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After leaving the headmasters office, Takamichi lead him quickly through the corridors of the school before finally reaching the doors. At this Naruto took a deep breath of fresh air, 'feels like I've been in that building forever'. Takamichi quickly moved on, taking Naruto through forested lanes, 'evergreens, not good for tree climbing or jumping' the shinobi in him noted, before finally arriving in front of a cottage made almost entirely of wood. Takamichi immediately knocked on the door then began patiently waiting, while Naruto began fidgeting from nervousness.

Naruto didn't know anything about these people, and he was just supposed to move in with them! Name, gender, age, nothing, he didn't even know how many people he was moving in with. How stupid was that? He really hoped they weren't arrogant jackasses; he really couldn't cope with that right now.

When the door finally did open, it was not what he expected. It was a girl, who looked to be around his age, and who was about the same height as him. What surprised him though was that she had green hair, was wearing a maid outfit, and had what looked like strange antenna for ears. 'I don't care if a thousand years have past that just isn't normal.'

She glanced in his direction, before turning to face Takamichi, bowing in greeting before finally speaking. "Good evening, Takamichi-sensei, do you have business with Master?"

"Yes, I need to speak to her about living arrangements."

At this the girl blinked, and he could already tell that was the equivalent of a huge gasp of shock for her. "Of course, would you like to come in while I call Master."

"Yes, that would probably be for the best." Takamichi replied, slipping past the girl and into the cottage, Naruto following in his wake.

Stepping inside he found himself in a room full of dolls of every shape and size littered around the room, many of which he found incredibly creepy. He really hoped he was living with a girl, otherwise this guy would be officially labelled as creepier than Orochimaru.

"I will alert Master to your presence," she informed them, "please wait here." With that she turned around and began making her way upstairs.

Once he could no longer see her, he let out a breath he hadn't known he had been holding. Something about her creeped him out, he just didn't know what. Turning to his companion, he asked, "Does she live here as well?"

"Yes, her name is Karakuri Chachamaru, and she's one of Negi-kuns student, and if all goes well, one of you new roommates."

"WHAT!" cried a voice from upstairs, followed by rapid series of taps that the ninja identified as running. Moments later, a little girl, who looked no older than ten appeared at the top of the stairs, her face set in an expression of fury. Naruto vaguely recognized her as another one of the girls in Negis class. Giving him a quick glance and immediately dismissing him, she turned her attention to Takamichi. The quick dismissals were becoming a tad annoying, that was the second time he'd been ignored in as many minutes.

"You can't make me move, this is my home as long as I'm here, and I refuse to be relocated!" the girl yelled. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, but both were a few shades darker than his, she was wearing what he assumed to be the school uniform and he could detect a very high and mighty attitude in her voice and the way she held herself.

Despite her intimidating air, Takamichis reaction to her outburst was a slightly amused chuckle. "Eva-chan, whoever said you're moving out?"

"What else could you want, coming here to talk about living arrangements?"

"Ah, Eva-chan, you misunderstand, I'm not asking you to move out. I'm having him move in," he told her indicating the ninja. "His name is Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto-kun this is Evangeline McDowell."

The only thing that greeted this statement was a sense of silent disbelief, until, "You're joking right? You have got to be kidding me."

"This is no joke, Eva-chan, Naruto-kun here will be moving in with you."

"No, I won't allow it," she replied, steel in her voice.

"You have no choice in the matter."

"All students have a right to refuse to share a living space, even me." She fired back.

"Under normal circumstances you would be correct, however, after what you pulled last night, I would suggest you just allow him to stay. Otherwise you will be given a far harsher punishment."

"So, that little brat ratted me out then."

"No Eva-chan, Negi-kun didn't need to tell us, you made enough noise last night to alert us that you were up to something anyway. However, the Headmaster has decided that if you house this boy your actions last night will be forgotten" Takamichi explained.

"So my punishment is basically letting him stay here? Fine, I'll agree to that, but, wherever would I find the room?" she asked, taking a mocking tone.

Taking a look around, Naruto realised that she had a point, there really wasn't anywhere for him to sleep, except maybe the couch, and he wasn't looking forward to that.

"Oh, Eva, we know there is a spare room over there," Takamichi answered, a smirk on his face as he pointed to the back of the room, "no matter how much you try to hide it. Oh, and thank you for your cooperation."

Eva was obviously surprised that he knew about the room, and seeing as she had already agreed, she could no longer deny him. "FINE," she yelled out murderously, "he can stay, but he cooks his own meals, pays me rent and stays out of my way. Understood?"

Narutos response was basically rapidly nodding his head, an expression of fear of his face, 'That is one scary kid. Oh well, I've always been good with kids, hopefully she'll lighten up soon.'

"Good." She responded to his non-verbal agreement, before rudely disappearing up the stairs, apparently deciding to have nothing more to do with him.

"Alright Naruto-kun, I'll be here tomorrow morning to pick you up, so I'll just leave you to get settled." Turning to face Chachamaru, he asked, "Will you show him his new room, and help him out please, Chachamaru."

"Of course, sensei. Please follow me, Naruto-san." She said, leading him to his new room. They had to clean up all the dolls in front of it before they could finally pull the door open, but when they did, Naruto was pleasantly surprised to find the room relatively clear. Sure, there were a few bits and pieces lying around, but nothing ten minutes of cleaning couldn't fix enough to make the small room completely liveable.

When they were finally finishing up, Naruto realised something. "Hey, sorry, but we haven't been properly introduced yet, my names Uzumaki Naruto, it's nice to meet you." He began, grinning and sounding entirely too cheery, "I'm sorry about imposing myself on you like this, but I don't really have any where else to go."

"I am Karakuri Chachamaru, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. While your presence here is inconvenient, it cannot be helped. Also, I would ask that you do not mind Master, she just needs to calm down, and after the events of last night she is quite frustrated."

"Why, what happened last night? Takamichi did mention this as a punishment for something."

"Master had a mild disagreement with Negi-sensei," she started slowly, "which led to a small violent outburst. She was not trying to hurt Sensei, but Master can get a bit carried away."

"Attacking a teacher, yeah, I can see you getting punished for that. What were they arguing about?"

"Master had been skipping class, and Negi-sensei wished for her to start attending."

"All that over a few missed lessons, it doesn't seem worth it. She's going to class now though, isn't she? I'm sure I saw her in there early today."

"Yes, she and I are now attending lessons." Finding this as an opportunity to sate her curiosity she began speaking again. "I have a query Naruto-san. Why were you in the classroom wearing such little clothing?"

"Hehe, well you see, I, erm, well, when I woke up in the infirmary I was a little confused, someone had stripped me while I was asleep, and er, I panicked and ran. I just ended up in that room by accident." All true, but not the whole truth either.

"I see" she replied to his ramblings, making it obvious she didn't quite believe him. "If you'll excuse me Naruto-san, I will retrieve a futon for you," she said, leaving the small room.

'Okay Naruto, first order of business, learn to lie better.' He chastised himself. 'Second, think up a story to tell people about my past, preferably without ninja antics… crap, that's going to be a tough one. Let's see, it should probably be as truthful as possible, Kakashi-sensei always said the best lies always had a speck of truth to them. So, I should have at least a little combat experience, I'll say I was trained in self-defence. It's for probably for the best if I keep myself an orphan too. Where I'm from… I'll just say somewhere isolated, hopefully that will give me an excuse for any strange behaviour. Anything else I'll just have to make up on the spot, which isn't good.

Naruto was brought out of his musings by the return of Chachamaru with the futon. "Here you are Naruto-san," she said, handing his bedding, "If you will excuse me, I must prepare Masters evening meal. Unfortunately, I am unable to prepare something for you as that would contradict Masters wishes. There are toilet facilities two doors to your left, however we have no bathing facilities here, so Master and I usually bathe in the dormitories, meaning you shall need to make your own arrangements in that regard. If there is anything else, please feel free to ask."

"Actually, there is one thing, please could you stop adding –san to my name. I never did like being addressed with formal suffixes and we're going to be living together so please just call me Naruto."

"That is not a problem, Naruto," she said, bowing and exiting the room.

"See you, Cha-chan." Naruto replied, closing the door.

So far Naruto had spent at least half an hour with that girl, and while she seemed nice enough, there was something about her that just wasn't normal beyond even the strange ears. It was just something that made him uncomfortable which was strange because he really didn't find wrong with her. 'Guess I'll just have to get used to it. First though, I need to unpack.'

Taking out the scroll, and opening it in front of him, he decided what to take out and what to leave in. 'Let's see, camping equipment stays, first aid kit, out' and with a quick pulse of chakra it was released from the scroll. 'Weapons, hmm, no better stay; I doubt I'll need them quite yet.' Spotting three particular Seals, his gaze softened, 'well, if this is my new home, I better take them out' and with another three pulses of chakra, he had five items lying in front of him.

His favourite book, 'The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja', three photographs, one of his team, one of his parents, with his father in his trademark white coat, hugging a very pregnant red haired women from behind, and finally, the only thing his parents had left him, a three pronged kunai. Not that it was very useful, rusted and blunt as it was, but apart from the picture it was the only thing he had to remember them by, and that made it one of his most precious possessions. He could just stare at it for hours, admiring the weapon and its history, and it was often what he found himself doing.

Not this time though, as he was suddenly feeling very drained, 'argh, I had less chakra than I thought.' Turning to the first aid kit he thought to himself, 'I really hope there are some soldier pills in there, otherwise I'm screwed.' Luckily he did find some but they weren't quite what he was looking for. These were large dark brown balls, instead of the regular off-white pills. In other words, these were ones specially made by Sakura. Attached to the bag containing them was a note.

Dear Naruto,

I know this self-induced exile will be hard on you, so I made you my special soldier pills, packed with all the vitamins and nutrients you'll ever need. I know you don't normally need them, but just in case. Come home soon, we'll miss you.


This lead to a dilemma on Narutos part, on one hand there was only 3 of them due to their size and so he should probably save them for when he really needed them. On the other hand, a boost of chakra would be really nice right now. However on an unexplainable third hand rested the most important bit. Sakuras soldier pills tasted absolutely horrible and made him more likely to throw up than receive an energy boost. So that meant no soldier pills, except in a really, really big emergency, otherwise, no way in Kyuubi controlled hell would he willingly eat one of them.

'Looks like it's just food and then sleep tonight. I should probably get to know my other roommate, too. What was her name again, Even-something… gah, it was long and foreign, and I wasn't really paying attention anyway.'

'Food first though, hehe, luckily I have ramen otherwise I'd starve.' Unsealing his stash of the instant noodles, he grabbed all of them before exiting the room to search for a kettle to boil the water. Quickly finding one in the kitchen, he was unsurprised to find Chachamaru cooking, though he was startled by the fact that it was close to being finished, just how long had he been in that room anyway?

"Hey Cha-chan, what are you making? It smells really good."

"It is a popular dish from my Masters home land. I believe they call it 'Fish and Chips'. Master finds it surprisingly appealing."

"Why is that surprising?"

"It is a very common meal, and it seems very unfitting due to her high-class upbringing"

"Even nobles can have fairly common tastes you know."

"You speck as though you have experience in such matters." Chachamaru noted.

"A little" he admitted. Seeing Chachamaru beginning to place plates on a tray, an idea began to form and Naruto asked, "Do you usually take her meals up to her?"

"Yes, Master prefers it this way."

"Hmm, Cha-chan, do you mind if I take up her food for you, I can take this chance to get to know her?"

"That is acceptable, but not advisable."

"Great, just give me a few minutes to prepare the ramen, and I'll take it off your hands," responded Naruto, completely ignoring her advice.

Two minutes later the kettle was boiled and poured, the food was on the tray, and Naruto was on his way up the stairs which lead straight to the room were Evangeline slept.

Hearing the footsteps on the stairs, Eva sat up and chastised her partner, "What took you so long, did that idiot really prove that much of a distraction?" However, the mop of hair that came into view was not the expected green, instead it was bright blond.

"Tsk tsk, insulting a person before even trying to get to know them, how could you?" Naruto said with mock annoyance, a cheerful grin clear on his face.

"What do you think you're doing, leave immediately?!"

"I thought you were hungry, don't you want your dinner?" Naruto responded, indicating the tray as he continued up the stairs.

Noticing the tray and the smell, her stomach growled while she blushed in embarrassment. "Give me the tray," she ordered, "then leave."

"No can do, Chibi-chan, after all, if were going to live together we should at least get to know each other a little."

"Ch-chibi-chan? How dare you call me that? As your landlord you will address me as Evangeline-Sama, got that."

"Alright then, Chibi-chan it is." Naruto said, nodding his head while completely ignoring Eva's command. Passing her the tray he grabbed his cup of ramen and sat at the foot of her bed.

Spluttering in indignation at the name, all she could do was take the take the tray off his hands as he seated himself and began digging in to his noodles.

"So, Chibi-chan, first of all I want to apologize for barging into your home like this, and if there was another place I could go I would, but this is where the old man sent me, so there is nothing I can do. We're just going to have to learn to live with it."

"I'd rather not have to deal with it, and you, Uzumaki, but I suppose it could have been worse." 'That old geezer can be a real pain sometimes, even for me.'

"Thanks, I think. Also, call me Naruto, it feels weird being called by my just family name by someone much younger than me. I know, why don't you call me Naruto-nii-chan instead."

"Nii-chan? You want me to call you nii-chan." Her voice was dark and laced with disbelief which Naruto completely ignored.

"Yep, in fact I insist."

"No way in hell will I ever call you Nii-chan."

"Why not?" Naruto whined. "I make a great big brother, I'd help you with your homework, and look after you when Cha-chan can't and I'd make sure no one hurts a hair on that pretty little head of yours." He continued, leaning over to part her on the head.

At this, Eva blushed in what Naruto took to be embarrassment but was actually white hot rage. 'How dare he touch me, and how dare he tell me to call him that. Does he want me to kill him, he must do no one can really be this stupid.' She can be forgiven for this comment as this is her first meeting with one Uzumaki Naruto, living proof that anything is possible.

With that said and his ramen finished, Naruto hopped off the bed and proceeded down the stairs with a cheery, "Ja ne, Chibi-chan."

Eva was left stunned. She'd been absolutely beaten in an exchange of words. Partially due to him ignoring everything she said, and partly due to her being so angry she found it difficult to form coherent sentences. The last time she felt this way was when she was with the Thousand Master, and she did not like being reminded of that time. That man had got to go, she decided, she just had to think how to make it look like an accident.

As soon as he was down the stairs, Naruto immediately headed for his room, stopping only to put the empty ramen container in a nearby bin. Slipping into his room he went straight to bed, he had only one thought on his mind as he drifted off to sleep. 'What nice girls.'

Ah, Naruto, your ability to piss off women and not even notice astounds even me.

Only one thing to say at the end of this chapter. the thing that Naruto was unsettled by, can you guess what it is? ts sort of obvious. i will assure you though that it will not effect their interacton.