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Dark, it was dark. That was the first thing he noticed. Then the light shone from the left leaving him blinded and burned. 'So bright', he thought, 'too bright.' He lifted his hands in front of his face to shield his eyes from the light. 'What's this?' he wondered, he could feel his hands and arms move but he couldn't see them at all. He glanced down only to realise he couldn't see his body at all, even though he could feel the heat the light was giving off on his body. That's when he started to panic.

'Shitshitshit, what the hell is going on?' He stopped to think for a moment, 'What's the last thing I remember?' he wondered. Unfortunately, his mind came up with a complete blank. 'Concentrate', he thought. Suddenly he began to feel groggy, his mind went fuzzy. The harder he tried to concentrate the harder it was to think.

"Move you little brat. Freedom awaits us." A voice growled out from the inky depths, surprising him.

"Huh. Where are you? Who are you?" he shouted back. 'That voice felt familiar somehow, and not in a good way.'

"Forgotten me already, brat. You'll remember soon enough. But for now move towards the light."

"No way in hell I'm goin' near the light. You do know what happens to people who go towards the light, don't you?"

"Not this time, foolish mortal. Now move!"

"Why should I trust you' he shouted back."

The voice replied in a rather smug tone, "Because, brat, like all other times before, you have no choice." He knew the voice was right, he had no choice in the matter, and so he began to struggle forward. He hadn't noticed before, how thick his surroundings were, he felt like he was moving against the current.

"Move, flesh bag, you're almost there", the voice called out, sending a shiver up his spine. Again, he had the feeling that encouragement from that voice was wrong, but still he struggled onwards.

'So close, just a bit further, come on,' and finally he was standing, well existing, in front of the light, which he realised lead somewhere. 'I should have known that' he admonished himself. 'Why didn't I know that?'

"Stupid human, take the final step, achieve your freedom." And he did.

If anyone was observing the world tree at the moment, they would be rather surprised to see a 16 year old, blonde haired boy with golden eyes that looked like a frogs, seemingly rimmed with way to much red eyeliner and a set of whisker marks, three on each side of his currently filthy face and with great difficulty, climb out from under its roots, before finally collapsing against the trunk. Wearing an orange and black jumpsuit, a red cloak with black flames at the bottom and an extremely large scroll strapped to his back, all covered with dirt, he was Uzumaki Naruto and he was just unsealed. They would have been even more surprised to observe those eyes return to a bright blue and the eyeliner to disappear. Luckily for him, no one was.

As soon as he was out from under the tree, Naruto sat down, leaning against its gigantic trunk. Naruto was no stranger to large trees but even in the dark he could observe that it was abnormally large, even by his standards.

With freedom from the tree and the seal, he was finally able to think clearly again, and as soon as he could he released the sage chakra, and was rather surprised to feel the tree at his back absorb the freshly freed energy. 'Weird,' Naruto thought, before feeling profoundly exhausted. 'What, why is my chakra so low?' he asked himself. 'OY, Fuzz ball, what happened to all my energy?'

Before he could even blink, he was standing in his Mindscape, more specifically in front of a massive cage, with the doors held together with an intricate spiral seal. Behind the bars crisscrossing bars, cloaked in shadow, a giant animal stirred. It was the Kyuubi, the most powerful of the nine Bjuu.

Although it was difficult to see properly, Naruto just barely make out some of the arch like restraints placed on it. Still, it looked healthier than it had after he's taken its chakra for himself.

The glowing red eyes turned to him and the mouth opened with a grin. The only thing Naruto could think before it began to speak was, 'He looks way too happy, that cannot be good.' He was right.

"How did it feel, Brat, being Sealed like I am?" It growled, in a highly mocking tone.

"Sealed, what are you talking about Baka-Kitsune?"

"You were sealed insolent brat, into the very earth itself. We're lucky to have escaped what was looking to be our eternal prison. You should be more grateful to me."

"Why the hell should I?" was the quick and angry response.

"Because, if it wasn't for me watching for a weakness in that blasted seal, we would still be trapped." The Kitsune yelled back.

"I suppose," Naruto despondently responded, before quickly perking up. "How come all my chakra's gone? I don't remember the battle being that tiring. Me and that bastard in the mask had just gotten started."

"That man,' the Kyuubi ground out, "led you on into his trap, leading us into the current situation."

"That doesn't answer my question, why-is-all-my-chakra-gone?"

"That tree absorbed it as it grew. I can feel our combined energies practically bursting from within it. You're currently experiencing severe chakra exhaustion and so it will probably take a week for you to fully recover. You're lucky though, as this lack of chakra came entirely from the spiritual side; your physical body shouldn't suffer from the side effects…. Probably."

"What about you?"

"What are you talking about, brat."

"You said you could feel OUR combined energies, not just MY chakra."

"How very observant of you," it responded slowly. "It will take me longer to recover all my chakra, that's why it's going to take so much longer for you to recover, I don't have the chakra to spare to speed up the process. This also means that you will heal slower than usual and that all the pleasant side effects of my sealing will be less effective than normal."

"That's fine," Naruto said. He would just have to be careful until it returned. "See ya, Fuzz ball!" he yelled, turning away from the Kyuubi as he prepared to leave.

"Not so fast, human." The Kyuubi's voice, suddenly very happy again, called out. "Don't you want to know how long you were sealed for?"

Naruto quickly spun round, face paling as he realised what the fox had said earlier, "What was looking to be our eternal prison". "How long?" Naruto managed to choke out. He knew the Kyuubi wouldn't be that happy unless it had been a very long time. "Years, decades? What?" he finally burst out with.

"Only a few of millennium, brat, nothing to be worried about." He tried to hold it in, but it was to much, and a mere two seconds later the Kyuubi burst into laughter at the sight of his containers pale, sweat covered face, adorned by a look of utmost horror as the full meaning slowly came crashing down on him.

'Everybody's dead. All my friends, my family, gone.'

'No', he said to himself, before looking up at the caged Kitsune, "You're lying," he denied, "they cant be dead, not after how long I worked, not after all we went through together, they just can't be!" he shouted, nearly in tears.

The Kyuubi looked down on him, eyes softening. He may not like his container, but he respected him and all his hard work. Getting stronger, learning to fight without his aid; even for beating him and taking his chakra – all were worthy of respect. Even if it did make his escape more difficult, (Let it not be said he didn't like a challenge, and Naruto was nothing if not challenging). The brat had worked hard at making friends, even if he himself saw it as a pointless endeavour, and now those comrades were gone, the effort wasted.

"It's true," the Kyuubi began, all trace of humour gone, "if you don't believe me observe the changes to your surroundings. We are not in a forest like we were before. The quicker you accept this fact, the faster you'll be able to adapt, and you know how important that trait is for our continued survival." Those were his last words before he pushed Naruto from the Mindscape. After all, he wanted Naruto to despair enough to let him out, not become suicidal. A fine line to walk and the beast felt if he pushed now it would result in a fall. He needed to wait for the opportune moment, and this wasn't it.

The first thing Naruto did upon opening his eyes was confirm his surroundings. It was the dead of night, but even with the cloudy sky the moon was still visible and so the area was easily observable.

He was on a small hill, with the giant tree at his back, a large set of stone steps leading up to the tier below. This slightly elevated position showed him that he was at the outskirts overlooking a small city. 'Amazing, this place is easily as big as Konoha, maybe bigger.' He thought, staring out in amazement.

He could vaguely see a tower off in the far distance, and a small river running through the city, but what really draw his eye was the flashes of light taking place in the distance, and further on thousands of lights, obviously more of the city. Why this area was dark he didn't know, probably a blackout.

Being the curious person he was he began to stand up so he could take a closer look. He immediately realised this was a very bad idea because as soon as he tried to move his arms and legs a sharp pain assaulted him. His limbs felt incredibly stiff and just moving them proved difficult. He did not have high hopes of his legs being able to support him. "Heh, guess thousands of years in one position will do that to you" he muttered. Well, tried to mutter, only to find it difficult to speak. He got the felling that this would get really old, really fast.

That would be about the time what he currently saw finally sank in. This city was massive, and would of taken years, maybe decades to build. Even if the Fuzz ball had been lying to him about the amount of time spent sealed, it had been a fairly large amount. That would mean that his friends were old, if not already dead and that Konoha would be either rebuilt and greater than ever, or gone, whether as a consequence of not being rebuilt or by death through the ages was yet to be seen.

He needed information, and the only source of that he had right now was from the demon who lived in his belly button, and frankly, that was unreliable. Besides, even if he could trust his inner demon, it didn't have a lot of information to give anyway.

He had to treat this as a mission; after all this could be enemy territory and he did not want to get captured or explain his presence to other ninja unless they were allies, or at the very least friendly with Konoha.

This meant he had to move, now! That meant stretching the stiffness out of his muscles and so he began. Five hours later he'd made good progress, considering, and was at least able to move, but he was still very sore, and with a full five hours of exercise he was starting to feel exhaustion creeping in. 'Alright', he thought, 'I'll rest here till the sun comes up so I can get a better feel for my surroundings before starting operation 'Info-Search'.

Unfortunately, with his body like it was and the sun rising on the horizon he was going to be having problems with that. Seeing the golden rays was quite the eye opener to Naruto, as he got his first proper look at the city before him, with its beautiful buildings a sight to be hold, roofs that looked perfect for roof hopping and complex city lay out it would be perfect to hide in while conducting operation 'Info-Search' i.e. find out weather Konoha still existed or not, if so then what direction and how far, and if it didn't, then how far in the future he actually was.

If he really was as far into the future as the fox had said, then he would deal with that then. After all, as loath as he was to admit it, the Kyuubi was right; he needed to adapt to this situation or he wouldn't survive long.

And all throughout this rationalisation and exercise, he never did feel the tears as they continued to roll down his whisker marked cheeks, nor feel as the exhaustion made him drift off to sleep.

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