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Chapter 13

I vaguely remember Edward gripping my waist.

I vaguely remember Edward slamming the door shut.

And I sure as hell don't remember how the hell we ended up with our bodies pressed against the door.

What I do remember is the way his lips felt on mine.

I had had my fair share of kisses, most were pretty awful while others were acceptable, but Edward was in a league of his own. His lips worked perfectly on mine. He knew when to tilt his head so our foreheads wouldn't smack together, he knew when to nibble on my lip when I didn't have to ask, and more importantly he knew how to grab my ass like I always wanted it to be grabbed. Cheesy, I know. But truthful? Hell to the fucking yes.

Edward worked his way from my lips to my neck as I suppressed a moan. God this man was torture. I leaned my head back careful not to slam it on the door allowing all the access that Edward wanted.

This was better than my dreams.

Edward sucked on my collarbone while his right palm started to knead at my sides.

So much better than my dreams.

"You're so fucking beautiful." His words were even turning me on.

I pulled his head from my neck by his hair, urging him to kiss my lips again. His lips were so soft, probably softer than mine. His tongue licked the tip of my upper lip begging for entrance. I parted my lips allowing him to enter. The moment his warm tongue traced mine I turned into complete goo. I moaned in his mouth which caused him to crush my body tighter into his.

I could feel his member pressing against my stomach. God I wanted him so bad. Right fucking now.

Think Bella. How far do you actually want to go?

The coherent part of my brain was lashing out at me, while my incoherent parts didn't fucking matter if the entire world was watching this on you tube.

I hitched one of my legs over his. I felt him smile against my lips before he picked me up allowing my other leg to wrap formally around his waist.

Dick meet Pussy.

The friction was in-fucking-credible. Our kissing had gone from "I want you so bad" to "I want to fuck you right fucking now."

He was grinding against me using my ass as leverage. I let out whimpers while he was groaning. I had to take a breath so I pulled away. I was hoping he didn't take it as rejection. One look in his eyes and I knew he understood. He started to place kisses back on my neck while I ran my lousy excuse for nails run through his hair. One of his hands made it up my shirt and was now ghosting against the side of my breast and down the side of my stomach.

"Yo Edward we're back!" A loud knock on the door caused us both to leave hormonal world. His shock ended up with him dropping me on the floor.

"Owww." I rolled over on my side and started to palm my butt.

"Shit sorry." Edward went to help me but I smacked his hands away.

"My ass hurts." I rolled over completely on my stomach not wanting my ass to suffer anymore pain.

"Edward, why is that Bella chick's car out there?" I could tell it was Emmett.

I looked up half expecting Edward to lie about me.

Edward closed his eyes for a moment before looking down at me. I knew that look. He was going to lie to Emmett, tell him he didn't know me. Embarrass me and then lie about ever making out with me.

"Cause we're hanging out."

My mouth dropped opened at the sudden surprise.

"Well open up buddy."

Edward rolled his eyes as I scurried away on my hands and knees. He opened the door and there stood Emmett holding up a huge red candy apple.

"Hello beautiful." His eyes were curious as he stood there eyeing the scene. "Did I interrupt something?" He laughed. I quickly shook my head.

"Well by the way Eddie's 'Big Man on Campus' is hanging out," Edward quickly covered himself. "and Bella's headlights are on high beam. I'm just gonna go out on a whim and say something did happen. And big bro Emmett wants to know." I covered my breasts with my arms and managed to get up.

Emmett shut the door before I could make a run for it.

"Fuck Emmett. Let me out." I half whined, half groaned.

"Or what my pretty doll?" He waved his candy apple in my face. Oh boy, I sure knew where I'd like to stick that candy apple at.

"Man let her go." Edward helped out.

"Hmph." Emmett groaned as if he was a defeated child not being able to stay up for Christmas Eve.

"Bye jerk." I smacked his candy apple out of his hand and made a run for the front door. Thank God and all the Heavenly Angels that I made it safely down the steps and outside near my car. I was expecting a fuming Emmett to be running behind me but nope, nothing.

I smiled to myself and opened my car door.

"Bella?" I turned around and saw Edward running towards me with no shoes on. He looked so cute.

"Yea." I asked once he caught up with me.

He didn't say anything. Just pulled me to him by my waist and pressed his lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he used his hand to guide my chin to whichever direction the kiss was leading to.

"Mmm." I moaned against his lips as I felt his, as what Emmett would like to say, "Big Man on Campus" press up against my stomach again. He pulled away leaving me panting for air. He pressed his forehead against mine as we just stood there staring into each other's eyes.

We knew nothing had been said, nothing was clear, but their was an understanding that we would discuss things eventually. He pecked my lips once more and helped me in the car.

"Call me." I whispered before placing one more chaste kiss on those beautiful lips.

"Always." He kissed me once more and shut my door closed.

Yup, what a great fucking day.

Edward never called that night. I was a little upset that he didn't, but today was Monday. The start of his boot camp. I had made sure to set my alarm clock for the earliest chance possible that I would actually wake up and not slam the alarm off.

The annoying beeping sound woke me up. 4:50 am.

I was two seconds before shutting it off but a few grunts made me all but leap out of bed. I ignored the constant buzzing of my alarm clock and opened my window. There he stood in all his fucking glory.

There was Edward, Emmett, Jasper, and about 12 plus guys all wearing matching camouflage pants, tight tan shirts, matching black boots, and dog tags.

The dog tags are just for identification and usage of the meal plans through the school. Sort of like name tags, but damn it made him fucking sexy. Jasper had his hair in an usual ponytail and a very thin white elastic headband keeping his hair out of place. While Edward on the other hand had his hair drooping in his face.

Charlie had them running in place before blowing his whistle which caused them to drop to their stomachs in a push up position before blowing his whistle again causing them to go back to running position.

Oh yea baby.

Sadly they moved on from in front of the house. Charlie and two of his assistants were leading them away. Just my luck. Jasper happened to look up at me through the window. I was expecting the bitchassness of him to just look away but instead he grinned and slapped Edward in his chest as they were continuing to jog. I watched Edward's nose flare up and couldn't help but giggle. Jasper pointed up and all anger left his face as he noticed me. He smirked and kissed the air. I watched them til I could barely remember which guy was Edward.

I felt like a little kid all over again, so naïve, immature, cheesy, and lame, but I had all the right reasons to be so.

I hopped back in bed, cut the alarm off, and went back to sleep.

I happened to wake back up around noon. I usually never slept in so late so imagine my surprise when Karen didn't bust in with the entire campus security plus 911 firemen to see if I was dead.

My first instinct was to run outside to the campus grounds and search for Edward but I thought him seeing me in my Dora the Explorer pj's would cause more humiliation than cuteness.

What? Dora the Explorer is the shit. Helped me pass Spanish with a C-. And who said Nick Jr. was for kids?

After 30 minutes of showering, brushing my teeth, changing, and doing whatever else I finally managed to make it downstairs just as Karen was putting away the last remaining bits of groceries.

"Morning." I smiled and grabbed an orange off the counter.

"Morning. I bet you slept well." She smirked.

"What do you mean?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

"Oh nothing. I just find it odd how I heard someone's alarm continuously going off and when I finally went in to see if you hadn't died. The alarm was off but the window was wide opened." She put one hand on her hip. I was busted.

See I told you she thought I was dead.

"Bye Karen." I smiled and walked out the back door. The weather was again gloomy. The sky was gray. In Seattle that could either mean rain was coming or the sun was about to shine through. Seattle weather is never set in stone. I took my chances and continued walking down the street towards campus grounds.

I was hoping to catch Edward before Charlie caught me. He knew when I was lying most of the time. And me walking around by myself on campus grounds was just another notch on his suspicion list.

Thankfully Emmett's loud ass laughing caught my attention as I peered through some bushes lining the walk way to see most of the guys from earlier playing football. The remaining guys were eating on one of the park benches. I checked further and smiled when I didn't see Charlie or any of his annoying and nosey assistants.

I squeezed through the bushes and walked carefully around the game. The worst case scenario would be me getting smacked in the face by a football. No way in hell was that going to happen.

"Bella watch out!"

All maneuvering came to a close as I watched the ball fly right towards me. I closed my eyes and shielded my body with my hands expecting the blow to come. It did but not in the way I expected it.

The ball smacked into my shield, but it never actually hit me. The guys all started to yell and chant my name.

What the fuck?

I opened one of my eyes and noticed that the ball had wedged itself between my forearms causing me to catch the ball. A very awkward position but none the less I caught it.

I fully opened my eyes and smiled. I threw it down and did my best touchdown move which probably best resembled a dying chicken on crack.

My glory moment was even better when I felt a pair of sweaty arms wrap around my waist.

"Who knew you could catch." Edward whispered in my ear.

I felt him chuckle against my back before pulling me through the bushes from where I had entered.

I could hear the guys mocking him and making "ooohhhh" sounds. A few were even calling him pussy whipped. I shook my head at the immaturity and laughed it off.

Edward flashed a smile at me before palming my ass, pulling me to his lips.

I guess he's an ass man.

He moaned as I made the first move by cupping his cheeks with both my hands while licking his lips. He parted his lips and my tongue moved in. He was clearly the best kisser out of the two of us. He ran the tip of his tongue along the bridge of my mouth eliciting a moan from my lips. He palmed my ass tighter pressing me against his growing erection. I wrapped my arms around his neck. I felt us moving but didn't pay attention til my back hit the back of a gate. The rattling of the metal vibrated against my neck as Edward continued to fight for dominance with his tongue. His hands moved from my ass and made their way up my shirt, skimming across my stomach. He caressed the bottom curve of my breasts before sucking my bottom lip in between his. My panties were basically pooling at this moment. I used one my hands and guided it over his own hand that was still tracing my curve. I guided my hand on top of his and pulled it up to where my breast was in the middle of his palm.

He kissed me harder as he palmed my breast, making sure to put extra force on my erect nipple.

"Oh God." I moaned against his lips.

"Oh God is right! Isabella Marie Swan get your little ass over here now!" Edward's body was instantly and forcefully yanked from mine. I was scared shitless. Their stood Charlie red as fucking possible with his fists clutched to his side. Edward had been thrown to the fucking ground.

I felt dirty. I never wanted to be caught by anyone making out with someone especially not Charlie. I was starting to fear for Edward's life as Charlie stalked over to him. Charlie yanked him up and threw him back down the ground.

Edward's face was motionless as he endured the pain. I wanted to scream and shout at Charlie for hurting him but I knew my place. I was the one out of line.

"Stay the fuck away from my daughter Cullen! I won't let you hurt her like you did your mother!"

I stood there confused. Cullen. Hurt. Mother. What? I didn't understand. What I did understand was the sound of Edward's fist connecting with Charlie's jaw. Fear was an understatement as I stood there helplessly watching Charlie flail to the ground holding his jaw while Edward pushed himself up and attacked him. The two lousy excuses of assistants were trying to pull Edward off but Edward sat there on top of Charlie throwing blows left and right.

Do something Bella. This is your dad getting hurt!

My mind screamed. This was encouragement enough.

"Stop it Edward!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran towards him desperately trying to pull him off Charlie. The commotion had gotten to the point where some of the boot camp guys including Emmett and Jasper had ran to see what was wrong. The moment Emmett and Jasper's faces saw mine they balls out ran and literally had to peel Edward off Charlie's body.

Surprisingly Charlie wasn't too badly damaged. Just blood a little from his nose and mouth and few scratches on his forehead. I don't know if Edward couldn't fight or if Charlie just had tougher skin.

"Fuck you Cullen boy. Pack your shit and tell daddy your going home!" Charlie yelled as I cradled his head in my lap.

"And fuck you for talking about my mother!" Edward screamed. It was then I noticed he was crying. Emmett and Jasper both stood there in almost shock staring at Charlie.

"You pushed his buttons on purpose!" Jasper yelled.

I was beyond confused. What the fuck was happening.

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