I'm gonna try my hand at romance/humor. Comments etc would be greatly appreciated! KarinXToshiro~

'I'm going out!' Karin shouted.

'Okay!' her father, Isshin Kurosaki, responded. Karin rushed out of the house. And not a moment too late, as her father dropped the bombshell seconds later.

'Where are you going?' he bellowed, minutes too late-his daughter was already gone.

Karin breathed a sigh of relief as she cycled to the usual place, relieved that she had escaped her father's question. She also felt guilty. Guilty about not telling her dad she was dating someone. And that someone was none other than Toshiro Hitsugaya. She smiled at the thought of seeing him again…


'Hey, I met your daughter and some shinigami guy on the way here,' Ryuken Ishida stated. Soon after those words left his mouth, Isshin, in the kitchen, choked on his coffee.

'What did you say?' he asked, 'I think I heard you wrongly.'

His friend raised an eyebrow and repeated his earlier sentence.

Isshin took a while to process the information while drinking his warm coffee. Ryuken instinctively moved away, sensing trouble brewing.

It did-in the form of Isshin spitting out the coffee.

'What?!' he screamed.

'I'll take my leave then,' Ryuken said as he left the Kurosaki house.

Isshin, unable to get a hold of any more information about his precious daughter and the shinigami boy she was with, ran out of the house to 'visit' Kisuke Urahara.


Isshin dashed into Urahara shop, cutting the greeting by Urahara.

'Which shinigami came here recently?' Isshin demanded. Urahara looked surprised, and so do the other staff of the shabby Urahara shop.

'Well, they are the usual people,' Urahara answered, amused. 'But why do you need this information?'

A dark aura surrounded Isshin as he answered, 'the shinigami bastard is going to get it…'

Kisuke, bored, pressed Isshin about the matter bothering him. Isshin explained, getting more and more furious.

'Then I know just what to do!' Kisuke exclaimed. Isshin brightened up and almost enveloped him in a big bear hug.


Meanwhile, Karin and Toshiro were having lunch at McDonald's.

'Ah choo!' Toshiro sneezed. Karin glanced at him, frowning.

'Are you alright?' she queried.

'Yeah, no worries,' he replied, digging once more into his meal.

'How about a soccer match later?' Karin questioned; a twinkle in her eye.

'Sure,' the white haired shinigami replied. He needs to take a break once in a while… Besides, he rarely saw Karin.


'I located them,' Ururu address the person on the other line. They were communicating via cell phone, and she was hiding behind a pot of plants, unnoticed and spying on the couples.

'Okay, time for plan 1!'

'Um…' Ururu muttered, 'what's plan 1?' She can hear some colorful language being screamed out loud-courtesy of Isshin.

'Blow them up,' he chuckled darkly. (AN: the plan was too horrifying to actually be written down)

'Okay,' she replied before getting to work.

'I'm going to wash my hands, where are the toilets?' Toshiro asked his guide and girlfriend. Karin got up from her seat and showed the way to him.

Chance! Ururu moved stealthily towards Karin's and Toshiro's seat and set the plan into action. She leaped into a hidden space and spied the couple. Waiting patiently for a chance…

'I'll go to the bathroom,' Ururu heard Karin inform her boyfriend. He nodded, chewing on the straw.

Now! Ururu pressed the red button on her remote control. She covered her eyes and ears and waited for the impact. There was no glass shattering 'boom!' or screams. She was confused.

Maybe I should press it again?

She did and there was no impact. Oh no! They are leaving! Ururu was panicking and jamming on the red button.


As Karin and Toshiro left the fast food restaurant, they heard a loud 'Boom!' Glass pieces were flying and instinctively, Toshiro huddled her close to his chest, lying on the ground; protecting her.

It was an awkward moment as both realized what happened (i.e. their stance). They scrambled up, pink faced and surprised.

'Are you alright?' Toshiro queried, clearly worried.

'Yeah, I'm fine,' she assured him, 'see? No injuries.' He chuckled and walked away from the explosion site.

'But we sure are lucky,' Karin began. Her boyfriend nodded in agreement.

'That we left the restaurant minutes before it exploded,' he continued.