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Plan 10 was fairly easy. Stashed away in the mini-kitchenette serves to improves the efficiency standards. Isshin volunteered to prepare the lemonade drink, but his help was rejected. For some reason, Urahara had a neat streak, and would not allow for anyone – save Tessai or Ururu (the tidy ones) – to touch the cooking equipment. While timid Ururu prepared the lemonade drink, the shopkeeper explained the plan – much to Yoruichi's chagrin (it can't be helped, Urahara has a more logical view on going through plans or tactics, and hence she was tossed aside with nothing to do but burn holes staring at the walls.)

Once the refreshment (the lemonade juice; they decided to call it that to decrease chances of actually revealing that it's spiked.) was done, Isshin had the honour of tipping the veal of liquid into the drink. Thankfully, they had prepared the drink in a mug (instead of a glass, which is clear), hence disguising the strange (disgusting, they meant) murky brown colour (yellow and purple do not mix well. Lesson learnt.)

When Isshin volunteered to serve the drink, the other 4 either shook their heads or voiced out their disapproval. The Kurosaki eventually backed down, but continued muttering curses, when Nova looked in his direction. For some strange albeit amusing reason, former shinigami find the plush's look…unsettling. In the end, Ururu served the drink – yet again, she was tasked to do their 'dirty work'. (Though not as dirty as the person behind all the plans…– Urahara; Karin's father was just the simple idiot following and supporting every plan. The irony.)

Outside, a dark haired Karin was worrying her head off. Though she could not see what was happening outside, she can sense their reiatsu, and truthfully, the dense waves of reiatsu emitted were tension-ridden – as if any moment now, one of the three outside would snap and attack. Rukia was in the same state of mind as herself, she noticed.

"I bet Ichi-nii will be the first to clash katanas with the other two." Her brain took a while to register that she had spoken the thought out loud.

"Hmm…that's not much of a bet, Karin." Rukia responded, "We all know Ichigo well; he'd rather attack first than talk things over."

Karin was nodding along with her, and added, "He's impatient too." Both sighed, with Karin wondering where the Hollows are. The dense mass of spirit energy the three captain-class (okay, two. But Ichigo's as high up the ranks as the other two) were emitting would bring in hoards of Hollows –maybe even Arrancar if they're lucky (unlucky, depending on who's assessing the situation). Right now, Hollows would be very welcome, to distract the people outside.

Ururu walked up to Karin quietly, and as the raven-haired girl was too focused on things happening (or not) outside, she had to poke her shoulders lightly to announce her presence. Karin seems shocked, if not ashamed at not noticing that she have had company.

"H-here, lemonade." She offered, unsteadily pushing the drink towards her friend. Karin beamed and thanked her, making her wince inwardly and more guilt-ridden. She hopes that Karin will forget about the drink or…something – anything so that Karin wouldn't have to gulp down that…refreshment. She scurried away; back into the kitchen she goes…with her guilt and all.

Time in and out of the mini-kitchenette has a wide gap, Ururu realises after she took a step in to their current 'headquarters'.

Outside, where Karin, Rukia and some others were, the atmosphere reeks of tense, silent anticipation. Inside, however, was a different story. Yoruichi and Nova were trying to hold down and quiet a panicked Isshin, while the shopkeeper…well; he's busily staring at the vial the brew was previously contained in.

Should she speak? When Isshin was securely knocked out, she decided to ask, "What happened?"

"Well…" Yoruichi began in her lazy drawl again, "it appears that the liquid Isshin poured in is the wrong one."

Wrong…? Before she could inquire further, the woman continued, "the liquid is to enhance a person's love, not destroy it."

Oh. She was shocked speechless. When Yoruichi turned to discuss some matters with the shopkeeper, she wonders if she ought to feel guilty.

Karin wonders if she should suspect the refreshment Ururu bought for her. Lemonade does not smell like incense and…old people's smell? But it does tastes good, very good, in fact. Lemony, a tad sour yet fruity sweet. But whatever, time to cut in on the people outside. The tension's killing not only her, but Rukia as well, and certain people have a limited amount of patience – her brother should know well, being the most impatient of the three…

When Karin got up to interrupt the shinigamis outside, staggering when she neared the door, the inhabitants in the kitchen watched closely. Nova thinks he heard Urahara ask Yoruichi if the brew's already working. If he was in his gigai, he would have rolled his eyes.

When the door slid open to reveal Hitsugaya-taichō, and they heard Karin's intake of breath, they watched even more intently. By that, he meant that they (Yoruichi and Urahara, Ururu was in a self-induced depression and Isshin was still out cold) moved nearer to the door separating the hall and kitchen. He was dragged along with them, unfortunately.

When they saw Karin throw a hug at Hitsugaya-taichō, they gasped out: "It works!" Nova can feel a headache pounding its way to his head. This takes 'ridiculous' to a whole new level – not counting the time when Urahara dressed up in weird clothes.

However, when they saw Karin move away from Hitsugaya-taichō, the two gasped out once more. The plush-toy could hear their conversation ("So does it work or not?" Nova heard Yoruichi ask Urahara. In response, Urahara shook his head, seemingly fascinated and curious – very curious.) After their quick discussion, they decided to step out of their 'fort' – 'all in the name of satisfying our curiosity', to quote Urahara.

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