me but I wanted to write a story about a chain text that I got. It is really cute. At least it is to me. Ren and Kyoko have been together for sometime in this. Just letting you know.

Ren and Kyoko were sitting on a bench at the park on their 3rd date when Kyoko suddenly asked Ren

"Ren do you think I'm pretty?"

"No" Ren told her bluntly, it made Kyoko a little sad to hear this, so she asked,

"Do you like me?"

Once again Ren answered "No" This made Kyoko even sadder. She asked one final question.

"Would you be cry if I left?"

"No" Ren answered once again. Kyoko had heard enough so she got up to leave. But Ren got up and pulled her into his embrace.

"Kyoko, I don't think your pretty I think your beautiful, I don't like you, I love you. And I wouldn't cry if you left, I would die without you by my side." Ren whispered in her ear. Kyoko was tearing and Ren caught them with his finger. They kissed and enjoyed the rest of their paparazzi free day together.

I changed a couple of the words, but it has the basic plot. Please review. Message me if you have any questions. I need to do disclaimer, so Trina if you would do the honors.

Trina- It would be my pleasure Rie-chan. Rieko does not own Skip Beat or any of the characters ~potato named patata.

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