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Bella's POV

Its times like these when I just wanted to fast forward through time. This was my fifth time through collage, I was starting to feel sorry for Edward, he'd done this many more times than I.

As I sat in the classroom next to my soul mate, Edward Cullen - the love of my life, the reason for my being – I didn't even bother listening to the man trying to teach me something I've already learnt five times, instead I looked at Edward, he looked at me too, his topaz eyes sparkling.

I loved him too much… and I wanted to scream it to him, but I couldn't really in front of all these people so instead I moved the shield that blocked my mind from him and thought "I LOVE YOU!" Edward smiled my favorite uneven smile and held my hand underneath the table.

He lend close, his lips at my ear and whispered "I love you more"

I shook my head, and wanted to protest but the bell rang telling everyone the day was over.

Edward and I, hand in hand, walked out of the classroom and started walking towards the car, but Edward stopped suddenly, angry, and then started walking in the opposite direction, pulling me with him.

"What is it, honey?" I questioned

"Renesme and Jacob" he grunted

"What did they do this time?" I asked. I was so over them trying to make school 'more exciting', last time they did this we were in Washington and all in our 'senior year' at high school and Renesme and Jacob thought it would be fun to set fire to the principles office. And the time were they turned on all the tapes in the school on, expecting it to flood the school, it didn't work, but it was just so annoying walking around in puddles all day.

He stopped "something worse than before" he took a deep breath and continued walking. Soon after I saw Renesme and Jacob, hand in hand, walking in our direction, they stopped about two meters away from us. Edward was stiff next to me.

"Hey dad" Renesme said shyly, hiding her face.

Edward didn't answer, he just continued glaring at her.

Renesme signed "I guess you found out…"

I was confused. Edward finally spoke "Out of all the places, why here!" he yelled. A few people that were walking past stopped and froze in fear.

"Um…Jacob thought it would be fun" she looked up at Jacob and kissed him.

"This was…your idea…Jacob" he hissed

"Well, yeah. Do you have a problem with that?" he said confidently.

Edward growled. "Yeah, I do"

"Well that's nice…now if you'll excuse me and Nessie, we going to get ready to go to a party tonight" Jacob said and started moving away.

"No, your not! Renesme you're grounded for a month" Edward yelled.

"WHAT! GROUNDED?!!! You can't ground me dad…" Renesme yelled back.

"I just did" Edward said smiling.

"Edward, that hardly sounds far, what did they do?" I questioned

"Do you want to tell her or shall I?" Edward asked. Renesme ducked her head in embarrassment.

Edward lent down and whispered in my ear "they had sex in the deans office"

"YOU WHAT!!!" I yelled "that is just…" I tried to find the right word "unacceptable!"

"I'm sorry, mum, it wont happen again." She promised

"I bloody hope not!" I was still mad at her but she was just being a teenage, even though she'll be frozen at 18 her whole life, I still knew where she was coming from. I signed.

"Well you better get going, you don't want to be late for the party" I encouraged

Edward, Renesme and Jacob all at once said "huh?"

"I see were your coming from, so your not grounded, now go, before I change my mind!" I yelled as they walked off.

Edward slowly turned to face me and signed.

"What?" I asked

"I just thought, maybe this once you'd be on my side. I always play the bad cop and I don't like it."

"Then don't…" I laughed

"But...they…" he stopped, lost in thought "Never mind"

He was so cute when he was angry or confused. I kissed him softly and took his hand in mine and once again started walking to the car.

Later that night after Edward and I went hunting, Edward was starting to get anxious about something.

"Okay, what's up?" I yelled while we were watching some lame show on TV

"What you mean?" he looked confused

"You're acting like you're late for something and it's pissing me off!" I screamed

"Okay…so I was thinking…do you want to go to that party tonight?" he said while looking into my eyes.

"Huh? a party, why would you want to go to that?" I questioned

"Well…we never go to any parties and Renesme and Jacob always do, I want to have fun too" he whispered.

"Edward I know we may not look old on the outside but we kind of are, even though I'm trapped inside this 18 year old body doesn't mean I am one. Renesme is our daughter, were parents we can't go out parting."

"I was nearly 100 when I meant you, I still went to parties. I don't feel old now and I definitely don't look old, so please can we just go out tonight." He asked

"I guess when you say it like that then yes its okay for us to go out, but I feel like Renesme will think were spying on her or something." I answered

"No she wont, and she cant feel embarrassed because no one knows were her parents, now go get ready, we don't want to be late" he kissed me and then disappeared before I could say anything else. I guess I did feel like going out and dancing so I got up and put the only going out dress I had on and let my hair out. As soon as I was done with my make up Edward was outside my door in very nice casual cloths, he was wearing skinny's and converse with a dark blue t-shirt on that formed around his body nicely, it turned me on a little.

"Ready?" Edward asked even though he already new the answer. He grabbed my hand and we walked to his car. On the way there Edward was very quite the only thing he said to me was that my dress made me looked sexy, I told him he looked very handsome in his outfit. Once we arrived, I already had the feeling of the party atmosphere in me, Edward grabbed my hand and we walked inside. The house was packed with teenagers that were drinking and dancing. The music was okay, I didn't mind the songs but they weren't any of my favorites. Edward pulled me close against his body as we dance to the music, I was actually enjoying myself until I heard.

"Mum? Dad? What the hell are you doing here?" Renesme screamed

"We're out having a fun time, now will you please leave us alone and go do your OWN thing!" Edward yelled back but when he was finished he pulled me close to him again and continued dancing as if Renesme didn't interrupt. I gave Renesme a 'sorry, this wasn't my idea' look and continued dancing with Edward. Renesme stormed off with Jacob. After awhile of dancing Edward told me to follow him, I did, I followed him into one of the spare bedrooms, I was a bit confused, this wasn't like Edward at all. As soon as I closed the door behind me Edwards lips had found mine, I didn't mind this at all, so I kissed him more passionately. Edward's hands were starting to pull my dress up, I pulled away from him.

"What are you doing?" I asked

"What do you think I'm doing?" Edward pulled me back to him and kissed me. Since I couldn't talk, I moved my shield and thought "Edward…this isn't our house, and there are hundreds of people down stairs, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!"

"Well no ones going to come in…" he protested and kissed me on the neck, starting to take off my dress again.

"Please, don't." I whispered

"Why not?" Edward said angrily.

"If it was any other time then yes I would be happy to, but we are at some strangers house, Renesme and Jacob are down stairs and this room doesn't even have a lock!" I yelled.

Edward thought for a minute and then started laughing, that took my by surprise.

"Your right, what am I thinking, I'm sorry" he said while hugging me. "It won't happen again"

"Good, now let's get home…and have our own little party" I whispered in his ear. Before I knew it we were out the door and heading for the car.

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