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I wrote this about Tenten and Neji, but I don't use names (I didn't even notice until I went back and proofread :)) so it could work for other pairings.

There was no sound as his body hit the ground. She watched as the kunai penetrated his heart, allowing blood to run out unchecked from his body. She distantly noticed the excellent marksmanship; as much as she may wish it were otherwise, she was still a trained warrior.

She quickly dispatched her opponent, slitting his throat before rushing to his fallen body.

(how why nonono but I when he nonono)

She pushed her way through the battlefield, through the people fighting for their precious people, through the precious people already lying on the ground, through the explosions and weapons she spent so much time training with. Finally, after a secondeternityheartbreak minute of running frantically, she reached his body.

When she saw the damage a small, simple kunai had wreaked on his body, she wished she had chosen to be a healer, instead of dealing in death. At least she would know how to help him, other than the most efficient way to get revenge upon the person who had done this to him. But as it was, all she could do was sit and watch as his life trickled out through the gaping hole in his chest.

She didn't get to see his eyes gazing at her one more time before he leaves; his eyes were already dimmed past their usual milky-white (yet all-seeing, never being tricked by her denial and lies) color.

She lets out a blood-curdling shriek, because he can't be dead, he can't just leave her here. But he is gone, and she knows it, from every dead cell that made up her hair to the little toe on her foot.

She's not paying attention to the battle around her, so she doesn't hear the senbon whizzing up behind her. In fact, she doesn't hear it at all. All she knows before she dies is feeling of the senbon sliding into her head, slipping past her skull and into her brain.

There is no sound as she follows him into death.