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Set in the summer from the episode when Haruhi has the job (for this fic she doesn't have that job).

"Normal talking"


Pairings: Haruhi x Host Club eventually Haruhi x Mori

Maybe do alternate endings…

Chapter One.


"It's time for you to choose Haruhi!!"

The day was over and so was the term, all the guests had left, the Host Club were cleaning up and Tamaki…had lost it.

"What?" asked Haruhi.

"You've known us long enough now and I feel that it's time for you to choose which one of us you want." The others had been ignoring Tamaki before but this caused everyone to turn.

"What!? I…I can't do that!"

"Yes you can!!" said a trio of extra voices. Two figures stood back, watching the events unfold.

"We agree with the boss." add the twins in unison "He's right, Haruhi. You'll have to make this choice eventually."

"You agree with Tamaki?" This statement causing Tamaki to retreat to his sadness corner "But…why? I couldn't pick between you!" Haruhi insisted. She stood in front of the boys, dumbfounded and just a little insecure under their gazes. She could not believe what she was hearing. She couldn't choose...she loved them all!

"Although…" piped up a voice in her head "It could be fun…"

"Fun? It would be stressful."

"You never know…"

"Maybe…wait…no! I won't do it"

"Fine but don't blame me if you miss your chance and end up alone. Forever." And with that the voice was gone

Alone. Forever…

"Have you been listening to me Haruhi?" questioned Tamaki but Haruhi was ignoring him. A small tug on her sleeve was what brought her from her thoughts. She looks down and Honey looked at her.

"I think it would be lots of fun Haru-chan! So does Usa-chan! He's really excited!!" he said, holding the pink bunny towards her. She slowly took the bunny from him. Her thoughts churned in her head, "Alone. Forever."

"Well, I can't let Usa-chan down can I?" she said, looking into the tiny black eyes of the toy.

"Does that mean you'll do it Haru-chan?" Honey questioned, the other three taking interest.

"Sure… I'll do it. For Usa" she answered, ruffling Honey's hair and smiling.

"Yaay!!!" cried the four boys who proceeded to skip around her, much to Haruhi's displeasure.

The two standing back looked at one another

"Haruhi's got her work cut out for her."

"Un" the taller one replied.

They both looked back to the scene, four boys trying to feed Haruhi four different types of cake that seemed to have appeared from nowhere, seemingly indifferent to the whole thing.

A closer look would have shown the tiny sparkle of interest in their eyes.