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Bella Swan has always hated living on the grounds of a military camp but this summer everything is about to change…

Sir Yes Sir

[Started: May 21, 2009]

[Bella + Edward]

Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot.

The annoying sound of Charlie's voice kept going and going. I hated having my own personal alarm clock that blared with boots clacking against the pavement and the ongoing grunts of his many "smurfs". Every morning Charlie and his "smurfs" would do morning jogs as part of their rigorous program.

"Smurfs" is what we called them. "Newbies" is probably what the other kids called them. The Smurfs were the new caddys that had decided that military life was for them and their parents annoyingly agreed, which meant having to pay 16,000 a year.

Apparently coming to a military academy had you ranked higher than just calling the 1-800-Army number and asking for what the requirements were. Here at the Jackson Military Academy, grades always came second to working. Sure Jackson had one of the top academic scores in the state but that didn't come from hard work. It came from the smart kids from one of the private schools across town.

Coming to Jackson not only meant you had good money, it meant you had money that could talk. Money is what kept the lies a secret and what kept the truth the hidden. It sucks that I had to sucked into this boring world of liars and fakes. But I had to keep a smile on my face and more importantly keep my big mouth shut.

With Charlie being the headmaster with 23 years of Service under his belt and numerous awards locked away in his office I was the center of attention. All eyes on me. If I was even a little outrageous all eyes would look towards me first and my father second. He would be blamed for not having enough control over his own daughter, how would he have control over a school of 400.

So like I said. I had to keep my mouth shut and my emotions under controlled.

Now, I know you must be thinking. Do I go to this school? Cleary the answer is no. I can barely run down the steps without tripping let alone do obstacle courses in the pouring rain. I attend a public school, make decent grades, and have decent friends. My friends are all pretty much well, afraid of Charlie.

They don't come to the house at all and I barely go to there's. My curfew is at eight and after school and swim team practice, it's pretty much six and two hours is not enough time to get to one place and have fun and rush back home. So me and Red Beauty sit and have fun.

Red Beauty? My beautiful truck. Well, my loud and crappy Chevy my grandfather gave to me in his will. Charlie tried to trick me into fixing it up for me since he saw how much I wanted it. I told him no. That when she finally wanted to stop running then I will give her up. My grandfather used to take me fishing with him all the time in this truck when I was little and still living in Arizona, so much had changed.

There was a knock at my door.

"Bella?" It was Karen, my dad's bitch of a wife, and my unfortunate step mom.

"Yea." I yelled from my bed. I hated her.

"Charlie said once your up you need to wash that dirty car of yours." I rolled my eyes and turned towards my nightstand. I grabbed my cell and flipped it open. 5:32 am.

"At five in the morning?"

"Well your up aren't you? Get to washing!" I listened to her feet quickly descend down the steps. Did I mention how much I hated her?

I reluctantly yanked the covers off my body and straightened out my ponytail. I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and changed. Just some sweats and a oversized Lakers t-shirt. I didn't even bother with shoes.

I carefully walked down the fourteen steps to the first floor. Karen was in the living room reading the newspaper and drinking coffee. Lazy ass. Could have at least made breakfast. I guess I would have to do that too. The clock in the kitchen read 5:49. Charlie's run wouldn't end till 6:45 at the earliest. I rushed and grabbed the dish washing liquid, a big yellow bucket, and a sponge and retreated outside so I could wash Red Beauty. Boy did she need the washing too.

Last week, Jacob Black, one of the only boys on my swim team, decided we all should go four wheeling, and since I had the truck I was automatically stuck being the designated driver. So him, his friend Seth, and some chick who kept giving me the stick eye named Leah who I purposely gave her the name Leach, piled their dirty four wheels into my trunk. The ride was quick but the driving was treacherous. I didn't think Red Beauty would make it through the mud piles and ditches but she did. Four wheeling was fun but I kept getting partnered up with Seth. Sure he was a nice guy but he kept touching me and I'm not a fan of touchy feely boys. Every time I would say something he would either give me a small punch or rub my arm. Jacob and Leach didn't say anything but I could tell from their eye communication they had something to do with this "partnering up" fiasco.

After finishing washing Red Beauty I was wet, sloppy, and dirty. It takes a lot for a girl my height to reach to the top of a Chevy truck. I dumped everything back in their respective spots in the house and decided against taking a shower before making Charlie breakfast like he liked it. Karen was still sitting in the same spot, just on a magazine and the coffee had been replaced to toast and eggs. Bitch.

I made Charlie his favorite, chocolate chip pancakes with sausage and bacon. I was setting everything on the table when he walked in. He was dirty and had mud trackings in front of the door from his shoes before he kicked them off. He gave me a look over.

"What happened to you?" He was taking off his commander jacket.

"I washed my car like you asked. Remember? Karen came and told me this morning."

"Why so early?" He laughed and took a whiff of the food I had just prepared.

"She said you told me to wash it as soon as I woke up."

"Yea, I didn't mean that soon. Did the smurfs wake you up again?" He nuzzled my hair before sitting down.

"Dad this is normal. Ya'll always wake me up. It's nothing new."

"Oh honey." Karen came into the kitchen carrying her plate and glass and sat with my father. I stood there just glaring at her. She has officially fucked up my morning. My face was probably beet red so I just gave a smile and quietly exited and made my way up to my room and decided it was time for a nice shower to change horrible morning into at least something positive. Hey I did clean Red Beauty, that's a start…

I hate English. I hate it, I hate it, did I mentioned that I hated it? Everything had to be structured, punctuations had to be precise, and more importantly 11th grade AP Classes required a lot less fluff and a lot more facts, something I didn't have time to look up. My first mistake in writing this essay was deciding to actually take an AP Class Course. I only took it cause Charlie gave me the speech about empowerment with women now days and if I want to be someone then I have to take and handle the best, which meant class courses. I hated that speech, I remember the first time I heard it. It was my first day of pre-school, of course back then the best choices were the choices between vanilla and chocolate pudding, and being the daughter of a Army Commander I always chose the hardest thing, I went straight for the chocolate, guaranteeing stains on every ounce of my clothing.

It was now the late afternoon, 4:32 to be exact, and I had managed to get nothing done but a nap. The paper was due Monday and had to be at least four to six pages, and I only had my introduction done and no facts to my name. I loved Sundays. The best thing about Sundays in April in Seattle is the late rain. When the skies get darker but still have that glint of daytime. The rain is only a shower but it is so beautiful and the fog and steam after words makes me feel as if I'm in novel.

My cell vibrated and Jacob's face popped up.

"Hey Jake."

"Hey Bella. What are you doing?"

"Doing this boring paper for Mr. Kingsley."

He laughed. "You're still doing that? Didn't you tell me he assigned that like three weeks ago?"

Jacob was one grade below me.

"Yea so what? I'm a procrastinator. I'm just trying to do well enough as to where I earn a C. There is always a final final draft we can turn in at the end of the year for extra credit."

"Bella, things never change. Hey look tomorrow after swim practice did you want to come over my house? Leah and me are four wheeling around the neighborhood."

"Jake you know I can't. Curfew, Commander Swan, do these things ring a bell?"

He laughed again. "Bella just ask him. One day is not going to murder you." I rolled my eyes and bit my lip.

"You know it just might. Besides I don't think Leach will want me tagging along."

"It's Leah Bella, and I promise she won't say anything."

"Bella are you busy?" It was Charlie. I turned and saw his head picking through the crack of my door.

"Jake let me call you back." Before I pressed the red phone button I heard Jake yelled out, "Don't forget to ask him."

"Come in dad." He came in and looked around the room. Nothing much had changed in the last 3 years that I had decided to move here instead of staying in Arizona with my mom Renee and her boyfriend Phil. I wanted to get away from them, all they did was argue and I was tired of it. At the time if I had compared living at home with Renee and listening to them argue but with no curfew to staying on a Military Academy base with 300 kids aged 13-18 I didn't even converse with and have a 8 o'clock curfew, I probably would have chosen the latter.

"So what you doing?" He nodded towards my computer.

"An academic essay for AP English. It's due tomorrow." I answered before he could ask when it was due.

"How far have you gotten?"

I sighed, rolled my eyes, and turned my chair back to the screen.

"Dad, if your going to give me a speech about starting my work on time I really don't need it."

It was quite for a moment and then I heard my bed squeak.

"Bella…" I turned my chair back around. He was sitting there facing me with questions all over his face.

"Yea dad."

"Look, I know I haven't been the best dad out there. But you have to understand that I'm trying. It's hard raising a daughter with a woman who barely even knows you-"

I cut him off. "Karen doesn't try to get to know me. She is a 'you know what' and you know it."

He glared at me. I thought maybe I had pissed him off but his face quickly soften.

"Bella. I think maybe you two should talk. You two barely even say a word unless its relaying messages from me to each other. Karen is a good woman. She's good for me."

"Good for you? What about me? Don't I have any say to what she is to me?"

"What do you mean?" He ran his fingers through his hair.

"You married her and didn't even for once ask if this was ok to me. I could have told you last year before all the 'I love yous' and 'I vow to keep you happy' stuff had happened that I didn't prefer to be in her presence. You did it all on your own."

"I'm a grown man Bella. I make my own decisions."

"So what's wrong with making my own decisions."

It was turning there. What once was a conversation about Karen was now turning into what I wanted as a daughter and a individual.

"Where is this going?"

"Nothing dad. Forget I mentioned anything. I just need to really finish this paper. Can we talk about this later." I turned my computer back to my desk before he could say anything else. He continued to sit there for a few moments and then I heard the door shut. I waited for a few seconds to make sure he was gone before I lost it and tears cascaded down my cheeks. Ugh stupid English Paper.

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