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It was a stormy night outside in Forks. I would have liked to play baseball, the thunder was perfect, but the wind or pelting rain wasn't.

Lightning spread like sheets of white across the dark sky, the thunder booming in irregular patterns, loud and soft alike. It was foggy outside, the windows were condensed with moisture, frosting the glass, the only thing interrupting the cloudiness were the streaks of raindrops crawling down the windowpane.

The lights were flickering with the electrical interference before they shorted out fully. The children were in their rooms, except Edward and Alice who went to Bella's house to get an overnight bag, as she was staying overnight.

I closed my book and headed to Bella's room just as Esme went looking for the candles.

As I was edging around the corner of the hall to Edward's room, Bella had come the other way and run straight into my chest. I heard the wind getting knocked out of her with an 'oomph' and caught her before she fell to the floor.

"Careful Bella, we don't want Edward to come home and find you injured now do we?"

Her heartbeat sped up and that lovely pink colour spread across her cheeks.

"Uh . . . no?" Oh, I must have been 'dazzling' her.

"Sorry. I was unaware." She turned her eyes down immediately after I released her.

"Well, Carlisle, Edward has to get it from somewhere. I blame you old man." I feigned hurt by placing my hand on the left side of my chest. She rolled her eyes.

"Real mature. Let's get downstairs. You'll have to hold my hand, I can't see sh-anything."

"Nice save Bella."

"Oh hush." As requested, I lead her down the stairs. I let go of her hand as she reached the bottom because even though the electricity was still out, Esme had lit up the entire living room with candles. They were just plain white and the eerie glow filtered throughout the room. It looked just like the Phantom's lair in Phantom Of The Opera. Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper were seated in a half circle with their backs facing the south wall. Esme was sitting opposite to Rose, Bella opposite Emmett and I parked myself opposite Jasper, leaving two spaces open for Edward and Alice when they returned.

Bella curled up slightly at Esme's side, resting her head on her shoulder. Esme smiled and placed a kiss on her forehead and smiled at me.

I smiled back lovingly, I leaned over Bella's head and gave my wife a chaste kiss.

"Aww." Bella was peering up at us, her bright eyes lit with a face as though she was staring at a week old puppy.

"Bella, don't you mean ugh! I mean I knew Esme was a hopeless romantic, but Carlisle? That's unnatural."

"Oh yeah?" Bella cut in, "You're lucky you're sexy Emmett because everyone knows one of the main qualities women look for in men is being romantic," the family mumbled in agreement. "And Emmett, romantic just isn't you."

"My Carlisle can be more romantic than you in one night that you could be in a decade. Isn't that right sweetheart." I gave my wife another kiss in reply – longer, deeper this time.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Emmett roll his eyes. Just because I'm cool.

Emmett cleared his throat and we broke apart, I gave him a look that said 'I. Hate. You', he snorted.

"Anyway, the powers gone out, time for scary stories. Out of nowhere, he pulled out a torch and shone it underneath his chin, trying to look scary – and for a vampire was failing miserably. I scoffed internally at his poor attempt.

"I'm starting off," He turned his voice into a creepy eerie voice. He cleared his throat and he began.

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