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Chapter 8

Monday Morning

Gibbs walked into the bull pen and his gut knew today would be interested. He had noticed last week that Tony was treating McGee better and acting stranger than normal on Friday. Gibbs was beyond suspicious of whatever was going on. Deciding not to dwell on it right now, Gibbs went through his morning routine before his team got there.

Around seven, he reentered the bull pen to find McGee typing away at his desk and Tony was staring across the way at Ziva, who was busily trying to ignore him.

Turning his eyes quickly off of Ziva, Tony shouted, "Morning Boss." He hoped Gibbs hadn't noticed anything and averted his attention to some paperwork.

Gibbs glared at his senior agent and knew something was up. Instead of confronting him, he hollered, "Gear up." As the agents scrambled to grab their stuff, Gibbs walked determinedly to the elevator, but first he noticed Tony paused momentarily by Ziva's desk to wait for her.

Once they returned from the crime scene, Gibbs went in search of coffee and McGee did something useful with his computer. After a while Abby called Tony, "Tony, I got something."

"Be right there, Abs." Tony jumped up and motioned for Ziva to come too. When they were in the elevator on the way to the lab, Tony grabbed Ziva's hand in his causing a smile to spread over her lips. She never realized how sweet he really was until they started dating on Saturday night.

Right before the elevator doors dinged open, Tony leaned down and quickly kissed Ziva lightly before he proceeded to pull her out of the elevator toward the lab.

Gibbs watched from around the corner as Tony guided Ziva out of the elevator holding her hand in his. Instantly Gibbs put the pieces together and knew exactly what was going on. With purposeful steps, Gibbs entered Abby's lab causing Tony and Ziva to jump apart.

McGee entered the lab to see a furious looking Gibbs, nervous Tony and Ziva, and a anxious Abby. Pausing uncertainly in the doorway, McGee winced waiting for what was sure to come.

After a few minutes of making all his co-workers sweat, Gibbs got up in Tony's face to growl, "What exactly were you doing holding Ziva's hand?" He watched as Tony thought of countless excuses and comebacks.

"Well, Boss…." Tony was immediately cut off by the angry Gibbs.

"Nothing, DiNozzo because I recall pounding a certain rule into your head that specifically states that there will be no co-worker relationships. No exceptions. It's for everyone's own good." Gibbs highlighted his words with a harsh head slap to the back of Tony's head.

Tony opened his mouth to stand up to his respected Boss, but Gibbs quickly shut him up before he could even say anything. "I don't want to hear it, DiNozzo. Rule 12, follow it." Turning on his heel, Gibbs stalked back to the door.

Abby could not let this happen. "Gibbs, that is not fair." She was met with Gibb's steely gaze as he turned to give a "don't you dare" look. "

"Abs, life is not fair." Gibbs went with the lifelong saying that was always a perfect argument.

"You have let McGee and I date in the past and..." Abby prepared herself to argue this for all she was worth knowing she was the only one who could get away with talking back to Gibbs.

"He didn't work here and that is very different." Gibbs knew this could get ugly and was not looking forward to the ensuing argument.

"Just because I am your favorite does not make it different." Abby paused taking in everyone's expression. At the truth of the comment, McGee was smirking despite the tension in the air, Tony frowned while a knowing grin tugged at the corner of his mouth, Ziva looked down trying not to smile, and Gibbs averted his eyes to the ceiling as he tried not to react to the truthful comment. Abby continued, "Plus, McGee and I are dating again."

Gibbs attempted to deter Abby, "Favoritism has nothing to do with it. I know you and McGee won't do anything stupid and hate each other afterward. You both already proved you can be friends after breaking up. I can't say that much for Tony."

Before Tony could even form a protest, Abby was replying loudly, "Gibbs, they really care about each other and just because Tony does stupid stuff does not mean that he will mess this up with Ziva. You have to at least give them a chance."

"Hey…"Tony was about to stick up for himself but then realized it was true and waited for Gibb's response.

With a calculating look, Gibbs scrutinized the hopeful looks of Tony and Ziva as well as the nervous looks of Abby and McGee. Quickly he processed everything Abby had said and came to the conclusion that he had to let them try a real relationship or he would feel guilty. Leaving the lab, he shouted over his shoulder, "DiNozzo, don't mess this up or she'll kill you with a paper clip."

Abby jumped up in down in victory and then flew at McGee for a hug. Gibbs poked his head back in, "McGee, Abby is my favorite so watch yourself." As Gibbs left again, McGee paled slightly.

Tony slapped him on the back, "Don't worry, Probie. Head slaps aren't that bad." The girls laughed and Tony turned to hug Ziva. His eyes shown with excitement as he lifted her in the air, "Can you believe we just got Gibb's blessing."

"That was his blessing?" Ziva looked genuinely confused and Abby replied, "The best we'll get from Gibbs anyway."

The two couples laughed together and Tony declared, "Double date tonight to celebrate." After they all agreed, they heard Gibbs in the doorway.

Little did they know he had never left, but had stood there watching his team and adopted family interact. Clearing his throat, Gibbs said, "What ya got Abs?"

Remembering the original reason they had all gathered in the lab, they all turned to look at Abby. The day went on in high spirits and they closed the case quickly.

On the way to the parking lot that night, the team made their way to their individual cars. Tony said, "Boss, you wanna come get a drink with us?"

Gibbs looked at Tony with a humorous glint in his eyes, "Why would I do that, DiNozzo?"

"Well, the family needs to have your supervision since I tend to be stupid, Ziva is a ninja assassin, McGee isn't to be trusted with a girl, and Abby is all hyped up on Caf-pow." Tony summed up the team and gave his Boss his famous grin.

"When you put it that way Tony I have to go." Gibbs replied with a smile that made his grey eyes dance. "Who knows what kinda of trouble you could all get in?"

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