Burning Pit

There's a fire burning in the pit of his stomach. He can feel the agonising heat from it scorching his insides and threatening to pierce him. He knows that if he doesn't find a way to extinguish the flames it will consume him entirely.

He closes his eyes and remembers.

He remembers soft blonde hair through his fingertips. He remembers how it felt to run his hand down the angle of her cheek and over her jaw. He remembers the way her eyes sparkled at him like the beautiful crystal blue waters of a lake he used to go fishing at when he was a little boy.

He remembers her.

He remembers the sadness in those same eyes of hers as she told him she was getting married. To someone who isn't him.

He remembers pain.

Still, the fire flickers on and he knows that for a very long time it will remain that way.

He doesn't mind at all.