A/N: Veers off a bit from what happened in that scene, but I hope you enjoy anyway.


She had no intention of staying when she made her way to his place but eggs with Castle's family was not an altogether awful-sounding experience. His family was nice. She hadn't expected them to as warm and friendly, but they were from the moment she met them and she liked them.

She liked Castle too, though she wouldn't tell him that without inserting humour into the situation and so she put on her usual act and pretended she wasn't thrilled when he invited her to stay. As Martha joined the bandwagon, stringing together words of persuasion and leading her inside, she pasted on an awkward smile and went with it.

All she wanted when she had set off to his place was to ensure he was okay and she told herself that having breakfast with his family would allow her to do so. Which it would. There would be the added bonus of eggs.

Her desire to stay and her gratefulness that she didn't seem to have a choice in the matter had nothing to do with the fact that Richard Castle had become more than a partner to her – even though he wasn't in the strictest sense, her partner. He was a writer, not FBI. Their worlds had collided when he used his connections to influence people – including her boss – into letting him stick around.

For that she was equally frustrated and excited. Castle was her favourite author. She had read every book he had written and taken in each word as anyone else would take in air. Meeting him was a dream come true – though working with him she had discovered was a gray area. Having breakfast with his family was another thing entirely.

She considered him as reminded her that she saved his life. While it was sweet: no. She continued to protest. Martha played her part perfectly and guided her to a chair. It was that simple action that made her give in. She let go of her need to push them away and settled into the chair. Conversation flowed and Castle dished her out some eggs and poured her orange juice.

She caught him staring at her halfway through her meal and a chill went through her. She had no intention of staying but being here with Castle and his family felt like home.