Are you swimming upstream, in oceans of blue

Do you feel like your sinking?

Are you sick of the rain, after all you've been through?

Well I know what your thinking

When you can't take it, you can make it

Sometime soon, I know you'll see

Cause when you're in your darkest hour

And all of the light just fades away

and When your like a single flower whose colours have turned to shades of gray

Well hang on and be strong.

Running. He didn't know where he was running too, only that he was following a feeling in his gut. He ran towards the ocean smelling the salt in the air. As he drew closer, he could hear the sounds of the waves, lapping at the beach. He could also hear people and for some reason, it started to cause saliva, or what he thought was saliva, to start filling his mouth.

Before he came out of the forest, he jolted to a stop. He understood what he was, information coming into the forefront of his brain. Vampire. It stood out and whatever he had read about them started to flicker through his mind's eye. It caused him to feel sad, thinking about the family that he might have left behind or killed.

He started running again, ignoring the taste of venom in his mouth, knowing that it was the smell of people, of their blood that was causing it and hoping that he would not be the cause of some innocents death.

Hope, there's gotta be a little bit of you and me

Hope, the only way we're gonna keep our sanity

Wyatt was looking over a map intently, scrying and hoping against hope that the vanquishing of Desdemona had accomplished what was said to have happened, hoping that her magic had been reversed and that his brother and confidant, that Harry was on his way back home.

The scrying crystal began to go crazy over the state of Washington before it dropped onto the map. Wyatt couldn't believe his eyes and held his breath as he looked at where the crystal had landed and watched as it started to move to the ocean and then into the water.

It started to move at what seemed to be at a snails pace and probably was, towards Asia, but a smile was on his face and hope had returned to his heart, filling him with joy and a goofy smile appeared on his face before he ran out of the room, going to find his beloved to share with him the good news.

He felt weak as he left the ocean and onto dry land. He couldn't believe that he had just swam so far and yet, it didn't feel like it had taken long. He had almost been attacked by some of the animals of the sea, but found that they make a good quick meal.

He stood from his place on the sand and started to run towards the tree line, hoping to find something of interest to eat and to fill him up a bit.

A/N: Sorry this is really short, but been busy with getting organised with the start of school coming up. Hope to get a longer chapter out next month or maybe 2. Anyways, the first song is Delta Goodrem's Be Strong and the second is The Hollies' Hope. Dedicated to those lost in the QLD floods.