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Pausing in the doorway to Abby's lab, Tony observed McGee, who was watching Abby instead of his computer screen. Lately, Tony had noticed McGee's feelings for Abby and knew he was scared to act on them. Entering the room, Tony addressed the two geniuses, "Probie, Abby whatcha got?"

Patiently, he listened to their answers and then he flashed a smile before exiting the lab. Once in the elevator, he started perfecting his newly formed plan to get Abby and McGee together. However, he did need Ziva to help his master plan succeed.

In the bull pen, Tony saw Ziva working at her desk and he sauntered up to her. "Hey Zee-vah, do want to help me with something?" He flashed a smile for good measure and to arouse her curiosity.

Rolling her eyes in pretend annoyance, Ziva replied, "Another stupid prank so soon?"

"Oh, come on. You like my pranks and we both know it!" Tony continued on to explain his plan and waited for Ziva to respond.

"Sounds simple, but I will help you, since you are helpless." Ziva loved teasing Tony and never intended on stopping.

Smiling, Tony knew she was only messing with him and he happened to love teasing her back, but responded, "Whatever, you're just jealous you did not think of it first."

The two agents stared one another down with familiar glints in their eyes. Each knew that laughter was hidden behind their faked annoyance, but they still acted as if they were serious about their banter.

Ziva smirked slightly and finished the conversation, "We will meet in the elevator with updates at the end of the day."

Each one willed the clock to move faster so the plan could be put into action.

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