Excessive Broodiness

"This needs to stop!" Cordelia announces as she marches into Angel's office.

Without moving his head, he looks at her. Confused doesn't begin to describe how he feels. "What does?"

"This!" Cordelia says, throwing her hands outward to gesture around them. "It's too broody and dark and Angel! Did I mention the excessive broodiness?"

Frowning, Angel leans back in his chair. "You did mention that, yeah."

"Well it's true! You're too broody. You need to stop and get the hell over it already."

"I'll add that to my schedule," he jokes.

Cordelia obviously isn't in the right state of mind for joking around. "I'm serious," she says. "I'm worried about you. We all are."

"Well don't be. I'm fine." Letting out a heavy sigh, Angel pushes out of his chair. "Please. Leave me be. Didn't you have some party to go to tonight?"

She ignores everything he says to her. "You need to leave Buffy in the past."


"You heard me."

Angel scowls. "You're overstepping a line there, Cordy. You think you know what's going on but you really don't."

"Enlighten me then, oh broody one. I'm all ears." She cringes. "Well, not all ears. I'm speaking metaphorically with the all ears thing."

"Right." Angel says. "Go to your party, Cordelia."

"But Angel!"

He puts his hands on her shoulders and gently turning her around, guides her out of his office and through to the front door. "Go have some fun."