While He Was Away

All that Mulder could think about as he ran for Scully's apartment was her. Had he come too late? Had Van Blundht done something to her? There had been no evidence to suggest that Van Blundht was the type to inflict serious harm on anyone but that didn't mean he hadn't or wouldn't. There was no telling what he would do. Mulder grimaced inwardly at that thought. Anything could happen to her! Anything could have already happened to her. If Van Blundht had taken his form as he was certain he had, she wouldn't even suspect anything.

God, he hoped she was okay!

He quickened his pace and belted down the hallway. Door numbers flashed past in unreadable blurs that dissolved together into the walls and then there it was. Scully's door. Wrenching it open without a thought, his eyes immediately went to scan the room, resting in seconds on a startled Scully and…a copy of himself. Van Blundht had clearly taken on his physical appearance.

It was one thing to see a copy of himself, let alone a copy of himself with Scully, perched on the couch beside her with their lips mere inches apart. He felt relief wash through him – she was okay, she wasn't dead, she wasn't injured – and then a question hit him out of nowhere.

What had taken place while he was away to make Scully want to kiss him?