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Twilight's Alternate Ending

I knew he had bitten me. I understood what that meant and hoped that I understood how much it would hurt.

I didn't, of course, but acknowledging the fact that there would be pain helped in lessening it.

And, of course, the fact that I was hurt elsewhere and, therefore, everyone expected me to be in pain, helped hide it.


(Starting from pg 454)

"It hurts," I whimpered.

"I know, Bella, I know" – and then, away from me, anguished – "can't you do anything?"

"My bag, please… Hold your breath, Alice, it will help." Carlisle promised.

"Alice?" I groaned. There was something important. Something that Alice told me that I needed to remember. But everything was hurting too much, and my hand was burning. Why was Edward letting it burn? It was on fire!

Suddenly, I remembered. My eyes flew open as I remembered the conversation I had with Alice, the realization I came to before I had drifted into semi-consciousness, and what that would mean.

I felt a brief moment of sadness at the thought that my last words to Charlie were so hurtful, and that he would be alone, but the relief of not having to be a burden to Edward and his family any longer was stronger.

My eyes flew to Edward's frantic face. I was prepared to reassure him that I could deal with the pain, to not worry, but with sudden clarity I realized that if it were up to him, he would stop the change from happening. I didn't know if that were even possible, but I didn't want to find out. Instead I turned my eyes on Alice who was staring at me with wide hopeful eyes.

Understanding how her gift worked, I made the quick decision to speak out loud, but changed my mind as soon as I saw her eyes lose their focus.

Will he stop it?

Alice's eyes flickered to Edward and she nodded her head slightly.

Okay, so speaking up about it wouldn't help, but would just keeping quiet work?

I received a look of shining admiration from Alice before she carefully blanked her face. She must have been fretting about something other than the future in her head, because Edward ignored her completely.

Not wanting to seem suspicious, I closed my eyes again, seeming as though I was overcome with the pain – which I was close to being – stayed as still as I could, and listened.

"We need to get her to a hospital. I can stitch the head wound and brace the leg here, but she will need X-rays and possible surgery."

I felt like giggling but wisely kept my mouth shut. Lying was something I found very difficult – even now – but lying by omission was something I was accomplished at.

Through the burning pain I could feel a numbing sensation. Carlisle must have pumped me full of morphine, not good. I used all my stubbornness to cling to consciousness. It felt like I was listening to an old radio, underwater, with someone playing with the volume. Sound kept wavering.

"Alice, get me something to brace her leg!" I knew the voice was Carlisle, but it was quiet, far away.

"Why won't she wake?" Poor Edward, he sounded so anxious, frightened.

"Morphine…should know…stop worrying…be fine." It sounded like someone kept turning Carlisle's voice off.

And then suddenly I was in a car. I could hear the motor, feel Edward behind me humming my lullaby almost manically, the seat beneath me. But more importantly, I could feel the burning and knew that keeping quiet would not be an option soon.

I opened my eyes in time to see Alice turn her head and look at me from the front seat. Again, I thought of what I needed to know, and saw her glance at Edward, seem to look at something faraway then turn back to me with a small smile and nod.

Knowing he couldn't do anything to stop the change now I relaxed. Or I tried. Instead of going limp, my rigidly tight muscles tightened further until I was arching against Edward. An inhuman shriek was pulled from my throat.

Everything seemed to freeze around me, even the air.

Then, as if in slow motion, I felt the car pull over and I knew that everyone was looking at me, but I couldn't respond to it, I was in too much pain.

"What…?" I could hear the confusion in Edward's voice and felt bad that he didn't understand what was going on but at the same time proud that Alice and I had kept it from him. And then suddenly I didn't care about anything other than the fact that I was on fire!

I could hear voices but couldn't concentrate on them over my own pain. They were inconsequential.