The darkness was absolute. Even with his superhuman senses he felt like he was in space, nothing around him to touch or lean on or see, and nothing beneath his feet to help him stay upright. He supposed the rules were different here.

He took a tentative step forward, toeing the invisible ground, carefully placing his foot down once more, and then repeating the action with his other foot. "Hello?"


He thought he heard laughter, but it was only fleeting, and once it had happened, he wasn't certain that he had, in fact, heard it. Maybe it was his imagination. It wouldn't be illogical to think that maybe his mind was creating things to make up for the lack of... anything else.

Another step, and another.

Still nothing.

More steps.

Soon, he began to run. Before him, there was nothing, and behind him, there was nothing. All was darkness, complete and utter.

He gradually lost track of time, started to question his sanity. And then, one day - a day that could have been a week after he had arrived in this 'place' or a month or two years or longer - something occurred to him.

He stopped and looked around him, at the never-ending black, suddenly hooked on the idea and certain that there could be no other reason. "Am I in hell?"