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Chapter 24

The Future

A brown haired woman made her way through her home, heading outside. Haruhi Morinozuka stood at the edge of the training area, watching as her children practised karate with their uncle and father, just as the light was beginning to fade from the sky. She usually practised with them but she hadn't for while. Looking down at her stomach, she rubbed her growing bump.

"Not long now, baby-chan…" she thought, smiling

The four soon finished training and the two black haired children came running over to her.

"Did you see us Mama? Were we good?" asked the smaller of the two boys, hugging her around the middle as much as he could and looking up at her with his big brown eyes.

"You were fantastic, both of you are improving so much!" she answered, smiling at them both.

The taller looked at his mother with steel gray eyes and smiled. He reached over his brother and gave his mother a kiss on the cheek.

"You'll soon be able to give your father a run for his money, if you keep up your training."

"Thanks, Mama."

"Okay, Seita, Hitaku, time to head in…" said a deep voice behind them.

"Yes, Father." they said together, making their way inside

"Come on, Mama!" said Hitaku, taking hold of his mothers hand.

"Alright, I've got a surprise for you all in the kitchen!"

"Surprise?" cried a voice from behind her. She looked round at her blonde cousin.

"Yes Mitsukuni but you'll have to beat Hitaku there." She winked down at Hitaku and he began to run. Mitsukuni was close behind him. Seita followed slowly behind his uncle and brother.

"How are you?"

"I'm fine thanks, a little hungry and my back's a little sore but it was same with Seita and Hitaku," she answered, rubbing her swollen abdomen. Takashi placed his hand on her belly and the baby gave a little kick.

"Oh! She likes her daddy." She said, smiling at him. He smiled back and gave his wife a kiss before heading into the kitchen.

Takashi and Haruhi laughed, as the entered the kitchen to find an empty plate on the table and Hitaku and Mitsukuni covered in icing and bits of cake.

"That was delicious Onee-chan! Thank you so much!"

"Oh, boys! You've got it all over your face! C'mon…bath!"

"Can I have bubbles, Mama?"

"Of course, let's go upstairs!"

"Yaay!!" Hitaku took off up the stairs

"Mitsukuni, you get cleaned up down here."

Haruhi left and went after her son. Mitsukuni went to the bathroom and wash up. Takashi and Seita headed into the living room. Takashi picked up a book from one of the many shelfs that lined the room and sat down next to Seita. He opened the book and they both began to read. Seita liked having this quality time to spend with his father. His uncle Mitsukuni soon burst into the room, carrying a cake and breaking the silence. Both father and son looked up at him as he jumped on to the couch opposite them.

"More cake, Uncle?"

"Always" he answered. Despite being much older and wiser, Mitsukuni still could not resist cake. The boy just nodded and continued reading. The three sat quietly, listening to sounds of Haruhi and Hitaku laughing up the stairs. They heard footsteps and Hitaku ran into the room and jumped up on to Takashi's lap.

"I'm clean now, Daddy!"

"You smell like bananas, Hitaku."

"Mama got special soaps for me and Seita! We had lots of fun!"

Haruhi entered the room and said, "Your turn, Seita, upstairs."

"Yes, Mama."

As he left, she whispered in his ear "There's grape soaps in your drawer."

He smiled at her and picked up his pace

By the time Seita came back down, it was dark outside, Hitaku had fallen asleep and Mitsukuni had begun to rub his eyes, sleeping.

"I've called a car for you, Mitsukuni. It's outside now."

"Thanks Haru-chan. I'll see you later."

Mitsukuni gave Haruhi a peck on the cheek and Takashi passed Hitaku to her.

"I'll be quick."

"Take your time. I'll be upstairs. C'Mon Seita, bedtime."

The three of them went upstairs. Haruhi placed Hitaku in his bed and tucked him in. She then picked up a very old, very familiar bunny.

"Usa-chan? He can get Mitsukuni to do anything…boys."

She tucked Usa-chan in beside him and kissed his forehead. She switched off the light and headed to the next room. Seita was sitting in his bed, reading his book.

"Books…he reminds me of…me," she thought and held back a laugh.

"Okay, book down, lights out."

Seita placed his book under his pillow and lay down. Haruhi tucked him in and kissed his forehead. "Night, love. Pleasant dreams."

She headed out the room and went to switch out the light.

"I love you Mama." She looked back at her eldest son.

"I love you too Seita. I'll see you in the morning."

With that she switched the light out and waddled towards her own room. Takashi was already there, reading

"Like father, like son…"

"Ano...Takashi, can you help me?"


He got up and helped his pregnant wife into her pajamas. They both climbed into bed.

Haruhi lay on her side, facing away from her husband. She felt long arms snake around her body and pull her close. She placed her tiny hands over Takashi's large ones. She felt his head press against her hair and snuggled in closer to him.

"I love you, Takashi."

"I love you too, Haruhi."

She smiled and began to guide his hands over her belly, causing the baby to kick. She giggled.

"Yes, we love you too baby-chan," she whispered

Haruhi twisted her body slightly to kiss her husband. "Night Takashi."


They snuggled together and just closed their eyes when there was a knock at their door. Takashi got out of bed and soon came back with two extra bodies.

"What's wrong, boys?" asked Haruhi

"Hitaku had a bad dream and want us all to be together. Could we sleep in here tonight, Mama?"

"Of course! Climb in!"

Hitaku jumped into the bed beside and Seita got in beside him. Takashi climbed in next to Seita. Hitaku wrapped himself around Haruhi' stomach.

"I think baby-chan wants to come out. She keeps kicking. When will she join us, Mama?"

"It won't be long now, another month or so but now it's time for sleep. Close your eyes, boys. We're all together so you're safe."

"Night Mama, Daddy, Seita." Hitaku said, snuggling into his mother, falling asleep, instantly.

"Night Mama, Father." Seita was soon asleep too.

"Good night Takashi."

"Good night Haruhi."

The Morinozuka family cuddled up together. Two peaceful sons, sandwiched between two loving parents, their sister waiting for her time to come into the world and join them. The perfect family.

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