A/N: I have been feeling a little uninspired lately so I thought that maybe some small project would help me to get back to the settle. So I had a thought of writing a small crossover fic of Naruto and Bleach. Basically it means that I have taken the usual Naruto gang and mixed them with the people of the Soul Society. If anyone has read mine another short fic: Day in Uchiha manor you understand what I mean. This fic will take place in Soul Society before the actual start of the Bleach. So no Kurosaki or other humans BUT there are SOME of the Bleach character as Captain-Commander Yamamoto, Byakuya Aizen, Hinamori etc. will show their faces in this fic. Some are replaced and some are not. Everyone is a Shinigami and Naruto gang is from the shippuden so they are in the mid teens. Also, because this AU has opened so many doors, I have decided to take advantage of those doors. So be prepared. And… wait… that's…about it.  Enjoy.

A/N: Summary: Naruto is the vice-captain of the Third squad, under the command of the Captain Jiraiya. See how he lives through his day.

A/N: This is something I just started writing in a impulse so it has a lousy grammar. Try to bear with it.

Disclaimer: yeah… I just happen to own both Bleach AND Naruto myself. By the way, THAT WAS SARCASM. I DON'T OWN THEM.

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Day in the Soul SocietyMorning

Naruto opened his eyes and slowly sat up. "What is it?" He mumbled.

"4th seat Inuzuka Kiba here!" The door was banged again. "Wake up you idiot! Someone is here to see the taichou and I can't find him anywhere. Is he there?"

"Here? Why in the hell would he be here?" Naruto mumbled and looked around his simple room. There is nobody here expect me. "Now, go away and let me sleep!"

There was a moment of pause. "WAKE UP YOU IDIOT!!! There is a messenger from the 1st squad who wants to talk with the taichou! Why do I even have to talk with him? I'm only the 4th seat anyway! At least give me a promotion and-" Naruto opened the door, fully dressed now, glaring daggers into one others heart.

"Shut up, okay?" He yawned loudly. "Now, where's the messenger?"

"Waiting for you in the lobby, with all the girls of our squad." Kiba muttered angrily.

"You mean-"

"Yeah, EMO-king has entered the building." Naruto muttered and placed his zanpakuto to its place on the waist. They walked through the corridors. "Where's the 3rd seat?"

"Izuru is searching for the captain." Kiba answered. "What are we going to do with him?"

"There's nothing we can do really." Naruto shrugged. "He is our captain. That's it."

"You're only saying that because you're the second in command." Kiba muttered.

Naruto chuckled. "Maybe so." They entered the lobby where they were greeted by a familiar sight. Black haired man standing in a middle of a crowd of women while trying his best to ignore them, which didn't seem bother women trying to get his attention.

"What's so cool about him? I could beat him if I wanted to." Kiba muttered jealous of all the girls swirling around him.

"How should I know?" Naruto shrugged. "Don't you have anything to do?" He exclaimed loudly to the group of women who jumped in shock before running out of the lobby apologizing and greeting him. "What is it, Teme? Unlike you, we are actually pretty busy here."

Sasuke snorted. "Doing what? Being a looser?"

"You basr-" Kiba rushed towards him but Naruto stopped him.

"How I spent my days is my business." He smiled proudly like sleeping all day was something to be proud of. "But what is the message?"

Sasuke ignored him. "Where is that captain of yours?" He asked looking around the lobby.

At the same moment Kira Izuru run to them and whispered to Narutos ear. "He is meditating."

"I see." Naruto sighed. "What a pain in the ass. But anyway, what's the message, tell me so I can deliver it."

"The message is to captain of the squad. Not to the dead-last like you."

"You forgot that I am the vice-captain of this squad? 6th seat?" Naruto said the words with most pleasure. "I outrank you from now-on." He smiled proudly. "Actually, even Kiba and Izuru outrank you." He exchanged smile with the two.

"Fuku-taichou…" Izuru tried to scold him.

"DAMN RIGHT!!!" Kiba yelled loudly. "I'm the 4th seat! You're only merely 6th seat. So tell us the message and crawl under the rock you came from!"

Sasukes face made an evil grin. "I'm the 6th seat of the first squad. Also known as the best squad. You better to remember that."

"You want to find the truth-?" Kiba asked angrily and took a hold of the scabbard of his zanpakuto. "of which squad is better? I'm up to it here and now!"

"Kiba-san!" Izuru yelled and stepped between them. "Stop that! Now!"

"Bu-" Kiba tried to argue.

"Listen to Izuru." Naruto said calmly. "So, can you tell us the message today or do we have to wait for much longer?"

Sasuke turned his back to them. "Captains are going to hold a meeting to welcome the new captain of the 10th squad. All vice-captains and captains are to be present. The meeting begins at noon."

"So that means, I won't have to watch your ugly face, huh?" Naruto nodded. "You can go."

Sasuke sneered and walked away. Just on the front door, he stopped and looked around. "Such a run-down place… but I guess squad and barracks go hand-in-hand both in fame and state of condition."

"What was that?" Kiba asked furious. Even Izuru was now glaring at his back.

"I don't know what that… man was thinking when choosing you as his squad's officers. But I guess he had his reasons… how drunk he might have been." Both 3rd and 4th seats were holding their scabbards now.

Naruto had to keep his calm no matter how hard it was. He would let the bastard have the enjoyment of being able to make him lose his cool. "Leave, sixth seat Uchiha Sasuke. Before I make you."

"You think you had what it takes to take me on?" Sasuke asked now taking the hold of his scabbard as well. "Unlike you, I reached my seat myself. Not with the help of my mothers name."

"You basrt-" Kiba was about to jump on him.

"Stop!" Naruto yelled. "Stand down, Kiba."

"But Naruto! That was totally-"

"Stand down. Both of you."

He and Naruto glared each other there for a while.

"What's the ruckus over here?" Both of them looked over to the new voice. Older man with white hair and a bathrobe was walking towards them. He looked like he had just woken up and was suffering from a hangover. "Everyone should know the rule, no loud voices until noon."

"Good morning, Jiraiya-taichou." Both Kiba and Izuru bowed their backs in respect to the man.

"So you finally woke up?" Naruto muttered amused. "And I thought I would have to come and wake you up myself."

"I would rather sleep forever than let a guy to wake me up." Jiraiya giggle. "If it was one of our female members it would completely different matter."

"Taichou." Izuru scolded him. "There is a message from the first squad."

Jiraiya shifted his eyes to the man at the door way. "Uchiha Sasuke, huh? What brings a genius like you to my squad? I am sorry but I have no vacant officers seat available."

There was a moment when Sasukes voice could be heard even though he didn't open his mouth: 'Are you kidding me?' But quickly he improved his act and politely shook his head. "No thank you. I'm here only to deliver the message. Your… officers have already heard it. I myself have to hurry and deliver the message to everyone. Good bye." He left before anything else could be said.

"Bastard." Kiba muttered after he was gone. "That was completely out of line!"

"I agree." Izuru nodded. "You shouldn't take it too seriously, fuku-taichou."

"Thanks… I guess." Naruto muttered. "Anyway, Ero-taichou, you are expected to show up to welcome the new captain of the 10th squad at noon."

"That's it? Why should I go? I don't feel like doing anything today." Jiraiya muttered and stood up. Then sudden shrieks made everyone halt.

"PERVERT!!!" Some female squad members screamed and run through corridors covering their eyes.

"Taichou. Please put some clothes on." Izuru asked embarrassed. "Little more dignified actions would be for worse."

"… hmm what?" Jiraiya asked confused before grinning painfully. "This headache is getting worse. Naruto, get your ass back to the 4th squad and ask them send some nurse to heal my head."

Naruto nodded quietly. "I'll leave things to you, Izuru." He muttered and walked out of the barracks.

"Aah… yes, fuku-taichou." Izuru nodded. "Come, Kiba-san."

"Sure… I hate that guy… I would like to… and then…" He mumbled things like this all the way out of the lobby.

Jiraiya sighed was still sitting on the floor, now completely awake. 'That kid never has it easy has he.' He had sent Naruto away to give him some time to think his things through.

Naruto was walking through streets of Seireitei he was quiet in thought of what Sasuke-teme had said. Uchihas were a noble family as well so why did he have to bring that up? Naruto was well-aware that he was still a rookie-vice-captain but he was doing his best. He sighed sadly. He had been the dead-last in the academy and it had been a miracle that any squad had recruited him. He had been one of the foot soldiers of that squad, doing only menial tasks just like the captain of that squad had wished him to do. Keeping him out of the front-lines. Of course that hadn't prevented him from training until he had finally able to reach his Shikai. He looked down to his zanpakuto. It had been a complete accident actually that he had been able to reach that ability.

He had been doing some deliveries through the Soul Society when a hollow had attacked him. Alone, he had no choice but to fight and so he had. Unfortunately it had been way too strong for a… dead-last like him and almost defeated him. That was until his zanpakuto had called him. He had been able release it and… hollow was defeated. Simple as that. After the fight, out of nowhere the captain of the 3rd squad had appeared and asked if he wanted to learn few tricks from him. After a few weeks of secret training, he raised the query he had on his mind from the start. Would you become my second in command? He had asked and now he was here. The vice-captain of the third squad. He tried his best not to let Ero-tai-Jiraiya-taichou down.

After he thought about it, he was quite happy with how the things turned out. It had taken a while but few days ago, finally his squad had accepted him. It had been after the 'unofficial never happened duel between Kiba and Naruto' where Naruto had to everyone's surprise, defeated him. After that, things had been easier and now he could actually be proud of his choice to join the 3rd squad. Naruto stretched his arms lazily. Yes, he was most satisfied with the way the things were.

Finally he arrived to the fourth squad barracks where he recognized a familiar sight sweeping in front of the main doors. "Hana! Yo!" He exclaimed loudly and happily.

"Naruto-san. Nice to see you after a while." Younger boy smiled before he realized it. "I'm sorry its –"

"Don't say that now." Naruto calmed him down. "I'm here with… official business of my squad but you can always call me by my name. After all," He smiled. "we are friends."

"Thank you, Naruto-san." Hanataro Yamada nodded shyly. "You were always so good to me." He muttered happily.

"Anything wrong?"

"Nothing! It's just that… after you were gone it has been a little, lonely here." He muttered sweeping again. "How are things in your new squad?"

"They are going fine." Naruto smiled. "I quite satisfied with the way things are now."

"You're one step close to your dream then huh?" Hanataro asked.

"Yes." He nodded proudly. "One day… I will be the captain-commander!"

At same moment someone slapped the back of his head. "Yeah right, Baka."

"Ow ow ow ow!" He clutched to his head. "Who the hell?"

"Sakura-san! You shouldn't do that." Hanataro tried to stop the pink haired woman who had just appeared behind them with a group of squad members.

"Did you say something, 7th seat?" Sakura asked warningly. "And you should be doing your shores, not running around acting stupid!" She sighed. "You're totally helpless. I go away for few weeks and what I find? You two slacking off like usual."

"Sakura-san! You have been on a mission for so long that you don't-" Hanataro tried to explain.

Naruto stopped him and smiled. "I will if you go to a date with me." Naruto smirked.

"Hah. How many times I have to tell you that I'm love with Sasuke-kun! He both outranks and outsmarts you. You understand? I'm the 6th seat. Just like him. We are meant to be." She started dreaming.

"You dream on! Sasuke-kun belongs to me!" 9th seat, Yamanaka Ino stated loudly. "You on the other hand aren't even a seated officer but you are only recruited because your mother happens to be the captain."

"Sakura-san, that's completely out of-" Hanataro tried to calm them down but Naruto stopped him again.

"Okay, okay. I understand. You're the 6th seat. And I'm nobody." He smiled happily. "I understand." He walked away. "Good luck, Hana!" He smirked before disappearing through the barracks.

"What was that all about?" Sakura asked curiously. "Did something happen while I was away?"

Hanataro quickly continued to sweep the floor. "Well… nothing that special… I guess."

Naruto walked through the hallways of the barracks knowing his way around. He knew the 4th barracks like his own backyard so he knew how to navigate his way to his destination without facing too many people. Everyone he met bowed and treated him like he was a complete stranger.

He ignored most of them until he found the door he was looking for. First he raised his hand to knock before he thought, why bother. He slammed the door open and exclaimed loudly: "Yo! What's up?"

"Naruto-kun, I mean Senju-fuku-taichou. We are now both vice-captains." Shizune, the vice-captain of the 4th squad greeted him happily as he entered the office. "What brings you here?"

"I'm here for a request of my captain." Naruto answered bored looking around the office, ignoring the person behind the desk. "How are things here?"

"Quiet." Shizune answered. "And not so quiet. We are still quite shocked that you left as so easily."

"Really?" Naruto asked indifferently. "What surprised me is that I was able to leave this place. Right, kaa-san?"

"I allowed you to join that idiot's squad and not only that but he made you his vice-captain. Is he brain dead? Not that I need an answer for that." Senju Tsunade, captain of the fourth squad muttered. Mother of Naruto and head of Senju, one of the four great noble houses just like Shihoin and Kuchiki. "Are you sure you don't want to come back? I can give you even a place as a seated officer if that's what you want."

"And put me on my place to sweep the floors with Hanataro like always?" Naruto added rather coldly. It was true that his mother had recruited him from the academy herself but no to favor him. It was to prevent any other squad taking him. Tsunade was extremely overprotective of his only son and that's why he had always done usual errands instead of fighting or even interacting with other squads. So he would stay out of harm's way. Sweeping floors, washing laundry and in the mean time hoping he would come to his senses and start taking kido training more seriously and become a medic. But she must have been cursed because on a routine delivery mission he had fought a hollow and also reached his shikai. And then that pervert had arrived and asked him to join his squad. Tsunade had tried almost everything to prevent this transfer but Naruto was stubborn and won the struggle. It had taken a lot of sake and power to accept the fact: her babyboy was growing had she couldn't stop it or even control it.

She sighed. "With your kido control there's nothing else I can give you."

"Life sucks." Naruto smiled proudly. "Anyway, Ero-taichou wants a 'hot nurse' to heal-"

"Rejected." Tsunade said flatly before standing up and quickly jumping over her desk she crushed him to a tight hug. "But I guess I need someone to look after him so he doesn't kill himself. So, what really brought you here?"

"Nothing special." He shrugged after she let him go. "I just wanted to have a talk with you after a while. You know."

"I see." Tsunade walked back to her desk. "What is it? You can tell me. Right Shizune?"

"Of course." Shizune had always been like a older sister to Naruto so it was easy to confide in her. "Let me guess. It was 'EMO-king' once again, wasn't it?"

"… yeah." Naruto muttered. "He really pisses me off." He clutched his fist. "I'm getting really pissed of that only my squad treats me like a vice-captain. To everyone else I'm always the 'son of Senju' and 'dead-last'. I really hate it."

Tsunade sighed. "That's because they are jealous." She answered. "And it is quite exceptional that you became a vice-captain of another squad just like that. It does raise few questions."

Naruto sighed. "I understand that but still…"

"Think it this way!" Shizune smiled. "You're the first one of your graduate class to reach the spot of vice-captain."

"I guess that is something." Naruto shrugged.

There was a moment of silence until it was broken by knocking sound. "Tsunade-taichou. Can I come in?" Sakuras voice asked.

"Sure." Tsunade said back and the door was opened. "What is it?"

"3rd seat of 4th squad came asking if his vice-captain was here. But it's only Naruto." Sakura said after looking around. "I was hoping to see the new vice-captain myself."

Naruto was on the bad mood so he didn't even bother to answer. "What is it, Izuru?"

"Naruto! You should treat officers of other squads with more respect!" Sakura slapped him painfully. "Even if they are not from our squad."

"Its okay, Haruno-san." Izuru hurried to calm her down. "Anyway, Taichou has disappeared again."

"What?" Naruto asked. "How did that happen?"

Izuru looked a little uncomfortable. "Taichou wanted to go take a bath so we gave him a little privacy but when Kiba went to give him his clothes he had…"

"Disappeared." Naruto groaned. "What a troublesome captain. Okay, I'm off. Take care, Sakura-chan."

"What?" She asked confused. "What exact- WHAT!?!?!?" Naruto had taken a chance of an opening and gave her little peek on the cheek. And before she could retaliate, Naruto had rushed out of the office laughing like a little kid leaving very uncomfortable Izuru alone with laughing Shizune, angry Tsunade and enraged Sakura.

"I… shall take me leave then." He bowed quickly and run after his vice-captain. "Fuku-taichou!"

"Naruto! Get your ass back here! That's an order!" Sakura screamed from the top of her lungs.

"I'm sorry Sakura-san but Naruto-kun isn't under your rule anymore." Shizune answered.


Naruto laughed happily when his ears heard a very loud scream which sounded something like: "WHAT!?!?!?"

"Fuku-taichou. That wasn't very professional." Izuru scolded him when they run side by side towards the business area of the Seireitei.

"It was worth it." Naruto smiled proudly.

"It seems that you're on better mood, Fuku-taichou."

"Why wouldn't I?" He asked. "Anyway, let's find that pervert where ever he is hiding. You look all taverns on that side while I go this way. Wait…"

"What is it, Fuku-taichou?"

"If you are here… then who is in lead of the squad?" Naruto paled. "Don't tell me…"


"Okay! The awesome Kiba Inuzuka is here to kick some serious ass!" Kibas voice echoed through the 3rd squad's barracks. "First rule! Every girl go topless!"

Two minutes later an emergency call was made to the 4th squad. It seems that a hollow had found its way to the Seireitei without anyone noticing and then it had beaten unsuspecting Kiba to a bulb and written a word: pervert all over his body before he was rescued by female members of the squad. No one wanted to question this theory.

So when Naruto and Izuru finally reached the barracks, they were greeted by the 5th seat.

"Maybe next time you should remain here and send Kiba to fetch me." Naruto muttered.

"I guess…" Izuru muttered. "What should we do about Taichou?"

"Leave him be. He will crawl out from his rock when he is needed. Anyway, we still have our jobs to do."


"This sure is some nice sake, eh Shunsui?" Jiraiya took a gulp and laughed. "Good!"

"Yes it is." Captain of the 8th, Kyoraku Shunsui smiled back. "I was little surprised that you invited me to drinking this early in the morning. But not that I'm going to complain. Nanao-chan might get a little upset when she finds out. But that can wait. Now, what you wanted to talk about?"

"Talk about? What you mean?" Jiraiya asked. "I'm here only to have a drink with my good friend."

But Shunsui only kept smiling. Jiraiya sighed and gave up. "I'm curious." Jiraiya was known of his curious nature and that also made him one of the most knowledgeable people in the Seireitei with his own spy-network.


"The new captain of the 10th squad." He answered. "I heard that he was a young prodigy."

"Me too." Shunsui admitted. "There seems to be prodigies and geniuses everywhere these days don't you think?"

"So it wasn't you who supervised his bankai?" Jiraiya asked.

"No it wasn't." Shunsui shook his head. "You must really be on the end of your rope if you are asking me about this." He laughed.

Jiraiya grumbled. "I hate this. Well, I'll found out sooner or later."

"Yes you do." His friend took another long gulp of sake. "I have a question for you in turn."

"Yes? Let me guess, it's about Naruto."

"Yes, the famous Senju heir. Is it true that you took him as your vice-captain just because Tsunade-san asked you to?"

"What you think?"

Shunsui smirked. "That you are not that kind of person who would do something like that. Or that Tsunade-san would have ever asked you to do that. Knowing her you had to fight to get what you wanted. The question is, was it worth it?"

"What you mean?"

"I admit that it's none of my business what kind of person is another squad's vice-captain but I have heard rumors that he was…"

"The dead-last of his class?" Jiraya completed the sentence. "Was only a foot soldier in his old squad? Almost no skill with kido? They are all true."

"Then why?"

"For several reasons but the biggest one you'll understand when you meet him. And it's not all true what they say! He isn't that weak. He only needs some battle experience and he could've easily become a vice-captain in any another squad. And now after few weeks I can truthfully say that it was a good choice. Just in short time he has been able to get the approval of the whole squad. He can be calm and collected when needed and is very good leader material. Even if he is stubborn, childish and a complete idiot."

"He sounds exactly like you." Shunsui pointed out little surprised.

"And I'm serious too. I'm actually quite pleased with the fact that all the captain posts are filled right now. It would have only been a matter of time before he had asked for the captain-test himself. Now I can just sit back and let him do all my work."

"Oyh oyh oyh. That's not very nice thing to do." Shunsui scolded him.

"Like you're in any position to judge me. Where's your vice-captain?" Jiraiya asked.

"Okay, he is a good leader but is he strong? He was the dead-last of his graduate class, right? So is he really suitable to be a vice-captain?"

For the first time, Jiraiya seemed serious. "He is strong." He said with uncharacteristic gloom voice which made even Shunsui to lower his drink. There was a moment of silence to what seemed like he was reminiscing something. "That… is one of the reason's I wanted to make sure he would be a member of my squad."

Shunsui leaned back. "That really surprised me. I can't wait to meet him."

"Well, we're supposed to welcome the new captain of the 10th squad soon enough. You will meet him in the process."

Then the mood saddened considerably. "That bastard." Jiraiya muttered.

"Why couldn't it have been me?" Shunsui agreed.

"To have a vice-captain with biggest boobs." They ended the sentence together.

"Well excuse me for not being a bimbo!" They both gulped and turned to the door where vice-captain of the 8th squad was releasing tremendous killing aura. "So this is where you were."

"I-im sorry Nanao-chan! I was only kidding! My cute Nanao-chan! Help me out Jiraiya-kun… Jiraiya-kun?"

"Gamakan-taichou (A/N: I don't know Jiraiyas last name so I made my own) ran away."

At the same moment Jiraiya appeared at street. "Sorry, pal." He muttered as he walked away.

"Ero-taichou!" All too familiar scream echoed through the street.


"That was way too cruel." Jiraiya muttered to himself. "Getting a scolding from a kid like him. And I thought vice-captains were supposed to be under captains."

"I can hear you, taichou." Naruto exclaimed loudly. "Anyway, you get to yourself ready for departing to the first barracks."

"Welcome back, Taichou. Fuku-taichou." Guards bowed to them as they passed the gate. As they walked through the main doors.

"Fuku-taichou! Awful trouble!" Some female squad members rushed to him, ignoring Jiraiya completely. "Awful trouble."

"Calm down. What is it?" Naruto asked and stepped forward.

"Lucky bastard." Jiraiya muttered bitterly. "Why all chicks are around him?"

"Because our squads girls have a bad taste when it comes to men." The answer came behind him. "Taichou." Kiba limped to his side.

"Good point, 4th seat." Jiraiya nodded sagely. "If you had shown such intellect when I was looking for a vice-captain…"

"You would've made me a…"

"A 3rd seat when I had promoted Izuru." Jiraiya crushed his hopes with that.

"Well, it's not like I would've wanted the job." Kiba leaned back lazily. "And I think Naruto is doing a lot better job than I would've in his place."

"Exactly." Jiraiya smirked. "Look at him. People come to him with different kind of problems yet he is not even a least bit of panicked. Many people only see his goofy side and never have a chance to see this. Inuzuka."

"Hai, Taichou?" Kiba tried to correct his posture.

"You have to help him every way you can. That's your job with Izuru."

"Hai!" Kiba nodded proudly. "I will do my best. By the way, here are the pictures of my scouting mission." He handed him an envelope secretly.

"I see…" Jiraiya blushed slightly. "I value your efforts to always complete missions I give you." He took a little peek to the envelope. Up skirt pictures of nurses. "Yes, very much so."

"Thank you, taichou."

"And I want you three to do what I told you before. We will be gone at least couple of hours so contact Izuru if there are any troubles. Okay?"

"Hai, Fuku-taichou!" Girls screamed excitedly. Even though Uchiha Sasuke was the Shinigami of the month in three months in a row, nobody in the 3rd squad thought of him nothing more than as an idol. A dream. A fantasy. Naruto-kun on the other hand was real. Cute looking, smart, funny with a rank and also he was an heir of one of the most prestigious noble houses in all the Seireitei. So there was a man with many, rank, looks and mind. In short other words Sasuke-kun was soon being replaced.

"Damn lucky bastard." Jiraiya muttered bitterly.

"What did I do now?" Naruto asked annoyed.

"You're such an idiot!" Kiba screamed before running away fuming with his limping leg.

"What was that all about?" He asked curiously.


Naruto continued his job as a vice-captain of the squad, oblivious to the couple of spying eyes.

"It's true!" First one whispered from her hiding place, a small bush."Naruto-baka is really a vice-captain! This must be some sick joke, right?"

"I… I don't know." The other one whispered back. "It's just… how did this happen? Seriously, Pig, how did he become a vice-captain in only few weeks we were gone."

"I don't know it, Forehead but what about now?" Ino asked little cautiously.

"What you mean?"

"Are you going to move along with your boyfriend to a new squad?" Ino smiled childishly. "You have to move fast or those other girls will steal him from you."

"He is not my boyfriend!" She yelled.

"What was that?" Someone of the guards asked.

"I'm not too sure. Let's check it out."

"This is bad!" Ino screamed and jumped out of her bush and rushed towards the wall that separated the 3rd barracks from the rest of the Seireitei.

"Wait for my you Pig!" Sakura run behind her.

"Hey you two! Stop! What are you doing here?" But the two were long gone before that.

"Did you see that?" One of the guards asked. "Those two were…"

"They were girls. I think I have seen them before in the 4th squad."

"No way!" The first one groaned. "Not only girls in our squad but others too?"

"My friend is in the first squad and he told me how he always has to fend off girls who try to get their hands on 'Uchiha-kun'. Does this mean we will have to do the same, do we?"

"I hope not."

"Me neither."

"TAICHOU!!!" They both jumped back in shock. "Don't sneak up on us like that!"

"Sorry sorry." He waved his hand. "Anyway, Naruto! Let's get going. We're late as we are."

"Coming." Naruto exited the barracks beaming. "Later! And Kiba, please be aware of… hollows lurking around. They can really be a trouble if you're not careful."

"Shut up!" Was the only reply he received.

Jiraiya and Naruto walked through Seireitei to the first barracks. "Feeling any better?"

"Of course. Why wouldn't I?" Naruto asked like there were no worries in a world. This happy-go-lucky attitude of his was really annoying when it came to it. "Just what you meant by that?"

"Nothing." Jiraiya looked away.

"Anyway, what kind of person this 10th squad captain is?"

"How should I know?" Jiraiya asked. "I've never met him before."

Naruto glared him for a moment.

Jiraiya sighed. "His name is Hitsugaya Toshiro. He is told to be a prodigy. His zanpakuto is named Hyorinmaru. It's an ice based zanpakuto. He is said to be 'cold as ice'. Has no friends. Easily annoyed by goofing off. Has some… weird family-kind-relationship with Hinamori-chan, the vice-captain of the 5th squad. Has family in Rukongai, old woman, his grandmother if I'm correct. He likes natto but doesn't like persimmons. His preferred girl-type isn't known."

Naruto was quite for a moment. "That was… filling."

"You asked."

"You know spying into other people's lives isn't nice."

"I'm curious. That's the human nature."

"Bullshit." Naruto muttered. "You're just nosey." Then he coughed. "What you have on Sakura-chan?"

"Not again! For the last time, I won't give you any information because you ask like a lovesick poppy!"

"Why? Why is so bad for me to want to have Sakura-chan as my girlfriend? I'm sure she will see how great I am any day now!"

Jiraiya sighed. "Boy," he laid his hand fatherly over his shoulder. "I know how it feels to be first time in love. Trust me I've been there too."

"About a millennium ago." Naruto muttered.

"Shut up! Anyway, because you're just a kid, you think everything will work okay and you and this pink head with no real figure is 'the one' because she is the 'first one', right? But the world doesn't work that way. Do you know why theirs is a first love?"


"So our hearts would be broken, smashed, eaten, burned, and shattered to a thousand pieces." Jiraiya sighed sadly. "But that happens so after our first hearth break we are ready for our true love and all the hardship she brings with herself."

Naruto was silent for a moment. "I'm… almost convinced. If only you weren't famous of being a lonely creep who has a habit of peeping into women's bath."

"That has nothing to do with this!" Jiraiya yelled angrily. "Could you even consider test driving another girl? You might actually enjoy it." 'And when being occupied with your 'girlfriend', all other girls lose their interest in you.' "C'mon. Would that be so bad?"

"Let's presume you're right and Sakura won't even consider me as her boyfriend, who would?" Naruto asked.

"You know… almost every girl in the Soul Society. Like…" He looked around. "Like… her!"


" The vice-captain of the 8th squad. She is right over there." Jiraiya pointed towards the direction where Shunsui and Nanao were walking from. Shunsui acted like a scolded dog.

"Shunsui-kun! Hi there!" He rushed to his friend's side. "Sorry about this morning. I was in a real big hurry so I had no choice. You'll forgive me right?"

"Oyh oyh oyh! If anything, at least not that easily, you know? My cute Nanao-chan had to scold be long for drinking with you? How're you going to reconcile with that?"

Jiraiya quickly jumped to his side and whispered few things to his ear.

"What? You can't be-!" Shunsui disagreed but Jiraiya continued fighting with him. "That's true but-! I know but-! Are you sure?" Jiraiya smirked and nodded.

"Think about it all that we can achieve if I'm right?"

"But what if you're wrong? They can become a real pain when together, you know?"

"Don't worry. If I am right, she will be too busy keeping him in the line while he is too busy trying to run away."

"But if I won't forgive him if he insult her!" Shunsui said stubbornly.

"Don't worry. He would never hurt a girl seriously. Trust me. When he finally gets himself a girlfriend, he will make her feel luckiest girl in the universe."

Meanwhile Naruto was leaning to his hands lazily. "What's that all about?" He muttered to no one specific. "This is getting boring."

"I don't believe we have met before. My name is Ise Nanao." Nanao walked up to him cautiously. "I'm the vice-captain of the 8th squad. Nice to meet you." She corrected her glasses.

Naruto watched at her for a moment like she had just said something weird. Then he remembered. "Right! I'm Naruto! Nice to meet you!"

Nanao was taken aback by his rude actions. Not only was he a vice-captain like herself but also a member of a great clan yet he talked like that. Did that even count as a introduction?

"I like ramen and different variations of it." He continued suddenly. "My dream is to become the captain-commander of Gotei 13 and show everyone what I can do! I don't like violet girls or stuck-up people who think they are better than others."

"I… I see." Nanao sweat dropped. "S-so (erhm), so you like ramen?" 'What kind of question was that?' She cursed to herself.

"Yeah. Very much. I also have dream of finding every ramen flavor of the world and eating them." He smiled proudly. "What's your dream?"

While Nanao was trying to avoid awkward questions she was receiving, both Shunsui looked at Jiraiya doubtfully. "You think he's a good boyfriend for my little Nanao-chan?"

"He's a charmer. He just doesn't know it yet." Jiraiya smirked. "Trust me, according to my sources he could be the next 'Shinigami of the month'."

"You're kidding me right?" Shunsui whispered in shock. "He?"

"What's not to like it? He is blond, blue eyes, has a good smile and posture. Most girls in my squad are taken by him. If only he knew it…"

"You mean he is an idiot?"

"Pretty much yeah."

After a moment Shunsui leaned back and laughed heartedly. "So true! Y-you picked a vice-captain just like yourself! I wouldn't be surprised even if you were his father… are you?"

"Of course not. I would never sleep with a monkey, no matter how desperate I am!" Tsunade joined to the conversation as they appeared from behind the corner Shizune walking behind her. "Hi, Naruto. How are you doing?" She joined to the first line with other captains when Shizune walked next to Naruto. They continued their journey towards the first barracks.

"I'm fine, thanks." Naruto yelled like it was nothing. "Nee-chan, how did Sakura-chan take the news?"

"She was… shocked." Shizune admitted. "But I really can't blame her."

"What happened?" Nanao asked curiously, trying to change the subject from ramen to something more… intellectual. "Well, one of our seated officers took the news of Narutos transfer pretty roughly."

"I see. I can't say I blame them." She added under her breath. "Shizune-san how is your work these days?"

"Quite well, thank you. There hasn't been anything too big going on lately so it's easy. Little boring but I like it this way." There was a moment of silence. "So, Naruto-kun, any new girls in sight yet?"

Every captain stopped in the middle of their steps when they heard this question.

"Nah. It just seems that there is no girl there for me."

Everyone sighed and continued their walk.

"Why not?" Shizune asked. "Or do you still think Haruno-san will fell in love with you?"

"Well… it's possible isn't it?"

"There is no way a girl would fall for you." Nanao said rather rudely.

"What you mean?" Naruto sounded like he had just been kicked.

"Your rude, irritating and childish personality makes it seems that you can't take anything seriously. Your dreams are childish and support that image. Not mentioning your reputation as a dead-lat and your mysterious promotion makes it all more likely that people won't take you seriously so no woman would seriously seek a relationship with you."

"Nanao-chan, isn't that bit too much?" Shunsui asked when Tsunade started fuming on his side. 'My son isn't good enough for a bitch like you?' was written all over her face. To Jiraiya most of the stuff she said made sense.

"But Rangiku-chan said that those make me look cute." Naruto whimpered.

"Well, EXCUSE ME if you only take advices from BIG BREASTED PEOPLE instead of an intellectual like me." She fumed angrily.

Jiraiya and Shunsui had to grab a hold on Tsunades arms to hold her back so she wouldn't kill her to the spot. "YOU GOT SOMETHING TO SAY!?!?!?"

Nanao ignored her completely. "True, you obviously have a 'cute side' and you can amuse ladies and your looks aren't that bad but those would only get ladies attention. Soon as the first atractison fades off they will start to look for something more reliable and… how to put this… mature and 'cooler'. Understand?"

There was amount that Naruto thought about it. "I think you got a point there…"

"And also, you must find out what a word 'romance' means."

"Well I do know that much at least. I did read the "Rose-colored Path' when it was published." Naruto shrugged.

"You actually read it?" Nanao asked confused. "Taichous novel?"

"Oh yeah… it was written by… what his name was…"

"Kyoraku Shunsui?" 8th division captain suggested hopefully. "You read my novel? Did you like it?"

"I did. Well, most of it. The ending kind of sucked. Too tragic if you ask me." Naruto explained. "Wait a minute… did you say you wrote it…"

"He just said he did, you idiot!" Tsunade screamed flustered. "Can we move on? We're almost late because of you."

"Don't worry. There's still time." Everyone turned around to see another captain-vice-captain pair walking to them. "Nice to see you all."

"Sousuke-kun." Shunsui greeted the newcomer. "And Hinamori-chan. Nice to see you both."

"Thank you, Kyoraku-taichou." 5th squad vice-captain bowed respectfully. She and Aizen joined the group which began moving again. Captains began talking about their new colleague when vice-captains started talking about things.

"So, how are things in your end, Hinamori-san?" Shizune asked in friendly manner. "Everything alright?"

"Yes. Of course." She smiled. "Aizen-taichou has been a little busy lately but nothing more."

Shizune and Hinamori changed pleasantries but Naruto wasn't ready for it. The things Nanao had said, were still bothering him. "So you mean that if I would start more maturely and goof off a little less, Sakura-chan would fall for me?"

A vein appeared on Nanaos forehead. "I wouldn't know, now would I? But it's true that more mature way of acting and little respect for your superiors wouldn't hurt your image."

"That sounds so hard." Naruto cried out like he was suffering. "There's no way I could do something like that."

"Not when your brains are on, at least." Jiraiya muttered under his breath.

"What is it, Gamakan-san?" Aizen asked politely.

"Nothing." Jiraiya smiled.

"Hm…" Naruto used his thinking posture while walking. "So let me get this straight, if I were smart, mature and respecting guy, you would go out with me?"

The street run silent when everyone halted. Aizen and Hinamori who had just joined the conversation made their own deductions. "Gamakan-san, has your vice-captain a feelings for Kyoraku-sans vice-captain?"

"Yes, you didn't know that?" Jiraiya said like it was old news. "You haven't yet met my vice-captain have you?"

"No. Hinamori-kun did told me about him when she visited your barracks a week back." Aizen told him. "She told me that he was a nice person. And he does seem to be, interesting person."

"Thanks." Jiraiya nodded.

Shunsui had to keep Tsunade from attacking the vice-captains while everyone waited for the answer.

Nanao corrected her glasses and acted like nothing had happened. "Myself? It would be possible."

Shizune smiled to Hinamori who didn't really understand what was going on.

Naruto thought for a moment. "Nah. Not worth it." Everyone felt like falling down. "I just have to win you over with my natural charm." He smirked and continued to walk. Somehow the talk had taken a strange direction. "Do you have anything to do this evening?" Before she could even think of answering, he continued. "I will come look for you so we can go to our first date. Oh, Ero-taichou, let's go already. I don't want that we are the last ones there."

"Y-yeah…" He muttered.

"Wait! I never said I would-" But it was too late. Naruto and Jiraiya had already walked through the first barracks doors leaving very silent group behind them.

Hinamori, who considered herself as a friend of Ise-san decided to give her an advice. "Ise-san, you should go bathing before meeting with him."

"W-what?" Nanao asked shocked.

"You intent to go to the library later, right? And you always get so dusty there. So remember to get to the bath before it's too late. And maybe you should get a better kimono for the occasion."

"Yo! Everyone! What's going on here?" Matsumoto jumped to the scene.

"Ise-san has a date later with Senju-san."

"Really? I had no idea you had a thing for him." Matsumoto teased her. "He is funny and good looking so you better hold on to him. Many girls would kill to have a man like that."

"But-" Nanao froze and couldn't think anything to say. "But-"

"Anyway, we should hurry." Aizen pointed out. "Or we will be late. Ise-san, good luck with your date. Let's go, Hinamori-kun."

"Yes! Aizen-taichou."

"Let's go, Shizune." Tsunade muttered angrily. "You too, Shunsui."


Ise Nanao was left alone in front of the first barracks door standing frozen still. "B-but- I never said I would." She whispered silently.

Chapter END