So my Christian Fan Fic didn't work out like i wanted
and yes i deleted it.
NO WORRIES i'm going to make one of him soon

HOWEVER i did want to write a Ted Fan Fiction.
so this is my first chapter.


Chapter 1: Young Princess and Young Priceless

"Ted, please stop thanking me" Linda McMahon told the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. "I told you I'd watch Ted for you. Him and Shane get along very well, plus he can get to know Vanessa since its been a while since they've last saw each other"

"I'm sorry Linda for the constant nagging, it's just so hard to keep him happy when we're constantly moving from city to city" Ted replied while flashing a smile. Just as Ted finished his statement, his son and namesake, Theodore Marvin DiBiase Jr., walking into the McMahon locker room.

"Hey there Ted. How are you kiddo?" Linda asked the young boy. Ted was no older than 13 years old, but had some features of his dad.

"I'm fine. I just saw Bret and got a soda. Is Shane here yet?" the young DiBiase asked. Linda smiled.

"He's busy with his dad, but he should be here soon." Linda replied. Ted's face fell a little, showing the disappointment that his friend Shane wasn't around yet. Linda inhaled and spoke "Stephanie and Vanessa are in the back if you want to see them."

"Yeah, go see the girls. Be a stud and hang around McMahon women" the Million Dollar Man joked as he lightly pushed his son in the direction of the girls.

Ted sighed and groaned. He didn't want to be around Stephanie; all she talked about was girl stuff as far as Ted was concerned. The younger DiBiase exhaled and knocked on the door before opening the door. "Hello?" he yelled before fully opening the door.

"Who is that?" Stephanie yelled back before running to the door. The brown haired, green eyed princess opened the door and scoffed. "Shane's not here DiBiase. It's just me and 'Nessa"

"I know. I don't want to be around you either, but my dad said hang out with you..." Ted Jr. spat back at Stephanie who just darted hatred from her eyes before opening the door. Ted sighed as he looked at the dolls on the floor. "Were you two playing Barbie?"

"I was, but 'Nessa didn't want to play anymore" Stephanie replied before Ted's young eyes darted to the 9 year old girl sitting on the couch, staring at the television. Ted sighed and pushed his hands inside his jean pockets.

"Hey Vanessa, what's up?" Ted asked Vanessa. Vanessa briefly looked up and smiled before focusing back on the television. Ted started walking around the television and looked back at Vanessa. "What are you watching?"

"I'm watching wrestling, duh" the youngest of the McMahon family replied. Her big brown eyes looked up at Ted. "You know, that show our dads work for?"

"Funny Vanessa. I know what wrestling is kid; when I grow up, my dad wants me to be a wrestler" Ted admitted. Vanessa looked at Ted and giggled.

"I would have thought that's what you want to do" Vanessa replied while Ted shook his head no.

"Nope. I'm too young to know what I want to be when I'm older" Ted replied. "Not everyone knows what they want to do in life-"

"Only stupid people don't know. I know I want to be in the business" Vanessa interrupted. "I want to be on t.v, like my dad"

"You can't own WWF, Shane is next to own it. You're a girl so you can't wrestle, so that dream goes out the window" Ted replied rudely.

"I'm a McMahon, if I want to work here I will!" Vanessa yelled "Who are you to tell me where I work when I'm older? Just because your dad is Ted DiBiase doesn't scare me"

"Vanessa you are such a little princess it's sad" Ted scoffed before folding his arms and sitting back on the couch. "Where is Shane so I don't have to be around little girls anymore"

"He's with dad, sucks for you Ted Di-Grossy. Now be quiet I'm watching MY dad's company" Vanessa told Ted. Ted glared at Vanessa and scoffed. Vanessa looked up at Ted and stuck her tongue out at him and shoved him. Ted grunted and pushed Vanessa and hit her with a pillow.

"Calm down little girl. You don't want to break a princess nail" Ted replied sarcastically before Vanessa leaped and started hitting Ted. The two young ones fought until a voice beckoned.

"What are you two doing?" Vince McMahon asked while laughing. Ted and Vanessa stopped fighting and looked up at Vince. Standing next to him was his son Shane. "Are you two fighting?"

"Hello Mr. McMahon. I'm sorry, its just Vanessa is such a little... ugh" Ted replied making Vince laugh.

"Daddy, I didn't do anything. I was watching t.v and he started" Vanessa told her dad. She looked over at Shane and sighed "Take your friend Shane. He's so annoying"

"Like you aren't..." Ted mumbled. Shane laughed and motioned for Ted to come with him. Vince watched his youngest daughter stare at the screen.

"Did you start with Ted munchkin?" Vince asked his tiny princess while running his hand through her soft brown hair. Vanessa shook her head no and looked up at her father.

"Daddy, is it true because I'm a girl, I can't work for WWF like you?" Vanessa asked sincerely. Vince smiled and kissed the top of his daughter's head before kneeling to her eye level.

"Of course you can work here at the WWF when you get older Vanessa" Vince started before exhaling "but I want you to be better than this company. I want you to go to college and become smart and beautiful. If after college you want to come here, then you come and work here. Does that sound like a deal princess?"

Vanessa thought about it "It would be if I can be in control of who wants to be a wrestler. That way I make sure Ted never works here with me" the princess replied.

Vince chuckled "How about we see how you do in college first?" he asked his daughter. Vanessa shook her head in agreement before shaking her father's huge hand. Vince smiled and watched his daughter take in the sights of the business.

It was then he realized four things. One, Vanessa would be a part of the McMahon Enterprise; two, Ted would definitely be a part of the wrestling business if his father had his way. Three, Ted and Vanessa would eventually get along and four, something would test these two more than they'd imagine.